Mer-May 2022!
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Mer-May 2022!
« on: May 03, 2022, 11:15:40 PM »

Welcome to Matope's 2022 Mermay event! This is a relatively simple four week event with a range of contests, events, raffles, for people to particpate in. You're also welcome to create PRPs in the RP subforum on the theme of this event, the beach, the ocean, and the oncoming summer -- and of course, there is an ORP with a familiar character....


There will be one long and five short contests over the course of this event, each running for one week. The prizes will take the form of premade kin and pets/familiars, and also some semi-customs with premade edits!

Jellyfish Hybrid Raffle: May 3rd-31st
Mermaid Builder Raffle: May 3rd-9th
Siren Song Contest: May 10th-16th
Let's Go Fishing!: May 17th-23rd
Fish Concept/Naming Contest: May 24th-31st

please do not send anything via PM to the mule; no one checks this account.