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Author Topic: CULTURE: Oracle Bark / Tarot  (Read 204 times)


CULTURE: Oracle Bark / Tarot
« on: February 11, 2020, 12:06:10 pm »
The fortuneteller's deck has twenty-two different bits of bark with symbols carved into them, each representing a different icon of Matope. Each of these icons comes with an associated meaning; Kin interested in exploring their past, present, or future can visit the Oracle Bark by pulling five random bits of bark and assembling to see what story they tell.

these versions of the glyphs were designed by Keitofawn;
different kin, however, may have different versions of these symbols..

  • THE OWLCAT represents optimism and excitement for whatever life may throw.
  • THE TURTLE represents the urge to withdraw from the world for some solitude and personal reflection.
  • THE SPIDER represents the fact that there's a consequence for every action, fairness, and that everything happening is a result of decisions made in the past.
  • THE KIMETI represents compassion, beauty, and love, and is connected to Mother Nature and the natural world.
  • THE KIOKOTE represents hope and healing, calming, optimism, and inspiration.
  • THE ACHA represents uniqueness and the embrace of individuality for success.
  • THE TOTOMA represents leadership and power, structure and solidity, and taking control of one's own life.
  • THE ZIKWA represents internal thoughts, feelings, doubts and fears, and encourages bringing these thoughts to the surface to explore them.
  • THE DREAM represents awareness and subconsciousness, and turning inward for answers.
  • THE NIGHTMARE represents restraint and powerlessness, the feeling of being out of control, and encourages breaking free.
  • THE GREAT CRANE is experienced in spirituality and guidance, bringing messages down from above.
  • THE LIFEMATES represent close relationships, both in love life and in interactions with others.
  • THE MANGROVE represents drive and determination, the power of someone who knows what they want, and victory.
  • THE BLESSING represents fortitude of the heart, courage, and withstanding hardship.
  • THE SEASONS represents the revolution of life, its ups and downs, and the fact that all things are changing.
  • THE ACHE represents a limbo, a reminder that sacrifices have to be made to bring about the change needed.
  • THE FLOOD represents the cycle of endings and beginnings, a reminder that all things must pass.
  • THE SEA represents moderation, peace, patience, and going with the flow instead of trying to force its direction.
  • THE OBELISK represents destruction, things falling apart, and encourages letting this weakness go to move on.
  • THE FESTIVAL is uplifting, representing happiness, joy, vitality, and optimism, a reminder to appreciate how well things are going.
  • ASCENSION is a meeting of the past and the future, a reminder that it's time to review past decisions and actions to improve what's yet to come.
  • THE SWAMP represents completion, success, and fulfillment, the feeling of being on the right path.