Falling Stars
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Author Topic: Falling Stars  (Read 338 times)


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Falling Stars
« on: May 10, 2020, 12:01:01 PM »
Breezeless, on the horizon line, the bare earth shimmered where it met the sky. Calm, the land was barren and motionless. Nothing stirred except for what happened on the skyline and above. Stars fell in rapid succession, winking out of existence before they touched the ground. Some made it though, and those hazey shapes hovered. Neither here nor there, they were poised for action, uncertain on their next step. Magic still existed and it took the form of chaos and life, and these were mischievous little beings. Harmless and curious, they roamed the land finding it flat in some areas, water drenched in others, and bumpy in farther away lands. The burrows were promising and play they did. Hide and seek at first, but there were so few, and the games lagged between long stretches of silent time. So others were called- as they filled the night sky once more, some lingered on the skyline, beckoned by the first wave.

And from there on out, it got a little out of hand, but in the best way. The mountains got taller with pockets of hiding built into cliffs, ledges and paths between the peaks. Wind carved them into different shapes while rivers snaked their way through, pooling to secret waterfalls and ponds. A blank slate is great for recreating what they knew. They drew inspiration from their home and made things more. They scaled back some features -- not everything would work for this new place. And when they deemed it sufficient and wondrous,they lingered once more on the horizon line. Calling that their game was coming to an end, they slipped back from the shimmering curtain to where their home realm was.
As meticulous as they were with the crafting of the terrain, it was still ultimately a game of hide and seek, and they forgot one important tidbit- not all the prizes were won. And left run amok, they were chuffed to find the shapes of this once barren land changing again this time without them actively doing so. It started small enough, but became more and as time passed in different ways, it became unrecognizable to what they sculpted they land to be. Change wasn't a bad thing. 
And shooting stars and comets happened once more, with a bit of change happening each time- a little help here and there, almost imperceptible. Their touch unfelt unless they deemed it otherwise, but they watched, bemused and curious. And to once another, they would twitter their beaks and clack them once another, their large eyes seeing what extended beyond.