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Author Topic: Valentine's Box of Chocolates Event  (Read 78 times)


Valentine's Box of Chocolates Event
« on: February 15, 2021, 01:29:57 PM »
We're running a simple, fun little event through the end of February to celebrate VALENTINE's DAY!


This event is a box of chocolates event, offering lots of growing kin on offer.

There is a PAID RAFFLE offering growing semis from some of the artists at matope.

There is a HYBRID RAFFLE for some premade growing kin whose evolution will be a surprise. In this raffle you can either buy tickets or get free tickets by drawing valentines for your friends.

There is a CONTEST for some pre-made Flower kin, which you can enter by talking a bit about your kin's favorite flower.

Finally, there is a FREE RAFFLE offering up a brand new familiar in the form of Sea Turtles! Come March, these will be core familiars; until then, you can enter for a free ticket to win some candy pets.

All events are open through the end of the months, with winners being rolled/selected come March. Check it out now!