[PRP] Ankle bitters [Fisheye/Brother Shark]

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[PRP] Ankle bitters [Fisheye/Brother Shark]

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They were multiplying, changing, and one of the new weird looking ones seemed to have taken a liking to him. Or Bait. Brother Shark wasn't entirely sure, and it really didn't matter. The result was the same, he seemed to have another shuppy to worry about.

The buck was making his way across the beach towards Fisheye's den, a pair of unruly shups on his tail. Yapping and snapping, pouncing on each other before going after his ankles, until he'd shake them off again, starting the whole vicious cycle all over again.

"Fisheye?" He could see a few of their kids rolling around in the sand near her den, roughhousing together, and he chuckled lightly before a sharp bight on his ankle redirected his focus. "Ah! Fish? I need you."

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