The Limitless Forest (plus raffle which closes 6/9)

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The Limitless Forest (plus raffle which closes 6/9)

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In a place between realities, there is a forest. This forest goes on forever, and no one has ever claimed to find an end to it. As such, this forest is unlike any of the lands surrounding the matope swamp and adheres to its own rules, with stories of endlessly repeating loops of trees or landmarks that change position every time they are encountered.

The forest appears temperate but varies across its range, demonstrating almost every kind of forest biome imaginable the further you go. But the most wonderful thing about this forest isn’t its landscape but the most remarkable of the trees.

The Legendary Trees

There is a tree for every blessed kin in the world of matope swamp. It grows when they are blessed and throughout their lives. This tree cannot be destroyed through any means kin understand, and in each tree's trunk is a doorway.

The trees and the part of the forest they are found in are as unique and expressive as the legendary or subverted kin they are linked to, and their grove is accessible only to them and those they wish to invite.

Beyond the doorway in the tree is the heart, and every one is unique.

Heart’s Vision

Each legendary has its world within the forest and can invite other kin into it. It is their realm, a world beyond worlds, beyond the swamp. Anything is possible, including things they can dream about and things they cannot.

These worlds are fixed after their creation and changing them is rumoured to be almost impossible without the intervention of one of the most powerful creatures in their world, whoever gave them their blessing in the first place.

The heart’s visions are places where the world changes and kin find themselves and anyone with them as alternate selves on an alternate path.

But they remember everything when they return to their world once more.


The Limitless Forest is a permanent new addition to the world of Matope! It is an AU forest where each Legendary gets their own realm -- an opportunity to build a dream world that others can visit, to explore different aspects of their character.

You can read more about what the Limitless Forest is all about in the Information Thread.

Once you've read up, if you have a Legendary Kin you can get started building your Realm, and get it posted in our Realm Listing.

If you don't have a Legendary, or if you're just interested in exploring what other players have created, you can make a new thread in the Limitless Forest RP area to get started on playing!

In these opening days, however, we want to encourage players to explore this new aspect of our shop, so we will be running an activity raffle to get things moving. See the thread below for more information, including a RAFFLE for some TOKENS ending on June 9th!

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