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Author Topic: Occult Grove Prompt  (Read 619 times)


Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #45 on: October 28, 2019, 04:44:14 PM »
Roaming was all about making new friends and being a pest to one and all. He was friendly, he was outgoing, he was even, most of the time, honestly a little too in-your-space but that was just how he was and he took well to being told to take a few steps back.

Though he was also known for willfully—or perhaps not—forgetting those very words just a few hours down the road and had to be reminded again, and perhaps even again and again.

That invitation to this one's gathering, it had sounded interesting, he was all for meeting new people but there was just something there, something he couldn't explain.

Maybe it had to do with what his ears were telling him. During their conversation, there had been strange noises in the distances and he couldn't have been sure if they had been cries of pain or just the wind playing tricks on him. It was an odd feeling, not being able to pinpoint why he felt strangely uncomfortable with the idea of meeting others just this once.

Though there was also the fact that it was a little strange indeed, this sudden invitation. It was the middle of the night, this was a relative stranger and while Roaming craved the chance to come across everyone he could possibly want to ever meet, there just was something that felt a little risky about meeting a stranger's family in the middle of the night. Maybe that was what was bothering him.

As he tipped his head up, his gaze on the sky above him, perhaps to ask the stars—they had never lied to him before—about what he should do, he noticed that they seemed to be aligned just so and last time he had seen that and ignored it, well he'd gotten into a world of trouble and it had taken quite a bit of time to get back to a location that had been familiar to him and he'd been famished by that time too!

So perhaps, just perhaps it was best that he not join this new potential friend off into the darkness and yet, at the same time, it just seemed to feel like such a missed opportunity if he were to not go with.

Decisions were hard! The noises, the stars, the stranger, all seemed to be aligning to something was better off avoiding but the idea of missing out on making more friends bothered him even more than these things, so perhaps decisions weren't that difficult after all.

With a shrug and a grin, Roaming takes his chance, turning to his new friend to lead the way. He'd join in on the celebration. Life was too short to not make all the friends.

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #46 on: October 30, 2019, 01:31:07 PM »
Rolling for Yes or No!

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #47 on: October 30, 2019, 05:05:26 PM »
(added prompt for 7 since one was a double)

 The kiokote buck had been searching for a quiet place to rest his head for the night. He found a nice patch of land under an uprooted mangrove, and laid his head for an early night. Late in the night, he heard voices. They were quiet, but they roused him from his sleep. He listened closer, as if checking to see if they were a figment of his imagination.

“Hark!” He called out, and was met with a patch of responses.

Hello! Who said that? Where are you? They asked, voices just higher than whispers.

Yes or No stepped closer to the voices, finding four strangely marked zikwa. “Just a lonely buck, woken from his slumber…” He explained, calmly. He was afraid the strangers might take his words for anger, but they seemed more curious than apologetic. Immediately, they were upon him, circling him with interest.

Yes or No was… unnerved. He had a sensitivity for the spiritual, and he could certainly tell when something was off. He had never been a fearful buck, but he still had a sense of danger. Still, his curiosity was strong. Not to mention these zikwa were particularly beautiful, each one a twin of the other. Yes or No had always been jealous of their ability to glow, and the markings on the quartet were striking.

Their markings were similar to his own, as the zikwa were keen to point out. Yes or No was curious how they could see that without sight, but he neglected to ask. He opted to compliment them instead, and they giggled. Something was off about their laugh, he thought. Perhaps it was the pitch of the laugh, perhaps it was that all of them laughed in near unison. Typically when he got a giggle from giving a compliment, Yes or No felt filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. That did not come with this giggle. Instead, he felt a pang of dread.

Follow us, they insisted. Come meet our family, they begged. They will love you, they promised.

“Perhaps,” Yes or No teased, feigning disinterest. This seemed to make them angry, at least for a short burst. They quickly shifted from aggressive posture, back to passive, pleading. They came in closer to Yes or No. He held his ground, but the claustrophobia was overwhelming. The zikwas’ breath was hot on his neck, uncomfortable and wet.

Only now did Yes or No realize quite how dark the grove was. The zikwa stood so close that their glow was disorienting, and he realized how dim the surroundings would be without the zikwa standing about. If he left with them, surely he would have no idea how to make his way back to his sleeping spot.

Pah, what did he care? He had no real home to worry about. He wasn’t all that tired anymore, after all this hullabaloo. He was alert and interested, albeit concerned. Humming with thought, Yes or No made a stunning realization. If he tried to lay his head back to sleep, the zikwa may take him in his sleep regardless.

“Alright then. You’ve got my attention. Lead the way.”

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #48 on: October 31, 2019, 02:16:49 PM »

Repeats mistakes knew he was lost. Completely completely lost. It wasn't even really something new, just a damn state of existence he'd found himself in most of the time lately. How could you know where you were going if there was really nowhere to go? Still, this weird fucking grove, with its tangled mess of foliage was definitely not where the totoma wanted to be.

Not even a little bit.

It didn't look like there was even anything to break, just plants and darkness, and he knew he'd end up with his horns caught on something or other in there if he went near it. No, he'd just leave.

He turned around to do just that and found himself face to face with the strangest zikwa he'd ever seen. They immediately smiled and tried to ingratiate themselves to him. This didn't go well at all.

First of all, zikwa weren't obviously one gender or another and this was a problem, no kin had any right to straddle genders in such a way, it meant that he didn't know how to treat them, and that threw him off balance completely. Even when he asked they dodged the question, insisting that he come and meet their family and join some sort of celebration.

"Ahm no fuckin celebrating." he said sharply. "Ah've got places tae be."

But even this didn't seem to put them off, they instead smiled sweetly and cut in front of him when he tried to leave, quickly realising that he didn't like being touched and would leap back about a foot in order to avoid being close to a friendly hoof or nose aimed in his direction. With this in mind it was quite easy to throw him off and have him back up rather than leaving.

Rep got more and more bristly the more this happened to him, until all his fur all along his back and tail was on end like an irritable cat and he'd started aggressively pawing at the ground.

"Ah'm SERIOUS mate, I'm fuckin leaving." And tossing his head he made a quick dash for the exit, only to find himself cornered off again, rearing up in surprise they moved so quickly.

This place was definitely weird and he didn't like it at all, aware that even the stars overhead felt all wrong.

It was only when he lowered his head, determined to barge his way past the offending zikwa that he noticed that they had blood all over their forelegs. He wasn't sure how he'd missed it, but somehow he had. Normally he really enjoyed blood and found it truly facinating, but when it was clotted on the legs of an overfriendly zikwa who kept trying to fucking touch him, it really wasn't his favourite thing in the world at all.

Eventually he managed to shake the creepy kin off, charging off into the dark foliage.

It was only when he'd been running for a bit that he realised that he'd been running the wrong fucking way.

"Motherfather." he spat in annoyance.

Words - 510

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #49 on: November 04, 2019, 01:35:28 PM »
Usually, when Badgerlocked dreamed, they were wolf dreams. Instead of being himself, quiet and serious and locked away in his safe grove in the woods, he was a beast: dark-haired and sleek, he ran wild alongside Nighteyes, or sometimes he was Nighteyes, and when he woke he was unsure of where the separation between them lay.

This place was different. This place was new, and strange. It was too dark; it was too quiet and also not; it was full of strangers, moving like ghosts in the distance, and when he spotted one moving with a purpose he followed in their wake to see what there was to find.

Moving like that, they must have had a plan, a certain intention, and he wanted to see what was here.

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #50 on: November 04, 2019, 01:43:35 PM »
It wasn't long before the kin seemed to notice him: half-turned to look him over, and then went bright and excited, its eyes glowing bright in the gloom of this strange place.

"Welcome! A guest --" Their tone was inviting, their posture excited. Badgerlock blinked down at them with a certain amount of surprise, looking around, and realized they were talking to him. "There is a party," they said; "You are welcome to join," they said; "My family is so excited to meet new people."

But he hesitated, still, half because he was so unused to kin wanting him around -- was so unused to being around, kin, and waffled over their interest. He was never good at talking to friends, let alone strangers, and on top of that, he didn't know where Nighteyes was --

"I have to find my friend," He gritted out, shaky and rough and not exactly, kind, but the little zikwa didn't let him go. As he turned to search for the wolf, he found them there, instead, still beaming, still bouncing on their hooves.

Oh no, they couldn't possibly just let him go. There was a feast waiting. There was excitement waiting. And as they said this, he looked down to the splatter of red, near black under the distant light of the moon, and his eyescales pulled down in a bit of consternation. Hunting was fine, but you should clean up after. And again, he turned to look for Nighteyes, only to be drawn up short.

"Your friend will be there," they promised, their voice low and silky and coaxing, and that finally made Badgerlock pause. A hunt would certainly draw Nighteyes attention, and so would they strange smells that clung to the zikwa's body: the blood, the fur, the smoky aftertaste that came when he drew in a deep breath of air. These were all things that would interest a wolf, and that wouldn't scare him away, even if they scared Badgerlock, for some reason. These smells weren't right, he thought, but since he couldn't quite put his finger on why....

"Well. Alright." He took a step toward the grove, hesitated, looking back over his shoulder. "....and if he comes along later, you'll guide him in?"

The zikwa promised, of course, leading him forward, past the entrance and inward, and only once he was fully inside did Badgerlock realize he'd never told them what Nighteyes looked like.

Of course, by then it was too late.

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #51 on: November 04, 2019, 06:03:58 PM »
Red Alert was having a very no-good bad day - she dimly remembered being startled from some patrolling duties she was fulfilling for some Rise and Shine produce, and shamefully running off in fright, and now she was here, in a very no-good dark place, looking about wildly, trying to find her way.

She did not find her way - but someone else did find her. She was trying so hard, so very hard to not take flight once more as she was approached, for the rational part of her mind was telling her to use this chance to figure out just where she was, and it was winning out slightly over the blind panic part of her mind.

So Red stayed her ground, eyes wide upon the zikwa's arrival.

"Ah?" she said, vaguely responding to the pleasantries from the kin, her nervy gaze boring holes until the ground until it strayed up slightly to see a significant splatter of blood splashed upon their knobby legs. Oh, that didn't help. That definitely was a no-good very bad portent.

The terms "family" and "gathering" filtered into her consciousness, and she murmured, "oh, very nice" in polite and panicky response, until the actual speech came through her cloudy thoughts. A sudden invitation to a family gathering? How kind, she thought wildly, to welcome me, but the thought of fending off even more unknown kin on a social...and Motherfather knew what else... had her fur on end.

"That's quite...all right..."

Red stepped away with a nervous laugh.

"I'll - I'll just...go back to where I was coming from, I'm too quiet you see, wouldn't be good conversation..."

Oh, and the stranger was there, smiling and circled 'round. No worries, they'd said. Don't go, they said.

Red Alert had plenty of worries. She had more worries than she could count on the average, and right now she had a rapidly escalating mound of worries.

Still, Red was too weak-willed and exhausted from her long run, and the zikwa pleasantly blocked her escape from every angle she turned.
And so her frightened self was gently and cheerily ushered into the shadowed grove.

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #52 on: November 04, 2019, 06:39:45 PM »
Lambhearted is about to have a very no-good bad day.

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #53 on: November 04, 2019, 07:07:10 PM »
Being an eminent Mother at the Mother's Club, Lambhearted spent a lot of time warning little lambs and foals about stranger danger, so he felt like he had earned the right to say this was exactly what he was always warning little lambs and foals about. Even without the weird screaming or whatever it was in the background – oh, he could hear it alright, the strangled yelps that were abruptly silenced, somewhere beyond the trees – this Zikwa was about as stranger as it got (naturally, since he had never met them before a day in his life – they could not get more stranger, unless they suddenly showed up at this very second, in which case they would be more stranger).

"I really have to go," he said, again, for the umpteenth time – yet again, for the umpteenth time, the Zikwa begged him to reconsider, how much their family would love – absolutely love to meet him.

See, the thing was, most Kin (especially strangers) could barely spend five minutes talking to him without making some sort of awkward excuse to leave (he couldn't imagine why, since all he usually did was to explain, out of the goodness of his heart, the many dangers of the Swamp they had to watch out for and how – he hardly ever got beyond the third (of five hundred and ninety-six – but the number was increasing every day, and he was very close to hitting six hundred) – but it just went to show how little people cared for their own safety), much less invite him to meet their family, and he was pretty sure this guy had been at it for ten minutes at least, which had to be a record, and would make them very strange indeed –

- oh, he supposed that would make this Zikwa five hundred and ninety-seven: strange Kin insistently inviting you to their family celebration, probably to celebrate skinning you and eating you alive as a family…which would explain the strange noises in the background – oh my Motherfather, he was probably next!! He knew it!! He knew the alignment of the three big stars was a bad omen!!!

As it turned out, collapsing into a screaming, sobbing heap made it extremely easy for the strange Zikwa to roll him into the grove.

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #54 on: November 08, 2019, 03:15:05 PM »
Rolled 3d10 : 7, 10, 6, total 23
Rolling first!
“Her voice left a flavor of honey and gunpowder on the air.”
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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #55 on: November 08, 2019, 04:40:43 PM »

Taste of Darkness wasn't unfamiliar with cults so the fact that this particular kin was acting very open and welcoming to him, a complete stranger, and in such an eerily polite way he knew something had to be up. Still, it didn't really scare him, nothing scared him at least nothing outside of his own little clan. It took a worshiper to know a worshiper, right?

Still, he had things to do, it was dark and the area wasn't a place he knew very well and he didn't want to just 'drop in' unexpected this late? But would he truly be unexpected if they were inviting him? Giving a sigh he looked at them and wondered if he should just accept, hang out for a little while, and then leave after everyone got busy with other things.

Still, what kind of a celebration were they going to be having he wondered. This was what made him the most curious. A part of him told him that if he went with, he'd likely regret it but another part urged him onward wanting to see what all this coercion was about.

"You've twisted my leg, I'll gladly accept the offer to meet your family and partake in this Celebration of yours. All you have to do is lead the way and I shall follow you." No going back now and he allowed them to lead him into the enveloping darkness of the grove.

What was the worst the worst thing that could happen?

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #56 on: November 08, 2019, 07:47:57 PM »
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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #57 on: November 10, 2019, 07:42:31 PM »
Also rolling first!

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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #58 on: November 10, 2019, 07:50:53 PM »
Another path, and more darkness.  This was a place of mists and darkness and unknown paths forward, for certain.

Something caught the light right before her, starlight glinting off what appeared to be... sharp teeth!   Drawing up to a halt, Other cleared her throat to speak.

"Greetings this dark night, stranger."  Blinking at the chill silence returning at her greeting, she stepped forward to try to see more of this kin, and to gauge if they were a danger or not. An invitation to meet their family whispered into the night, lingering in the dark.

That sounded like danger for sure, yet... sharp teeth does not mean a cold heart.  Perhaps it would not be a bad idea, and yet, her gaze kept getting caught on those gleaming teeth in their grin. She shivered and reminded herself strangers are usually kind.

As she opened her mouth to accept, another detail had her words dry up in her mouth.  Bloodstains, those are definitely bloodstains on the legs.  And way too much to be a simple scrape, or a hunting or gathering splatter.  Every instinct screamed to run! Yet...

She had seen another Kin step through before her, and what of the others that may come here after?  What if this WAS a danger, and this was some eater of Kin? 

"I will follow to meet this family of yours, lead the way."  Holding her head up, and bracing for danger, Other Worlds stepped forward. She would not leave any alone to danger, even if she ended up there herself!
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Re: Occult Grove Prompt
« Reply #59 on: November 10, 2019, 11:21:37 PM »

Protects The Plants was surprised by the sudden appearance of the energetic zikwa as she was walking in the grove. They seemed friendly and asked her to join them for a celebration with their family as their guest. All of a sudden. In the middle of the night. Protect is not against a good party or meeting new kin, but something seemed off about this kin and their "celebration".

The zikwa is so persistent she join them, practically begging with their eyes. Protects barely knows this kin, which makes sense since they just met. Why would some kin invite another kin they barely know to join them and meet their family after a few moments of meeting them. Especially since they are inviting her to a party so last minute. Are they luring her to some kind of trap? She's pretty strong, she could fight if need be. Though she hopes it won't come to that.

It was so late at night and the grove is very dark, Protects isn't sure she would be able to navigate her way back because she can't see the plants marking her path clearly. If she needed to leave for any reason, how would she get out of there? She guesses she could just run and hope she can remember by feel as opposed to sight.

As she was thinking about her future escape plan, the moon finally shined light down through the clouds. The light illuminated the blood on the zikwa's legs and Protects finally noticed it. As a totoma, she has seen blood before. Many totoma fight and some are warriors or hunters. But the fact that this zikwa, of all kin, was covered in blood was unnerving. There was so much of it, as if they had killed something right before meeting her. They did say they were having a party, maybe they did some hunting for it? But if they were hunting, then where was their prize? Back with their family? If it was with their family, then why didn't this kin wash off the blood? What if they didn't kill for food, but killed some unfortunate traveler because they refused their invitation

She decided to humor this kin and accept the invitation, ready to fight or run if the time for it came to pass.
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