The Foxbun in the Moon
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Author Topic: The Foxbun in the Moon  (Read 215 times)


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The Foxbun in the Moon
« on: August 12, 2020, 03:05:39 PM »
[[As told by Fish Bones, though he remembers not who first told it to him, and some things he has forgotten so he made up stuff to fit.]]

Once, long and long ago, there were three creatures who were friends. One was a mongoose, the second was a songbird, and the last was a foxbun. They spent their days playing hide-and-seek or chase-me catch-me. Their nights were spent around a campfire, chattering away and nibbling on treats found in the swamp.

One night while they were around the fire, an old doe floated down from the heavens to meet them. She resembled the moon, her coat light gray with darker gray spots, and she cast off a glow like moonlight. As her hooves touched the ground, the three companions just watched, too awestruck and scared to move.

"Hello, young ones." She said. "Do you have a bit of food to spare? I've traveled far, and am quite famished."

The three shook their heads, nearly simultaneously. Then the mongoose jumped up and ran off, calling over his shoulder. "I'll go find you some." Catching on, the other two leap up as well, following their friend.

After a short time the songbird returned. In her beak and claws were an assortment of berries. These she dropped on a rock beside the fire, before landing on a log nearby. Just then, the mongoose returned. In his mouth were two small fish, their scales gleaming in the light. These, too, were set on the rock, then he settled by the log.

Patiently, the three waited for the foxbun to return. After what seemed like a long time, he did return, walking slowly and looking forlorn. When he stops it is apparent he has found nothing for the doe. "I am sorry, I'm not fast to catch a fish, nor can I climb to gather berries." Glancing at the fire the foxbun gets an idea. "As I have nothing to give you, I'll give myself. I'll jump into the fire and when I'm cooked you can eat me."

Before he has even finished speaking, he leaps into the flames. Quickly, much faster then one would think the old doe could move, she darts forward, her snout going into the fire, grabbing the nape of his neck between her teeth. As she pulls him out of the fire, she gives her neck a flick, tossing him onto her back. "That is a kind offer, but you should never do yourself harm for the benefit of another." She turns her head, regarding him, and smiles. "For your generosity, I shall reward you by taking you to live with me on the moon."

Even as she speaks, she starts to ascend, leaving the swamp behind as the moon grows ever larger. To this day the foxbun lives there, and can be seen on clear nights when the moon is full.

[[This is an adaptation of The Rabbit in the Moon, and done from just memory. I haven't read the story in 4 or 5 years, so if details are wrong that's why. I have no plans to make it fit the original story, though. Any edits it gets will be for grammar and spelling.]]