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Author Topic: WP-001: REMEMBERING THE FIRST OBELISK  (Read 1334 times)


« on: May 30, 2020, 05:03:55 PM »
It was years ago, now, when a group of Kin followed Longstride through the swamp to discover a strange black stone -- tall and smooth-sided, with strange symbols glowing with moonlight along its side -- as well as the puzzle that surrounded it.


If you were not one of the brave few who ventured out on this quest, then last night, after you sprawled out in your safe bed (whatever that might be), you dreamed of this first Obelisk, sitting in the swamp, and its puzzle:

Strange marks on stones surrounded the Obelisk. Each of them corresponded to a now-familiar animal: a crane, a cheetah, a dog, an eagle, and a bat. With some clever work, kin determed that a kin from each species must stand on their corresponding animal, and when they did, the Obelisk lit.

It sent out lights across the swamp and into the distance. Eleven of them total, which then faded away to nothing.

No. You were not there. But through this dream, you have the opportunity to act out what you might have done had you been. You can watch the other kin solve the puzzle, and explore the area yourself. You can touch the Obelisk, or choose not to touch it. You can choose to step on one of the etched stones, though unless you were actually there, you were not one of the five who solved the puzzle in the end.

If you stepped on one of the etched stones - The next night you have a happy dream that brings back a memory you have forgotten, that will stay with you after you wake.

If you touched the Obelisk itself - The next night you have a terrifying dream about kin and familiars who are seized with some kind of horrible sickness that leaves them warped, rotting, and mad.


The next morning, whether you were there or not, whether you dreamed or not, you have the feeling that you were: and you have an urge to go stand before the now-quiescent Obelisk and look at it. Explore it. And doing so gives you a strange sense of unease.


« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2020, 05:08:38 PM »

This is a meta refresher Wandering Prompt: reminding you of where the meta stands, what happened, and giving you an opportunity to have your kin explore it, to some degree, via a solo.

When replying to this prompt, please make a new RP thread in this forum with [WP-001] in the title. Yes, we have restarted numbers for Wandering Prompts on our new forums!

If you were not at the original Obelisk, you should write a solo of your kin dreaming of the original scene. We suggest you read the original thread to get an idea for what happened, so that you can appropriately respond.

If you were there or were not there, you're also welcome to write either a solo or a 1v1/group RP of your kin heading up to look at the Obelisk and ponder what it is, where it came from, and what it might mean. Touching it will not light any stones, or have any effect, aside from giving your kin a sense of vague unease.

Whether you do a solo or a multiple kin RP, you can collect one extra RP point on top of the standard rewards for completing either of these RPs.