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Author Topic: [BLESS] Fur Coats (Atone x Dearly Mine)  (Read 5 times)


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[BLESS] Fur Coats (Atone x Dearly Mine)
« on: Today at 08:19:04 AM »
It was nice, in a slightly dark and sadistic manner, to have teeth. Unlike a sense of power, it gave her a sense of safety. Only now did she realize how so much of her life's choices were made in the hope of avoiding the role of victim. The irony was, of course, that it seemed more often than not to end up with her own pain as the result. Life could be such a goddamn bitch but today, flanked by Envy and Ire, she felt peace. Except for the incessant prod that a kin was in search of a blessing.

She had yet to find an applicable description of the knowledge that she—well, one of her kind—was needed or wanted. There was a pleasure and a pain, a strange cycle of growth and downpour that altogether affected her mood far too greatly. Today, it felt like growth and she was almost excited. Almost.

Summer was here and yet Dearly Mine felt stiff, like winter had seeped into his joints for a long slumber. He was frozen with emotions that raced in tandem; fear and hope twisted his stomach into knots and made his generally timid demeanor downright stone-like. It was thankful that his only task right now was watching the expectant doe sleep for he thought he might die if he so much as tried to move. He'd never felt more inept in life, with such weak eyesight and slight limbs.

"You're going to have to work on that," a voice slithered into his ears and he jolted. A small tsk, "You needn't be frightened of me, not today," Atone chuckled as she stepped into view on the otherside of the slumbering kiokote.

"I know," he breathed, then smiled. "I am plagued by all that could go wrong and elated by all that could go right."

"The future will do as it pleases, I'm afraid, though I can assert their health and well-being."

"Would you make them brave? I fear that I am sometimes not enough of it, myself," Dearly Mine smiled. It was in his nature he supposed and it had served him well but there was no reason his children couldn't be more.

"Brave, healthy, and never the victim," Atone agreed, "but that does not mean they shall always be the victor."

"Nor should it, right? Else they'll never learn."

The two kin smiled at one another and then one was alone with a trio of feathered serpents that seemed to take their own shift in guarding the future.