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Author Topic: [ WP-002 ] The Second Dream [Pestilence]  (Read 138 times)

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[ WP-002 ] The Second Dream [Pestilence]
« on: June 12, 2020, 11:40:08 PM »
Pestilence lay down in their nest, still exhausted from their travels days ago. As he settled into the soft moss of his bed, pressing close to Guardian's comforting warmth, he wondered which ached more, his bones, his mind, or his soul? The dream from before weighed heavily on his mind, the one he unknowingly shared with his mate, and mayhaps even more kin if the stories he had been hearing were true. What had it meant? Had they done the right thing, leaving the comfort and safety of the tribe lands to venture deep into the swamp, searching for that terrible stone that scraped the sky?

He thought back to their journey. It had been uneasy. He couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible would happen like it had last time when Guardian had left. He shook the memories from his mind. Pestilence did not wish to think back to that. To her body, broken and lifeless. To how he almost lost her for good. No. The dark buck sighed heavily and shifted, pressing his nose against the warmth of her neck. He could feel her body rise and fall with every breath. Each heartbeat echoed in his own chest. No, it was good that they had gone together. They had seen the Obelisk, touched it even. And while the thought of it made him feel ill at ease, nothing had happened. One more sigh, but this time it was one of relief.

'Maybe now things can go back to normal,' was the last thought he held on to as his mind slipped into the dusk of sleep.

- - - - -

When his eyes opened, Pestilence immediately felt his breath catch in his throat. Once more, he is met with that still, grey sky. Only this time, it is impossibly wide. It covers everything, not a single tree shades him from the sun's watchful eye. His own eyes widen and upon looking around, his heart nearly stops.

No. This wasn't the swamp. Not at all. He stood alone in a sea of grass, frozen in the wave of a breeze that had died mid-breath. He stood in a shadow, long and pointed and a familiar sense of dread filled him. He spun, and sure enough, there it was. The Obelisk. Yet, this one was different. Instead of the jet black of the mire's spire, this one was a cool, pale grey. The thought of the stones placed on the graves of the dead, markers to remember where their bones were laid to rest, came to mind. He shuddered.

'You should explore,' a whisper on the wind says behind him.

Turning to look over his shoulder he finds himself standing before a tall mare, another living legend. This one was pale lavender in color, striped in deep shadows that seemed to cling to her very being. Above her head, a bright orb of light levitated between her horns. His brow furrowed as he saw hundreds of purple motes swirl through the grass at her sides. They didn't seem to be fireflies... How was that possible? He shook the thought from his head. She had said to explore and, while Pestilence knew that he could not be seen or heard nor could he interact with anything here, he stepped forward as the shadows of many other kin of the past formed around in. The sooner he could learn about what had happened here, the sooner he could go home.