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Author Topic: [WP-001] Guardian of Life  (Read 140 times)


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[WP-001] Guardian of Life
« on: June 13, 2020, 10:12:45 PM »
The first few nights back home with Pestilence and the kids after her less than stellar return home had been hard, she'd been afraid she wouldn't wake up though the healers had given her the okay to go back home, she was out of danger. Where Pestilence would wake in the night, she fought sleep as much as she could till exhaustion claimed her.

It was during one of these exhausted sleeps that the dreams started to come to her, leaving her full of confusion and wariness. She wasn't sure why the MotherFather was sending her such dreams, especially about an event that happened well before her time, it was something she was left thinking about much of the following day after each dream. The first one though, it left her feeling confused in a broader sense.

She watched a wide variety of kin gathered together, the tall Stag that was the leader of the group and listened to the conversations happening around her. The tall dark stone seemed an imposing mystery to her though it didn't stop her from stepping close to it, and from gently pressing her nose to it surprised that she could feel it in the dream.

Was this a dream? A memory from another kin she was experiencing? Both? It was hard to say. Guardian watched as kin stepped onto stones not all at once no, but slowly as they figured out the puzzle by working together, as a different race of kin stepped onto a stone that had animals etched onto them. As things lit up, or dimmed in response to actions. It was fascinating to her to see it happen, to see what led up to the end of the discovery. To watch them puzzle out that the animals represented the kin races, and only by the right kin stepping on the right stone, would they light up.

The lights that shot out from the obelisk blinded her for a short time, but once she blinked the brightness away she was able to see the various lights coming from it, and wondered what they all meant, where they went. What other mysteries there were to find. She could hear the talking around her from the others there, or more aptly, those that were there before her.

When she woke the next morning, she looked to her mate, and saw the same look on Pestilence's face that she could feel on her own. They had experienced the same dream, the same events. They had seen seen the kin stepping onto the stones, and they working out the tasks to keep them lit. The blinding flash of light. There was a sense of being called by the MotherFather, again and it left Guardian of Life feeling a little uneasy. The last time she'd felt herself being called, was when she was struggling to heal up and it was a fight for her life, to see if she'd remain in the land of the living with Pestilence, or if she'd lose the fight, and move on.

What did this call hold in store for her? For them and in a way it scared her a little more than if it'd been just her being shown these dreams. That her mate was too... it was a lot to think about.

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