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Author Topic: [WP-002] Troublesome Feast  (Read 127 times)


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[WP-002] Troublesome Feast
« on: June 16, 2020, 09:43:36 AM »

Another dream, just a few days after the first one. The small little signs still were all there but, this time, his dream started differently. It started in the swamp, kin of all types gathered and he travelled as they did. He kept his distance, off to the side. He kept them within his line of sight but, aware that he could not discuss with them--not that he wanted to--he kept just out of their reach.

Troublesome didn't care for the idea of another wandering right through him. It had happened to him in another dream, a lucid dream, he saw them as, and it had been unpleasant. So it was best to keep his distance.

The travelling took time, longer than he imagined it would and when they made it to the Obelisk, he merely watched it. He took in the fact that it seemed identical to the other as far as he could tell. The tall grass made wandering between the Obelisk and any of the markers that might have been difficult but again, he let the others do as they wished.

It was interesting to watch them work as a group, either stomping down grass or ripping it out. From his distance, he couldn't see what they were uncovering but he knew there had to be something for their reaction. Only once it seemed as though they were done uncovering whatever it was they had found, did he step closer, looking at the markers.

As they started running, he moved out of their way, closer to the Obelisk but still well out of touch's reach. He truly wanted nothing to do with that unknown, tall, dark marker.

Watching them run not-quite loops around the Obelisk, clearly trying to follow a certain pathway, was somewhat dizzying as he stood too close to the centre and, when they were closer to the other side, he moved out of the way again. He did trot along a little, not at full speed, not feeling the need, but it was interesting to see just how the path seemed to work itself out and Troublesome did like to keep moving, though it wasn't something he mentioned often.

As the Obelisk was reactivated, he didn't stare into it that time, he knew better. He still could feel the burn of the first one as he had kept his eyes on it. Though this one seemed somewhat different and he wasn't sure why.

From that moment on, the dream hazes for him and Troublesome knows that this is where things truly happened but he is not privy to it. He does not ask the MotherFather to show him more. He has seen enough.

Still, for a little while, he roams the surroundings once more, taken in by the long grass of the plain on the outskirts area of the Obelisk, the grass that had been neither ripped nor trampled. He takes in how different the air feels, he takes in how different everything looks and he tells himself that it will have to do.

He was born in the swamp and this, strange as it is, is his only way to travel and see what is beyond the limits of where the Ache will not let him go. For this, he does thank the MotherFather for the dream.

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