Winter Wandering Prompts 2020
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Author Topic: Winter Wandering Prompts 2020  (Read 1789 times)


Winter Wandering Prompts 2020
« on: November 28, 2020, 10:59:22 PM »
The swamp seems ever stranger in the darkness of winter, the low sun throwing long, shifting shadows and the breeze stirring shaky movement in even the dormant trees. The distant singsong and clamor of the market continues deep into the night, making the winter feel strangely alive despite the bleak surroundings. It is ever-moving, a living and breathing thing even as ice flows through its water.

And it has proven time and time again that, within its bounds, anything is possible.

Winter Wandering Prompts are here!

While there are no prizes associated with the Wandering Prompts this year, they will be just like our Summer Prompts. This means completing any of these prompts will award 1 additional RP point no matter how it is done, solo or with multiple kin. What are roleplay points? Check out the thread here for further information.

You are welcome to complete any prompt either solo, or with another kin as a roleplay. To qualify for the bonus, each user should contribute at least 500 words to the thread.

When completing prompts from this thread, please post them in the Roleplay Forum with the tag [WWP#] in the title, with the number corresponding to the number of the prompt.


« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2020, 11:04:53 PM »
Winter Wandering Prompt 7: Chilly Gills
Your kin has a strange dream of visiting the calm summer sea, the sky painted in sunset… and the foam dotted with a rainbow of colors. On closer inspection, it is a massive school of incredibly round fish, which bounce in and out of the water with reckless abandon.

When they awaken from this dream back into the familiar swamp, they feel a bit different… And they find that they can now hold their breath for much longer than they used to be able to, letting them explore the water with relative ease! What will your kin do with this strange new trait? Hunt down fish, or maybe swim through the deepest parts of the swamp to hunt for interesting things?

This effect will remain for the rest of the day. Once they go back to sleep, however, they will return to their normal self.


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« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2020, 12:11:24 PM »
Winter Wandering Prompt 8: Hot-hoofing it
In their ever-shifting dreams, for some reason, the shining of the campfires that surround the winter market seems to be a particular theme for your kin tonight. The scent of fresh cooking intoxicating, the dancing embers like the stars in the sky...

And when they awaken, they find themselves pleasantly... warm. For the rest of the day's duration, your kin is unaffected by the temperature of their surroundings. Even the icy water doesn't bother them much at all, and stepping straight into a blazing flame seems all the same as stepping into the sun on a hot summer day. Warm, but it doesn't burn any more than a sunburn if they stay too long.

Is this a blessing or a curse for your kin- or simply an opportunity?

This power lasts for only one IC day. Once they fall asleep, your kin will awaken feeling normal once more.