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Author Topic: Atone  (Read 357 times)


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« on: October 31, 2019, 08:41:38 PM »

Atone -- Profile -- Requisites
i. Naming Dream -- Atone
ii. Legend or Story -- The Carriers of Souls
iii. Ten Completed Role-Plays
+++01. Myself, An Endless Adversary -- Deathcap's Mushroom Adventures
+++02. Secret Garden -- Colorists Love...Drabbles
+++02. Never Unpunished -- Colorists Love...Drabbles
+++02. Familiar Rage -- Colorists Love...Drabbles
+++03. Old Ways -- with Snow Storm (Chrystali)
+++04. Vital Favor -- Vital Favor Adventure Game
+++05. Stronger Than Blood
+++06. The Choice -- with Snow Storm (Chrystali)
+++07. In Quarters, Halves, and Wholes -- with Snow Storm (Chrystali)
+++08. Like Lovers Do -- with Snow Storm (Chrystali)
+++09. Found Eggs -- with Gloom (fluo)
+++10. Working Through Grief -- with Battle Tendencies (Huni Pi)
+++11. Hope Remains -- with Serenade (Dovaxy)
+++12. Future Unknown -- with Roses in Bloom (Moonstone Dazzle)
+++13. Jaws -- with Hemlock (fluo)
+++14. Vanishing -- with Once Forgotten (Ruriska)
+++15. Fortuneteller's Grove
+++16. Knucklebones -- with Taut (fluo)
iv. A summary of their journey:
+++Atone's life thus far...
v. Why they'd be an interesting Legendary:
+++Atone would make an interesting Legendary because...

Atone woke from her naming as if she had already lived once before. She wanted to atone for her past life and yet the more she tried, the more she found herself falling into the ease of hatred and bitterness. Goodness never seemed to get her anything or anywhere. The hatred, however, was inevitably always at herself. It wasn't until she found an abandoned colt, sick and in need that she was able to make the decision to change. He needed her in a way no one had before. She knew that she couldn't do that on her own and so she turned to a doe that had once been her enemy. And then she fell in love. That should have been the happily ever after.

Instead, Atone has found herself separated from her love. She isn't sure why the doe has gone or where. She does believe it's her own fault but she's determined not to lie down and let it overcome her. She's trying; she's failing. But each day is a new day to be better, to try harder, to love someone new.

Atone would be an interesting Legendary because she has been the hero and the monster and knows the world is a mesh of gray. Enduring, despite her best efforts, she has fallen through the ice and emerged anew only to burn until once more she arose. Self-hatred has turned to forgiveness, anger has turned to love. And yet she is not perfect, knows that no one is. She thought she had found a happy end with an adopted son, a beloved doe, and their children. Then her beloved disappeared with no word and she has found herself adrift with pain. Every day is another challenge, another chance. With wisdom that can only be gained by living, she knows that all kin grow and change. Nothing is set in stone and she wishes to bestow second chances on those who were once like her. To continue in her journey, she now wants to atone for her sins by giving unto others that which has been given to her: a chance to do better.