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Author Topic: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt  (Read 1015 times)


Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2019, 01:20:04 PM »

16 - THE ACHE represents a limbo, a reminder that sacrifices have to be made to bring about the change needed.
5 - THE KIOKOTE represents hope and healing, calming, optimism, and inspiration.
8 - THE ZIKWA represents internal thoughts, feelings, doubts and fears, and encourages bringing these thoughts to the surface to explore them.
9 - THE DREAM represents awareness and subconsciousness, and turning inward for answers.
22 - THE SWAMP represents completion, success, and fulfillment, the feeling of being on the right path.

He stared, dumbstruck. The first thing he saw, was the end. Happy ending, then? His main question while pondering the bark had been answered, and alarmingly so. When he'd first wandered into the swamp, he had completely forgotten what The Ache was, and by the time he'd passed between the trees to tell stories and jokes to the kimeti, it was far too late to leave. When he'd stepped to the edge of the trees, he felt ill, and worse and worse still only a few feet from the last tree. His home, the desert, was out of reach now, and he'd never get to see the mountains the Totoma came from to tell stories there, either. It was now long gone, and had been a source of sadness in his time there. During his trip to the Obelisk, he'd gotten to see it again, but only in the company of a legendary, and he couldn't stray far. But it had been an immense source of joy, and a relief.

The next symbol had been his mantra since living in the swamp, and had kept him going despite his sadness. The friends he'd made, the journeys he'd been on, all made great memories regardless of whether or not he could return home. He'd found a home where he was, and some of the pain had faded with time. But his wish to be free was still strong in him, and he maintained the peace that maybe one day he could return.

The third symbol was something he'd been repressing, however. His fears and pain - it was all something he'd bottled up. When being a fool, telling those of your sadness wasn't part of the routine. Anyone who saw him laugh, never saw him cry. His heart sank a little, and yet he eyed the other kin to the right and left, watching them laugh or gasp. None noticed him. Yet he had opened up to one kin, Bad Feeling, who shared his melancholy. He wished so badly she was there with him now... Opening up to others was now something he would have to do, he concluded. The runes couldn't be wrong, and so far, they hadn't been. Destiny was acceptance. Mirewood knew that, and taught him a long time ago when he'd told her where he came from with a smirk, to entice her to hear his tales. But it was Bad Feeling who understood the pain. And she had not once seen him laugh.

Internalizing his thoughts and looking for answers, which was the fourth rune, made sense to him. Mirewood had been a lovely and dear friend, and he'd opened up to her almost immediately about "finding himself." Despite never quite showing her his sad side, she knew. He knew she did. But she never once pried. He'd loved fortune telling and anything in relation to the natural world's strange ways of relaying messages to the soul. Whatever he was doing, was clearly on the right path.

And that's exactly what the final rune said, too. "There has to be a way," he said slowly, unblinkingly. "They can't be wrong, because they haven't been already. I will somehow find a way home, at least to visit. I will be able to share stories and jokes again, from place to place. The Rainbow Troupe has already helped in showing me around the swamp, and I've loved every moment of travel. My question had been, 'Will I ever see my beloved home again, or to bring a piece of the world to other lands, again?' And I seem to be succeeding. Somehow." He stepped away, shaken. A few other kin watched him talk, but said nothing, probably thinking him just a babbling loon. But he'd seen it, and something warm had spread limb from limb in him. He was shaken... but more from excitement than any fear. Figures, given the spooky season was his friend.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #16 on: October 15, 2019, 01:28:33 PM »
Moss-Flower was lost. She felt stuck in a way she had never been stuck before and she felt utterly alone which was normally not an issue for her. She enjoyed her solitude. But having a companion to offer words of wisdom was a luxury she did not have. As a tribe leader this made her uncomfortable, anxious. How could she hope to lead her Tribe successfully when she herself was feeling so.. without direction? Her wandering, the way she usually cleared her mind and worked out her troubles, had led her to the grove and instantly she knew it was meaningful. That she was not here by simple chance.

The breeze from the depths of the swamp ruffled her mane, a soft sensation that caused her to close her eyes, focused on just being present. In the moment. Standing before the Fortune Teller she sighed and felt a sense of resolve steel over her. She wanted to know. She needed some guidance. And the fates could speak loudly here. Opening her eyes to gaze upon the Fortune Teller she listened closely to her instructions. The sense that something possibly dangerous lurked below the surface was not completely missed and the smile of the doe before her did little to ease that feeling. The pieces of bark lay in wait. Each with a message, each vibrating powerfully with promise, with despair, but ultimately with the possibility of providing insight. The temptation was too great.

She grounded herself and relaxed her nerves, she would choose by intuition. She would choose only the pieces which called to her. The ones with something to say. As she began she felt certain that good or bad she would have her answers at last. She only prayed they would be kind.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #17 on: October 15, 2019, 03:20:22 PM »
16. THE ACHE represents a limbo, a reminder that sacrifices have to be made to bring about the change needed.
20. THE FESTIVAL is uplifting, representing happiness, joy, vitality, and optimism, a reminder to appreciate how well things are going.
7. THE TOTOMA represents leadership and power, structure and solidity, and taking control of one's own life.
22. THE SWAMP (Used a random number generator to pull this as I initially rolled two 7's) represents completion, success, and fulfillment, the feeling of being on the right path.
4. THE KIMETI represents compassion, beauty, and love, and is connected to Mother Nature and the natural world.

Whispers, incoherent words, the world almost felt like it was spinning. The Fortune Teller faded away and the ground seemed to breathe beneath her hooves. The swamp breathed. And as it did she felt it synchronize with her own breathing. The Fortune Teller slowly materialized again before her, opening her eyes they shone like the brightest fireflies Moss-Flower had ever seen.

She spoke... her voice ethereal. Her presence was of one possessed by something other.

"The Ache. You must sacrifice to bring change. This is a personal sacrifice. One of great importance to you as an individual. To make the progress you seek you must first be willing to give something in exchange. Our lives are a balance. You cannot tip the scales in your favor without first offering of yourself."

Moss-Flower thought deeply on this first symbol, she understood what it mean't but what to sacrifice? It hit her then.. her wanderlust. It was so strong that she was hardly at the Tribe, mentally or physically. Could she give up this desire for the love of her family and her Tribe? Yes. The answer. She felt so certain. Yes, she could.

"The Festival. Things are not as bad as they seem. Happiness, joy, vitality.. these are only some of the things that surround you in the form of those you are close to. Do not dwell on imagined fears or you will usher in your own unhappiness."

This was significant. Had she been perceiving more negativity than actually existed? Possibly. The more troubled she felt the more troubles seemed to arise. Positivity. She would make an effort to be more positive.

"The Totoma. You are a leader. From the time of your birth that spark has burned brightly within you. Do not doub't your strength nor your ability to lead. Take control of your destiny, your path, or it will take control of you."

She felt floored, humbled. She wasn't an arrogant Kin but to hear that left her with a greater sense of pride. She was a leader. Proud of her Tribe, proud of her family. Their roots reached deep into the swamp just like The Great Tree. She would not fail them.

"The Swamp. This shows you what can be if you heed this advice. You will not fail. Your path will be true and correct. Let the swamp guide you. To fight it is to fight your own wish for guidance. To dismiss its message is to stray from the path completely."

The doe nodded. She understood. She would heed the voice of the Swamp and never again forget. The Swamp, and all the creatures within, were her path, her home, her life. Her purpose was to heal. She had been looking too far away, for some unknown and greater purpose. She had forgotten that her home was where her mission lay and that her great purpose lay before her.

"The Kimeti.." The voice softened, as if dreaming. "You are deeply connected to the natural world. There is beauty and compassion woven into every fiber of your being. Nurture that. Never forget. When you are lost look to nature. The soul of the Kimeti is bound eternally to the swamp and to the natural world. If your are ever lost or alone look deep within yourself and you will hear the voice of the MotherFather within. For they are within us all.."

She felt tears welling in her eyes as the message struck home. How could she have been so blind. The deep connection Kimeti had to The Swamp, to The MotherFather, to Nature was unquestionable, they were one and the same. She knew this deep down inside but in her self made turmoil she had completely forgotten this simple truth. The answers were within her, the spirit of the swamp whispered always to the Kin who chose to listen. She would not forget again..

"Thank you." She breathed. The Fortune Teller smiled and faded away. The Swamp calmed and as the entrance to the Grove revealed itself she felt her soul fill with pride, with purpose, and with direction. It was time to embrace her destiny and now she knew she could with full confidence. Communion with the natural world would keep her soul strong. She'd had a companion to give her advice all along. She just knew how to listen finally.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #18 on: October 15, 2019, 05:18:25 PM »
Albatross was a fan of crowds or queues. If her feral kin brethren were lining up for something, it must be pretty special. Experience rewarded this way of thinking. She followed them through this particular area of groves. Faint trails of incense wafted from the winds.

Finally her turn, Albatross looked down. Clearly whatever those barked chips were, they were valuable. Kin all around stared at them with puckered brows and reverence in spade. Even the striking head honcho had the certain air of mystery that compelled Albatross to seek out what tonight's entertainment would be. Huh, 5 to choose from, s ::)he quickly and surefootedly rolled and took off with her wooden bits. May Lady Luck favor her this clandestine night.
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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #19 on: October 15, 2019, 05:53:32 PM »
3, 1, 16, 10, 13

The Spider
The Owlcat
The Nightmare
The Mangrove
The Ache

Albatross stared in consternation to make sense of what she had in front of her. Splayed out between her haunches, she stared at the glyphs with determination. She had underestimated the late hour and journey she had taken to get here. Albatross blinked a few times before her breathing evened out and slumped forward a few inches. Blessedly sleep came hard and fast.

Albatross woke at the foot of the trees she walked through to get to the groves. but there were only two trees and vast land surrounding her. She was without her new long friend, other queued up kin, or the fortuneteller. She was alone with the two trees that offered no assurance of what was to come. Albatross dug her hooves in. It was rich wet flooring that had small, fine crystals. She was looking at the sea bed.

In the far distance, the sun rose to cast its shadows. She represented the object far away in the distance- it was mangroves. They were far away. They teemed with life. Water lapped at its exposed roots, it offered shelter, and it was home. It was what she knew. It was reliable. But it was far away and the harder she ran to it, the greater the distance grew. It grew harder to breathe. Albatross' hooves fell on quicksand. She wasn't making any progress. Her heart hurt, her lungs strained. This was a poignant, constant pain.

It was the Ache. Her Home, the Mangrove was far away.

Two creatures loomed over her, their shadows large and intense, signifying the primal part of her brain to pay attention. They were large, she was small, and while she was wiley, she was outmatched. Two creatures faced each other- a spider and an owlcat. She was beneath their notice, just a small speck of sand. They battled above her. The two trees she arrived with were crushed back into the ground, the two giants not even stopping. The vehemency of their fight resulted in unbridled destruction. There was no care for the swamp or world that Albatross was in. They stomped and dug the swamp creating fissures. The cracked ground gave way and Albatross fell.

She woke up in a cold sweat. The night was quiet, the stars twinkling above, and Albatross was safe. It was a dream. A nightmare to be exact. While her breath stopped its racing pace, Albatross collected her thoughts before the remnants of her dream faded away. The Spider and the Owlcat  both represented Albatross. The Owlcat in its resourcefulness and resiliency matched the optimism in which she viewed her future. It was bright and shining with possibilities. The Spider represented her past and her proclivities. Sooner or later, her past would catch up with her and she would have to pay. Culling could very well be someone else's utter ruin. The Mangrove, her home turf represented who she knew she was at the core. It was her distilled to her essence. She was made up of her dreams and drive. She had a vision. The Ache was the price in blood that was demanded in exchange for her success and achievement of dreams. The nightmare was literal enough. She was cold now that the sweat had cooled and wind picked up. She was at crossroads. Albatross could walk away or she could battle through the grisly and difficult bits. She chose home but was more wistful. It would cost her, but anything worth it required blood, sweat, and tears.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #20 on: October 15, 2019, 06:01:59 PM »
Atone doesn't believe in fortunes. She doesn't believe in a lot of things, really. It's hard to tell how long she stands there, watching kin take bark and piece together nonsense, but eventually curiosity starts to simmer and she wonders what they're doing in that grove. Kin go in; no one seems to be coming out, though. It's probably nothing but...

Atone steps forward and starts to pick five pieces of bark. She wonders why five. She wonders what's inside the grove. She wonders...

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #21 on: October 15, 2019, 06:27:31 PM »
06 - THE ACHA represents uniqueness and the embrace of individuality for success.
11 - THE GREAT CRANE is experienced in spirituality and guidance, bringing messages down from above.
15 - THE SEASONS represents the revolution of life, its ups and downs, and the fact that all things are changing.
22 - THE SWAMP represents completion, success, and fulfillment, the feeling of being on the right path.
05 - THE KIOKOTE represents hope and healing, calming, optimism, and inspiration.

The bark is spread out before her as the fortune teller turns them over one by one. With each addition, the doe grows more and more animated until she seems to be ready to explode. And then she starts to talk and Atone feels unable to move away.

"The acha," the fortune teller starts, "represents uniqueness. There is no one like you, my dear child, no one at all."

It's supposed to be a nice thought, she assumes, but its not. Uniqueness springs to mind eternal myths of beauty and radiance. Perfection. And she'd never been anything but soot; she was the evidence of all the mistakes and as she tripped and tumbled through life, she seemed only to be unique in her hatred of herself. She wasn't unique and she wasn't beautiful. She might be mad as hell and more hurt than if all her bones had broken but nothing about an acha described her life or her future.

"The crane," starts the explanation of the next glyph. "There are messages from the beyond sent to you, to guide you on this journey."

Atone laughs at the thought. Guidance? She has never had footsteps to follow in or someone to ask for advice. She has no companion and no belief. She is only ever an exhibit of what not to do and who not to be. She's the world's greatest fuck up and if anyone has been guiding her on that... She bites back the retort that threatens to escape. It doesn't actually mean anything.

"The seasons. There is a time for everything, success and failure, love and heartbreak..."

It hits a little too close to everything. The death of peace and the loss of love. Every time she lets herself believe that things are changing, that she is changing... There's always another trench to fall into and she wonders what its like to be charmed and happy. Winter will be coming soon enough; maybe it's only fitting that everything ends.

"The swamp. You are where you are supposed to be."

And it fucking hurts. She believes it, of course she does, but that doesn't make it less painful. She deserves all the pain and heartache; she deserves to be nothing. She's been nothing but anger for so long, it's only fitting that she be misery now. It still pierces through her stone cold facade. Maybe there is hope in that she still bleeds.

"The kiokote come with the soothing winds of the plains to heal."

Part of her wants to believe it; part of her wants to spit in the fortune teller's face. She does neither. It's all bullshit anyway. And she doesn't need any of it. She has her children and she has herself and no glyph on a piece of bark is going to herald anything good or bad. She makes her own goddamn fate and her own goddamn mistakes.

"Thank you for your vision," she shoots at the doe tersely and stomps her way into the grove.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
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Gentle Light had scoffed rather loudly when he first came across the fortune teller's booth. Yes, little scraps of bark were going to tell him his future - and the unsettling feeling he got from the entire set up was just his imagination. Sure. Even if he wasn't skeptical of such things in the first place, he knew better than to let sweet-sounding strangers lure him into dark and strangely smoky spaces.

But the more often he walked by on his quest for something to do, the more drawn he was to the booth. Perhaps it was the fortuneteller's reassuring voice; perhaps it was the chaos that his life had been lately - becoming a parent, almost dying from an encounter with a legendary - that made him wish for some sort of hint of what the future had in store. Perhaps it was fate. Regardless, he soon found himself sat over a heap of bark and nosing a few of them aside, quietly cursing himself for falling for an obvious ruse and sneaking glances at the fortune teller to ensure she wasn't up to something.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #23 on: October 15, 2019, 09:33:24 PM »
Murkcrow's skin crawled with the eerie feeling of dread he had lately been able to recognize. This was one of those dreams. What would it be this time? A prophecy? A nightmare? His last gasp before the serpent strangled him in his sleep?

That last one would probably wake him up, though.

Murkcrow gathered his wits and looked around. An exceedingly creepy kin stared back at him, a bundle of bark at her side. She gestured for him to come nearer. Murkcrow didn't want anything to do with her, but it seemed he had little choice in the matter. No alternative path presented itself. With a resigned sigh, he walked up to her.

"You wish to enter? First, we must see what your fortune holds. Come, choose your bark, and let's see what the Oracles have in store for you." The lines, spoken as though recited from memory, seemed to come from the fortune teller, but somehow the menacing, toothy smile stayed glued to her face.

Murkcrow stared the fortune-teller right in the eyes for a long minute. She didn't blink. She didn't move at all. Finally, he picked up the bundle of bark.

"Not everything is going to go your way," he said through clenched teeth as he flung the whole bundle into the air. If he was in for a bad night anyway, he could manage at least this much rebellion. He picked up five of the fallen pieces of bark and strode off.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #24 on: October 15, 2019, 11:14:27 PM »
Loneliness Calls had seen his uncle wandering around earlier, and ducked away from the surly buck he looked quite similar to, always getting asked if that was his father. In his efforts to avoid Hold Your Tongue, he came across the fortune teller and ducked in there curiously.

Hearing her say he needed to make choices he looked down at the various pieces of bark and he randomly poked his nose at one after another, sometimes quickly, a few times after a long deliberation. Finally all five were chosen and flipped over, while he waited to be told his fortune, wondering how much of this he should believe, or not. Especially as the doe seemed to mull over the pieces of bark between them, looking up at him with a sharp gaze before she began to speak again.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #25 on: October 15, 2019, 11:31:25 PM »
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The doe looked at him closely, as he shifted from hoof to hoof, before she began to speak finally. "The spider is telling you that everything that happens in your life, is a result of decisions you, or even others have made in the past. Everything has a consequence, be it a good one, or a bad one. You would be wise to remember that fact. That everything has a price."

Loneliness raised a brow slightly. That just felt like common sense to him. Of course everything, every action or inaction had a consequence. Still, he waited, there was more to be said.

"This one is Ascension. It's where past and future meet up in one crossing. A reminder to you to look back on your actions and decisions you've made and make improvements. Don't become complacent young one!" Her voice was suddenly beseeching and it startled him, ears going back a little.

"Ahhh you chose The Festival, a fine one to have don't you worry your handsome head about this one my boy! It represents happiness, joy, vitality, and optimism. It's a reminder to appreciate how well things in your life is going." he gave some thought to that one. Did he have anything good going in his life? Sure he'd met Fairy Queen and as a result they had some truly amazing kids. That was definitely something to be happy about he wagered.

"The Lifemates is telling you about your close relationships. Both in love, and in your daily life interacting with others. Make sure you pay attention to how you react to and around those you care about, are related to, etc. One wrong step and you could find yourself destroying things beyond repair." He thought about how he avoided his uncle just before coming in here, or rather by avoiding his uncle he'd wound up in this creepy place. He knew he probably shouldn't have avoided the elder buck, even if most of the time he seemed to be in a foul mood. That wasn't how he'd want to be treated he realized. He paid attention as he realized the doe was waiting for him to focus. She wasn't done yet.

"This last one, The Nightmare, it represents powerlessness and restraint. Being out of control and is to encourage you to break free. Be it of your routines, your behaviors , anything that you feel leaves you powerless and restrained."  What made him feel powerless and restrained? Well maybe his inability to truly settle and find somewhere permanent to call home. He saw others who had tribes be it with blood relations, or those they chose to start tribes with. Families, and mates. Maybe that was what was weighing heavily on his mind. He thought he relished the bachelor life, of flitting around from kin to kin. Maybe that wasn't the case. It was a lot to take in.

He started to walk away, lost in thought, and paused a moment to look over his shoulder. "Thank you. That was definitely interesting and gives me a lot to think about." he gave a half smile as he stepped back out, and went in search of his uncle. The older buck might be snappish with everyone but at least he was more honest about himself than most people realized. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from him. Or at any rate attempt to soften his waspish tongue as needed. He didn't know if he didn't try and it was certainly a lot better than wandering alone when his mind was buzzing.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #26 on: October 16, 2019, 12:37:10 PM »
Split Skin was never particularly good at recognizing when something was a dream, and this situation was no different. While the atmosphere was strange, it wasn't much stranger than the real world, with its sudden thunderstorms and its strange sounds in the undergrowth and its sideways looks from other kin.

Here, the fortuneteller looked at him dead on, instead of narrowing her eyes or telling him he stood too close, or suggesting that he find someone else to interact with. So he paused, and blinked at her, and widened his own eyes, and looked down to the bits of bark --

"But what if it's a bad fortune?" The answer, of course, was that a fortune was what it was. Bad or good, he didn't have a choice. So he thought for just a moment, then kicked out five runes at random.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #27 on: October 16, 2019, 12:50:11 PM »
THE MANGROVE represents drive and determination, the power of someone who knows what they want, and victory.
THE FLOOD represents the cycle of endings and beginnings, a reminder that all things must pass.
THE ACHA represents uniqueness and the embrace of individuality for success.
THE NIGHTMARE represents restraint and powerlessness, the feeling of being out of control, and encourages breaking free.
THE SPIDER represents the fact that there's a consequence for every action, fairness, and that everything happening is a result of decisions made in the past.


The fortuneteller looked down to his choices and the breath went out of her, as she saw something in the Oracles that had been revealed. There was just a pause before she began to weave his future in front of him.


The Mangrove is not Split Skin; he is not a buck who knows what he want, he is not a buck with determination. He is more often puzzled or confused, trying to figure out his place in the world. So this card represents someone else, perhaps it holds the taste of something feminine. It's a promise. Someone he has not met, but who is certain to come looking for him.

The Flood is his past, lonely and out of place, unable to hold onto a friend -- or even to make one. All these past relationships have died, have faded into the past, have taught him important lessons about when it might be wiser to bite his tongue, when he should stay on the outside instead of diving in.

After all, he is The Acha in his way: he is a little strange, his thoughts working in morbid circles, his fascination with the unusual part of who he is, and so he must embrace it. Only when he does can things begin to change, and The Flood do its work, bringing him into a new cycle instead of forever dooming him to the same fate.

The Nightmare is obvious -- after all, this is where he is now, a strange landscape. The rune serves as a reminder that this place isn't real, that he is stuck here against his will, that someday he will have to take things into his own grasp to break back into reality. But The Spider also reminds him that, while this place isn't real, it's certainly real enough to matter. Just because he is trapped in a strange dream doesn't mean he's alone here, and doesn't mean that the things he does will be without consequence.

He must step carefully. He must look at the place around him, he must interact with those he stumbles upon, and he must be thoughtful in what he says and does. When he wakes, it will control his future.


As she finished the prophecy, Split Skin cocked his head to the side and stared down at the bits of bark, trying to see more of them than just dead wood. Everything she said seemed true enough to him -- but at the same time, it didn't very much transform his reactions. He was always careful, always uncomfortable, and he always failed to say or do the right thing anyway. All the same he nodded valiantly as he looked back up to her, stoic and serious.

"It's not original advice, but it's good for anyone, I think." His attempt at polite came out dismissive. He didn't seem to realize, just shrugged as he passed her by to enter the grove.

Only after did it occur to him that, perhaps, he should have thanked her for her time.

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Re: Fortuneteller's Grove Prompt
« Reply #28 on: October 16, 2019, 07:17:29 PM »

THE NIGHTMARE represents restraint and powerlessness, the feeling of being out of control, and encourages breaking free.
THE KIMETI represents compassion, beauty, and love, and is connected to Mother Nature and the natural world.
THE SEA represents moderation, peace, patience, and going with the flow instead of trying to force its direction.
THE FESTIVAL is uplifting, representing happiness, joy, vitality, and optimism, a reminder to appreciate how well things are going.
THE LIFEMATES represent close relationships, both in love life and in interactions with others.

Gentle Light accidentally locked eyes with the fortune teller on one of his quick glances backwards. Though he had quickly looked away, pretending as though he was merely admiring a particular wisp of smoke, he could see that a knowing smile still lingered on her face as she moved to sit opposite of him from the corner of his eye.

"This is a lovely spread!" She cooed, pouring over the scraps of bark that lay between them. Gentle Light chanced a look over and, feeling more confident that her eyes were no longer on him, took a proper look at the runes himself. They... Made absolutely no sense.

Her sudden peal of laughter as he thought that practically made him jump out of his skin - but before he could even begin to wonder if he had said that aloud or if she was just reading his mind, she spoke again.

"Having a hard time lately, are we?" The fortune teller's laugh settled into a light chuckle, "You, who so enjoys having an intellectual dominance, found yourself powerless. Unable to act how you'd like, unable to escape an encounter you had put yourself in. Trapped, not unlike how prey cowers from a predator. But you made a choice - or, perhaps, choices. The Nightmare tells me this. Is it true?"

Gentle Light stammered out a "yes", eyes wide and staring as though she had just told him his tail was on backwards and his horns were inside out. "But, wait, I'm not - how did you -"

"Wonderful!" She beamed, "Those choices you made were important. The choices you will make are important,"

"They are what have brought the Kimeti into your life."

"You mean my kids? Or a specific kimeti, like that legend--"

"The rune," she shot him a cold look, clearly not appreciating the continual interruptions, "Indicates compassion, beauty, and love - perhaps not necessarily romantic, but there's an air about you. Rather fitting, considering the others you've pulled."

Her face softened a bit, though what emotion lay behind the expression he couldn't quite tell.

"It speaks of a connection between us, as kin, and the natural world. Perhaps this is why the next one you pulled was the Sea. This is not the raging sea that pummels the coastlines with harsh winds and rain, dragging the unaware into its depths, no - this is the gentle ebb and flow of waves as the tide rolls in and out day after day. It is peace and patience, and you would do well to do follow its lead. You cannot change how the ocean moves."

Gentle Light opened his mouth to speak, to try and ask again how those little scratches on the bark told her that much or how what being the ocean meant, but decided against it.

"Should you take that to heart, you will only find continued joy in your life. The Festival is a sign that you will have truly left your Nightmare, and in so will find happiness, vitality, and bright new beginnings. The Lifemates," The fortune teller slipped him a sly grin and a cocked brow so quickly Gentle Light wasn't sure if he had truly seen it, "Is rather to the point. It is close relationships - again, not purely platonic, but..."

The sly grin reappeared, only to vanish as the doe stood up with an exaggerated stretch and yawn.

Gentle Light took a moment to stand up himself, his mind buzzing with all of the information he was given. A large part of him dismissed it all. All she did was look at some scuffed up bark and tells him that he'd had struggles in life but now everything was going to be great? Who hasn't had troubles in the past - and who didn't want to hear that everything was going to turn out fine? But some of it felt so specific.

He caught himself as he stepped out of the smoky interior - he was so wrapped up in what she had said that he had entirely forgotten to thank her.

But the fortune teller had vanished.

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Fortune and fate were something that had featured heavily in King’s life, and he was sure that if there was any kind of sentient power over it all that he was in their bad books. He believed, as did many of the fairy tribe, that this time of year there was a power to the unseelie, that the swamp granted them strength and sight. It was why when he had a strange dream, he took the time to interpret what he saw.

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