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Author Topic: King of Shadows  (Read 361 times)


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King of Shadows
« on: October 31, 2019, 01:10:05 PM »


N a m i n g - - D r e a m

Naming Dream - Regicide


R P - - W i t h - O t h e r s

PRP - Returns a King - Fair + King - King returns from his long wanderings to his one, his love, his opposite.
PRP - Welcome Home, Sire - King + Stalker Owl - King speaks to Owl about the state of affairs.
META - King goes to the Acha Obelisk. - Obelisk trip.
PRP - Journey Home - Stalker + King - King comes back.
PRP - Found Eggs - King and Stalker find a Caiman
PRP - The Swimming Hole - King and the Swimmers
Werewolf - King plays werewolf


S o l o - - R P

EVENT - White Flower Game - King goes looking for white flowers all over.
Death Grove - King revisits past traumas
Fortune Grove - King has a foreboding vision


S t o r y t e l l i n g

Caiman Story Entry - King tells the story of a foolish kin


TOTAL - 12

S t o r y

King was born a small and stunted creature to two unlikely parents. He was the strangest of his clutch, with four eyes and a hairless whip-like tail that set him apart from his otherwise typical siblings. He left the rest of his family as soon as he was able and found his own instead in the shape of Fair. To his eyes Fair was everything pristine and beautiful in the world, his opposite and his dearest companion. He’d always been obsessed with traditions and stories since his earliest days and became almost fanatical about the idea of starting a tribe founded upon them. He and Fair found some unoccupied land and settled down there with the intention of gathering like-minded kin to join them.

Not too long after this point his first children were born, just two of them, almost close enough to be twins. However, he was devastated when they had inherited many of his greatest flaws. One was feisty and strong but blind, the other weak, sickly and sighted. They became closely co-dependent on one another almost immediately for survival and King found himself blaming himself for their situation. He was deeply protective of them and wouldn’t let them wander far without supervision, always telling them to steer clear of the river that ran through the heart of their territory.

Of course, he couldn’t be there every moment of every day, and it was one such day where the two young adults decided it would be fun to go play on the riverbank in spite of their father’s warning. They quickly got into trouble and drowned while one tried to save the other.

King was utterly devastated and could barely cope with the grief he felt at the loss of his children. It unhinged him, throwing him even more deeply into the dark superstitions that were always part of his station. He eventually decided in the throes of bitter defiance to try and challenge death himself, heading out to follow the river to its source where he believed he’d find death waiting to speak to him. He took several of the tribe’s faithful with him, in spite of their misgivings.

The journey proved to be fatal for almost all of his companions, and when he finally made it to the pool at the mountain source, crazed with hunger, grief and exhaustion, he believed that Death himself told him to let his companion drown in the pool as a trade for his children. He let it happen and returned to the tribe, followed by a strange caiman he can’t seem to be rid of.

He doesn’t talk about his shame or guilt from that journey, but since those times has thrown himself wholly into serving the Unseelie in the fairy tribe, doing everything he can to avoid looking back on his mistakes too long. He relies wholly upon his consort and advisor Stalker Owl and does what he can to protect his tribe members from harm.

J u s t i f i c a t i o n

King's journey has been a long and troubling one, from humble beginnings as a naïve young storyteller with a close relationship with his beau, through to the loss of his first clutch to drowning. He embarked on a long journey with some of his closest confidants up into the mountains, intending to find and challenge death to ask for the return of his wrongly taken family. His ill fated journey ended in nothing but grief and when he came back to his tribe, he was older and more humbled than the angry acha who left originally. He has since matured (somewhat) into a competent leader, at least as far as preparing the fairy tribe each year for winter and leading them through it. The fact that he's not a stereotypical elder with wise adages and kind word for younglings is irrelevant in his eyes. He teaches lessons through harsh truthful words, difficult experiences and the cold grief of winter. He favours the unseelie and would most freely bless those who walk in the darkness one way or another.