Valentine's Colorists Love 2022 Event

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Valentine's Colorists Love 2022 Event

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In celebration of the season, our colorists have put together a "mini event" that somehow still has over 30 kin and almost 15 pets! This event is two weeks long, and consists of three parts:

FREE RAFFLE - Every Matope member gets one free ticket toward the free raffle simply by posting their preference list. After that's done, there are six tasks that can be completed in new posts, each of which gives one more ticket toward the raffle. Have fun making huge preference lists! ... ic.php?t=4

ART EVENT - Create a Valentine for Matope (and send it to another user if you want!) for tickets toward some fantastic tokens, growing kin & pets. You can make up to three valentines! ... ic.php?t=5

MIXER BREEDINGS - Enter up to two kin and two pets in this mixer! Any kin can be paired with any kin and, for the length of this thread, any pet can pair with any pet (for a NON CANON breeding). Open permission pets only. Unedited breedings only. ... ic.php?t=6

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