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Author Topic: Owls Well That Ends Well [In Harmony x Perfect]  (Read 64 times)


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Owls Well That Ends Well [In Harmony x Perfect]
« on: October 29, 2020, 01:50:31 AM »
"Wooo wooooo." In Harmony was propped on her hind legs, forelegs resting on the tree trunk in front of her. Her neck was craned up, looking at a fluffy bird perched on a branch much higher then she could reach.

She'd never see a bird like that one and had wandered after it, watching its movements and habits. She admired the fluffier body unlike the songbirds she knew and found the way it could move its head quite amazing. The first time she saw it turn it's head almost completely around, she'd yelped at to the Motherfather in shock.

The doe had done her best to talk to the bird, tried to charm it to come closer to her, but the bird remained aloof. She felt it was observing her as much as she was it and the intelligence in it's eyes was both fascinating and a little intimidating.

"Hooooo?" she tried another register of voice, pitching it up and changing the sound. "Hooo. Hooo Hooo?"


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