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Author Topic: [PRP] All Debts Paid & Darkest Magic  (Read 23 times)


[PRP] All Debts Paid & Darkest Magic
« on: December 02, 2019, 11:47:11 PM »
Debts wandered, a lot. He'd yet to find anywhere to truly settle and call 'home' and that was okay. He knew that one day, he'd find the spot he was meant to be, even if it wasn't an ideal location to most. He traveled based on his whims, and desires. Sometimes he followed interesting news about certain things, other times he just let his hooves carry him.

His swan was his only constant companion, and he talked to it. A lot. Not that it did much more than honk at him in return but that was okay. Debts held up both sides of the conversation with ease and he didn't feel strange talking to the bird, or answering for it. All That Remains kept him sane in his lonely travels.

Debts had been looking up at the sky as he walked for some time now, aware of something in the sky above, and he was approaching cautiously, warily. He knew there were birds that could attack on a whim, and these...well he didn't fully recognize the dark shapes he could see above, or what sort of potentially ominous presence could be below.

Still he was a curious buck and he made his way cautiously, Remains, currently no where to be seen though he'd heard the bird not long before. He was sure it was off foraging for food. Smart bird. Maybe it was about time for him to stop and eat as well. Fortunately he had a small amount of food he'd been carrying along with himself. Now it was a matter of settling somewhere for a bit. Maybe away from the dark birds in the sky, so they didn't dive at him for his meal.


Re: [PRP] All Debts Paid & Darkest Magic
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 06:45:00 PM »
Darkest Magic had decided she should go out on a bit of a walk and see a bit of a more seclusive part of the swamp. Not too many kin wandered over this way on accident, and fewer came here by choice, so she knew this would probably be the perfect place for her to find  place for some much wanted quiet, even though that would still be difficult to find due to her crow companion Death and all of Death's friends. Nonetheless, she still wanted somewhere away from the company of other kin. As she walked through the forest, she had noticed that the crows' sounds had gotten a bit louder, but she ignored it as they were always loud so she assumed they were crowing louder just because they could. She started to have a suspicion that something was up though when they had decided to circle around for a bit in one spot. "Death," she said to her crow, "can you go check out what it is your friends are squawking about?" Death just looked at her with a seeming look of confusion and lightly crowed at her. "Okay then, I guess that didn't work. Fine, I'll go look for what they are squawking about myself. It looks like they are circling over something or someone over in that small grove over there. I really hope it's nothing or like an animal or something and not a kin." She walked a bit further to where the crows where circling at and saw there was a kin walking away from there. "Oh, why did it have to be a kin? I guess I'll try asking him what it is he's doing here? Hey, you, what are you doing all the way out here?"


Re: [PRP] All Debts Paid & Darkest Magic
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2019, 12:25:56 AM »
He'd been trying to find a safe spot to stop and eat, a little more sheltered from the crows when he heard someone call out to him, and he hadn't expected that. To be fair Debts thought he was on his own out there save for Remains, which was still off somewhere. It was a little worrying given the birds in the sky, but his companion was resourceful so he wasn't as worried as he could have been.

The doe coming towards him was like no other he'd seen in his travels, and he lost himself staring a moment. He could feel magic seeping from her. This, was a special doe.

"Doing here? Passing through. Well that's the broad plan. Currently, looking for somewhere quiet to settle and eat where I perhaps won't get swarmed by birds trying to steal my food." he paused a moment. "Am I somewhere I shouldn't be?" well, best to be sure!