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Author Topic: [PRP] Into the Quiet {Inspiring Song x Follow the Voices}  (Read 20 times)


[PRP] Into the Quiet {Inspiring Song x Follow the Voices}
« on: February 12, 2020, 06:04:34 PM »

It was his withers that Follow found in his quest to ascertain that they would not be separated. The sudden touch of that cheek against him had pulled a slightly startled exhale from him. He'd been so focused on everyone else coming about that he hadn't noticed Follow easing closer this way. He did breathe a soft chuckle to follow up that exhale and his body relaxed into the scent that was flowery and yet to unique. There was something about the slender Acha that was intoxicating.

Song shifted a little, moving so that he was side by side with the pale one, their shoulders nearly touching as he started walking. He took his steps slow at first, mostly to make sure that Follow was stepping with him and once they had managed a steady rhythm, he took them around the biggest of the gathered crowd, his eyes only barely taking them in; he was more focused on where they were stepping, offering low comments about a rock that would be on their left, a root that poked up from the ground. Little things.

Little by little, the din quieted, though he knew that wasn't what it had been but it had been overwhelming for him and he could only imagine how it must have felt for the other. Finally, he found them a spot that was quiet but also in a slight nook, they were away from potential wind and while it was possible that some snow could get to them, he couldn't imagine that it would be very much a problem. "Here we are, much quieter and no one to bump into us here." That he could see.



Re: [PRP] Into the Quiet {Inspiring Song x Follow the Voices}
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2020, 04:25:41 PM »
He heard the startled note, of course he had, and there was a soft "Sorry..." from him though he didn't pull away, because that was pointless in the whole keeping close to the other and so as not get separated thing.  So he made his quiet apology, but stayed put. It made the most sense, and well if Song pulled away then he did.

Except he didn't, and he let out a softly released breath he'd not realized he'd been holding. But it was finding the other against his shoulder, and walking, that he realized he wasn't moved away from, and was instead being led away from where they were. He followed the sound of the others voice easily, hooves picked up to avoid the dangers on the ground.

He was aware of the loudness of their surroundings growing softer, more muted and there was another low sigh of relief. He could focus entirely on Song then, and not the things around them. It was wonderful being in the quieter area, really. He took the others words in and smiled. "I'm glad to hear that....and to hear how quiet it is here." oh it was so nice and blissfully quiet here. He could feel the break in the wind, and he was glad for that too, even being away from the fire, it felt warm enough with the wind being mostly blocked.



Re: [PRP] Into the Quiet {Inspiring Song x Follow the Voices}
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2020, 08:45:02 PM »
He shook his head just slightly at that apology but he didn't think much of it, preferring to make sure they made it to a spot that was much quieter, so that perhaps their conversation could be had without too much fussing. Song didn't like being overly loud and he figured that he didn't have to be. Even for discussion in groups, it wasn't so much the loudest one who was heard best but the one with the most mesmerizing voice, right? That was how he wanted to tell his stories, he wanted to mesmerize those who would listen to him with his words.

"I only took us so far, I admit I'm not very used to the area here and I wouldn't want to get us lost." Which wouldn't have been such a good thing, not really. Getting lost while in the warmth of the summer was one thing, but getting lost in the dead of winter wasn't something he was interested in. Not quite yet. Soon, perhaps but not yet. He wanted to be better prepared, pelts, provisions, things to hold him through the lost night, these things. Maybe even company.

He did tip his head to the sky, trying to see if there was anything for him to see because, at that point, he felt at a bit of a loss as far as words were concerned. What could he talk about? Now that he'd drawn them away from the others. He exhaled a soft sigh and shook his head a little. "To be honest, I don't feel very comfortable in big crowds."