Maxx's RLC Info+
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Author Topic: Maxx's RLC Info+  (Read 1263 times)


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Maxx's RLC Info+
« on: October 25, 2019, 05:55:09 PM »
Colourist: Maxx
Edits ability: any and all edits + unedited.
Current open slots: slots (now) unlimited and generally always open: slots updated here.
If I'm momentarily paused or might need more time, I'm happy to waitlist requests and check if you're still interested when I'm able.
Please feel free to ask for quotes even if I'm paused - I can do the quote for you and put you on the waitlist if you'd like to go ahead.
Turnaround time: 2-6 weeks pending schedule and details, I will give you a more accurate estimate with the quote.
Email: - please title your email Matope RLC - Type of Request (e.g. semi/custom kin, breeding or pet) and please keep all RLC requests and follow-up to email, thank you!
For pre-quote questions, email or Discord is OK!
Please note: I send the finished kin/breeding(s) via forum PMs for record-keeping.
Examples: Maxx-coloured kin at the owner's list here, and select samples below!

Semi/Custom Kin

Monster Hunter's Mizutsune & Carniflora-inspired . EVA 01 from Evangelion . Anhelisk's Goo Girl by death2eden

Lady Gion by Takato Yamamoto . Onryo by tamiart . Nightwalker from Mononoke-Hime

Nudibranch (Chromodoris Elisabethina) . Rock PtarmiganPomeranian by Blacky-moon


Summit warmup by kickingshoes . Sunrise at the Ocean by 8pxl . Constellation makeup (no source)

Haunted by Gawki . Deep Sea Ghost Shark . Influenced 2 by Vincent Pontillo . African Wild Dog

Neon ferns (no source) . Colour Nature by Emily Conte . it's a burger Jim


Pray Harder from Piety x I Will Work Harder . It's Just a Little Crush from She Loves Me x Cicada-Crusher

Bastard from Hellhound x Fosterling . Fading Drowning from Fades to Evening x Lost to the Tide

Unedited (minor gore warning)

Till Death from Love Beyond Death x Running . Hibernate from Wintermint x Sleepyhead

Miscarriage from Thorn x Womb-Grown . Hannibal from Hide the Bones in the Swamp x Prime Cut