The Pumpkin Patch
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Author Topic: The Pumpkin Patch  (Read 255 times)


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The Pumpkin Patch
« on: December 02, 2020, 01:31:44 PM »

Flower on a Tree was sitting down under the stars with two classic furbodies, and octo furbody, and a long furbody all nestled into him. They were extremely affectionate when they weren't fighting, and everyone was peaceful anA lot had happened since they had all come into his care, and in that time he had discovered that the four of them absolutely loved falling asleep to a bedtime story. Well, Flower on a Tree was a true, adventurous spirit... haha, and he had tons of stories he could tell them!

"All right, tonight I'll tell you the story of the pumpkin patch..." He said, the heads of the furbodies getting comfy between his legs and chest as they settled in for the story.

"One fateful, autumn night... there was a buck who shined as might as the moonlit sky. He was courageous and brave, a true hero of the swamp," he said, maybe embellishing a lot... "He had spent the day rescuing furbodies such as yourselves from the harrowing jaws of an enormous crocodile! Absolutely monstrous! This was no caiman, no, this was a true beast! It had been a battle for the ages, and when our hero had conquered the beast, the furbodies cheered!"

This line had gotten the furbodies excited, and in tone with the story, they also cheered.

"With the long battle over and the furbodies saved, our hero went home. Something was wrong though! No matter how hard he looked, he couldn't get his barrings! He wandered around, the weight of the battle making his journey harder than it would normally be. He could hardly keep his head on straight!" Flower on a Tree said, exaggerating the emotions in his words as he looked at the furbodies, who all seemed to be worried.

The long body furbody had wrapped itself right around Flower on a Tree's leg for comfort, an action that was usually reserved for the octo furbody. The octo furbody preferred the high ground though and remained draped lightly over Flower on a Tree's shoulder as it listened to the story carefully as Flower on a Tree continued with the story.

"It was in this state that he found a pumpkin patch. The night was young and the day had been long, leaving the buck famished and tired. The pumpkin patch offered him many delights, and he was honoured by the Motherfather's offering. The buck was happy to stop for a while and rest his weary body, partake in the feast that was laid out in front of him as a reward for a job well done, and relax after a good day's rest."

Flower on a Tree grinned a little, he couldn't help it, but as he reached this part of the story... he hesitated.

"The buck ate, the buck rejoiced, and in the safety of the pumpkin patch he fell asleep... and of course... absolutely nothing bad happened for the rest of the night!"

There was an awkward pause, and Flower on a Tree smiled at the furbodies who had fallen asleep.

Yep, that was definitely how the story went.