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Author Topic: [WP-002] Eye in the Dark  (Read 127 times)


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[WP-002] Eye in the Dark
« on: June 15, 2020, 05:29:33 PM »

Timid though he was, Eye in the Dark was still a Kiokote. He was made by the Motherfather to run, for his hooves to move so fast they might as well have flown over the ground. Though born in the swamp, he dreamed of plains he'd never seen, of flat open spaces in which he could run forever. Moving his body like this was what he was built for, it was right. It was so simple, but so satisfying, to run and run until he became but a dark blur on the field.

In tonight's dream, he was no longer the only dark shape on the flatlands. It was tall, and ominous, and he skidded to a halt as it grew closer.

As he stopped, a crowd of other kin passed by him on all sides. They weren't just Kiokote, but Kimeti and Acha as well. The got closer to the looming stone than he dared to, inspecting it and investigating the area. First they found the smaller stones, then got to work clearing the tall grass from the immediate area. Something about destroying the landscape of the plains bothered Eye at first, but that feeling was quickly overshadowed by the realization that paths of stone were hidden underneath.

Then the other kin began to run. It took a few tries, but they found the paths and the order in which to follow them. The next challenge came upon realizing that they had to do it fast. They were tripped up a few times on the second part of the race. A rare frustration built within Eye; he knew that if it had been left to him he would be able to run it without incident. He wanted to call out to them, to give them instructions or help, but his voice carried no further than his mouth. None of the figures seemed to notice or hear him.

At last, with triumph, the race was won. His muted voice cheered for those who finished the final leg, and he felt winded as though he'd been running it with them. This sense of satisfaction was quickly replaced by surprise and concern; the obelisk lit up with a bright light, pointing up into the sky. Some of the kin approached the obelisk to touch it, while others made a point of not doing so. Eye walked up to it, moving through the crowd. None of the kin surrounding him paid him any mind or acknowledged his presence at all, which was fine by him as he was fixated on the mysterious stone. He stood in front of it for a long moment, full of awe.

He opened his eyes again, back in the swamp. His limbs were rested, rather than feeling like he'd just run for miles. He had seen a dream, but surely it was a dream to be heeded. Awake though he was, he remained in his mind's eye for a moment, thinking of the obelisk and of the desire he had to run and find it.
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