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Author Topic: [WP-001] Sightseer  (Read 123 times)


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[WP-001] Sightseer
« on: June 15, 2020, 03:48:23 PM »

Sightseer slept, and she dreamed. Frequently she traveled in her dreams; to places she'd never been, or places that didn't exist. She yearned to discover, and her unending curiosity brought her images of distant swamps and groves even as her body rested.

Tonight her mind's eye brought her to yet another new place. The swamp stretched out before her as it ever did, but there was something new before her, something different. Before her towered a tall black stone, reaching up to the clouds. She'd never considered anything but getting closer to it, getting a better look. Her dream-feet carried her without a second thought. As she approached, the stone seemed taller and taller, its height becoming incomprehensible to her. The sheer size of the thing began to make her uneasy. She wondered if any bird could manage to fly up to the top of the stone, before her thought corrected itself to wonder if any bird dared to perch on such a foreboding thing.

She understood now that she was no longer alone here, nor had she ever been. The stone was surrounded by kin of various types, all seemingly drawn to this strange object as she was. Furthermore, she was close enough now to see that the obelisk itself was not entirely smooth, as she had previously thought, but engraved with a handful of huge symbols, each about the size of a kin. The thoughts who made this? and why? flitted through her consciousness before her attention was brought back to the happenings before her.

With trial and error, various kin touched the symbols on the stone to differing (or no) response. The glow that arose when certain kin touched certain symbols was the only clue they had to work with, and it seemed to dissipate just as easily as it was found. Eventually the meaning of the symbols was gleaned; a kin of each species stood upon the glyph that matched their familiar. Once the ritual was completed, a light, bright and all-encompassing, devoured everything. Dream or no, Sightseer shut her eyes as tightly as she could until it passed. She opened her eyes again in time to see several smaller lights reaching off into the sky, each in its own direction. She couldn't shake the feeling that these beacons were directing them toward something, but what? Still reeling from the lights, she closed her eyes again to blink off the shine that lingered in her vision.

Opening her eyes again, she was no longer faced with the obelisk. She was curled up where she'd bedded down the night before, her furby nestled beside her. The sunlight was soft and the sounds of morning birds surrounded her. Despite this gentle awakening, a sense of unease still sat in her stomach. Perhaps she hadn't just dreamed of a where last night, but a when. There was more she had to find out about this obelisk, and she doubted she would be able to get a good night's rest until she did.
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