Matope Rules
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Matope Rules
« on: May 15, 2019, 09:38:11 AM »

General Rules
  • Please be polite at all times. Chatspeak is strongly discouraged. Don't spam. If you feel the need to bump, try to make some conversation! Trolling is absolutely not tolerated at any time, nor is flaming. Let's all hold hands and eat some tofu and burn some patchouli, okay?
  • Please refrain from begging, whether it be for Kin, pebbles, money, or favours.
  • Please be graceful whether you win or lose. If participating in events, please accept the fact that you might not come out a winner.
  • Please be welcoming to newbies. We want newbies to Matope and the forum to always feel at home and comfortable posting here.
  • Roleplaying is an option, not a mandatory thing. You don't have to RP your Kin if you don't want to, but it is the only way to unlock special stages.
  • Try to stay upbeat. We chatter in the appropriate forums or in the discord, of course, and love for you to talk about, Matope, current events, movies, music, and even what you did today, but try to keep it upbeat. If you need to touch on more serious or negative topics, please keep them to the serious chat form or discord channel.
  • You can only have one account on these forums. Mules are strictly disallowed.
  • If you're a newbie, after registering please see this thread!
Kin Rules
  • Kin are never to be sold. Evar!
  • It's okay to use your Kin in graphics for signatures, etc.; to crop them down, colorize them, or whatever to make them fit into your sig; but please do not perform any lineart edits. Use your good judgment here; obviously we're not telling you not to put a Santa hat on them around Christmas or to doodle a French mustache on them if it amuses you. Just be sure and make a note that you did it.
  • The artwork in Matope is strictly for Matope's use. It is not to be lifted for any other sites. This is a particular concern for us due to the easily-pilfered nature of pixel art. If you suspect another site of stealing Matope's art, please let us know before taking matters into your own hands. It could all be misunderstanding.
  • Follow the naming conventions. This cannot be stressed enough. Having the common thread of Matope names will add a sense of believability and community to the shop and to Matope.
  • Please keep all RP PG-13 or below! No one wants to see that D:
  • Rehoming is allowed. If you ever decide you want to get rid of your Kin (and there's really no reason you should ever feel obligated), please find new owners for the kin you'd like to rehome, inform  Matope of the rehoming, and then post for recerting in the certing thread. Remember, once you give away a Kin, you can never arbitrarily take it back. It's not a decision to be made lightly!
  • Be wary of the metaplot. While we try to cultivate a persistent storyline here on Kin, this is a delicate thing to handle if you're actually roleplaying in that storyline. Before deciding to RP some major event that would have huge repercussions (the return of the Legendary Kin, for example; or an earthquake or flood), please contact the mods for permission. If you have a great idea for a plot
    event or festival, please do the same!