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Author Topic: !! PET AND FAMILIAR MASTERLIST !!  (Read 9626 times)


« on: May 14, 2019, 11:38:41 AM »
This thread contains information about all the pets and familiars in Matope, both those that create the core species of the shop and those that have been commissioned by various users over the years to be added to the list!

There are two types of animal companions in Matope, pets and familiars.

Pets are companion type animals that may also be trained to perform useful tasks. No pet is any more intelligent than a clever dog from our world, and cannot communicate beyond the capacity available to companion animals in our world. They tend to be on the smaller side of the available companions.

Familiars that are marked with a *, and are more intelligent than basic pets, even being able to communicate, via body language or verbal signals, on an extremely basic level. Even familiars do not have a sophisticated brain or what humans would call a cultural identity, and as such can be viewed on the level of a dolphin or elephant from our world. Their bonds to their Kimeti owners are powerful, and their loyalty unmatched.
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These are the core pets at Matope. All of these pets are available to be commissioned at any time, and can be used as Legendary alt forms.

Budgies - Budgies are intelligent and social birds that require lots of interaction and things to play with. They can also mimic speech, though it's clear they don't understand the larger context of what they "say". Fleeting in their affection, they're friendly though nothing ever really scratches the surface with them.

Caiman* - Given its close relation to the Kimeti's only predator, the caiman's alliance with its Kimeti owner is wary at best. Cold, calculating, and intense, it can be difficult to see what attraction there is to the caiman as a companion aside from its hunting ability--but to Kimeti with a certain mindset, the caiman's peculiar, patient way of viewing the world can be fascinating or even comforting.

Cave Worm - A large insect that can reach two metres in length. Unlike the smaller worms that dwell throughout the caves, the Greater Cave Worm has a multitude of small clawed appendages that carry it through the underground with a surprising swiftness. They can scale vertical walls and can sometimes be found hanging from the ceiling, weaving silken egg sacs.

Crane* - The crane is the most common Kimeti familiar, and is particularly revered, because the crane is said to be the shape most favoured by the Swamp when S/He takes a mortal body. The crane is majestic and intelligent, and its feathers are highly prized.

Eaglehound* - Strong, with an instinct for protecting those it considers its pack, the eaglehound is a prized companion. It can be by turns playful, affectionate, and aggressive, and of all the familiars is perhaps the one with the most variance in personality. Despite their bond with their owners, all eaglehounds retain an element of savage wildness throughout their lives.

Fat Fish - These dimwitted creatures can live either in the sea or can survive for several days floating alongside their kin before they have to return to the water to rest. They are curious but distractable, and enamored with all the beautiful things in the world around them.

Foxbun - The foxbun is the ultimate in loyal company. It may not be brilliant, but it loves cuddling, and will follow its Kimeti owner to the ends of the Swamp. It's also not particularly helpful, having no talents, really, aside from a knack for simpering, but it's the best option for a lonely or loving Kimeti. It helps that they're awfully cute.

Giant Moth* - The giant moth is unlike a normal moth in ways other than its size. It has several pairs of wings, some with long fronds quite similar to a bird's feathers, and it sheds some of these occasionally. During these times it will ride about on its owner's back. The shed wings are worn as adornments by some Kimeti despite their delicate nature.

Giant Spider* - Many kin find these familiars chilling, perhaps even alarming, but those who grow to love them appreciate them considerably. The giant spider is watchful and cunning, seeing more than what is simply in front of it, and can produce a fine silk that they can weave into extremely simple accessories.

Giant Wasp* - Like having two familiars in one, the wasp is both fiercely protective and vicious and incredibly loyal to its owner. It would gladly sacrifice itself to preserve those it loves (although this is a difficult task given its sturdiness and the fact that most creatures keep their distance), but its mind is so alien to the Kimeti that its affections and motives can be difficult is not impossible to fathom, and it is not exactly a pet that enjoys a good cuddle. In the wild the wasp lives in huge populous nests, and no one is sure what makes some of them decide to replace their hives with the companionship of a Kimeti.

Humblebee - These fuzzy insects are hard-working and loyal, with a love for beautiful things, especially flowers.

Lynx* - The lynx is a powerful, agile hunter, and although it is unusually independent for a familiar, its aloofness should not be mistaken for a lack of affection. The bond between a lynx and its owner is among the strongest possible.
note that these were originally on a different template, which has since been retired.

Marine Iguana - Despite its fearsome appearance and aggressive behavior towards perceived threats, the marine iguana is actually fairly docile. It mainly eats algae, occasionally supplementing its diet with other plants and even crabs. It is also a powerful swimmer, using its flattened tail to dive quite deep. It isn't as affectionate as other animals, making some question why you'd bother bonding to one at all, but some kin find its squashed face and gnarled hide charming.

Marshfowl - Cock or hen, these wild birds are aggressive and territorial, but if you can manage to tame or capture one, their eggs are delicious and they can make a tasty snack.

Mongoose - The mongoose is a clever and fiercely loyal animal, and is highly valued for its ability to retrieve tasty tree snakes from high in the canopy. A mongoose and Kimeti team working in tandem is an impressive sight, and some of the more well-trained mongooses can retrieve up to ten snakes an hour.

Owlcat - The owlcat is slinky, cunning, and sly, and although it can be quite useful for running down rodents, it can be a bit of a fight to get it to hand one over. Independent and aloof, owlcats are a subject of fierce division among Kimeti: you love 'em, or you hate 'em. That said, once an owlcat has had time to get accustomed to an owner, they can be quite affectionate--when they want to be. They make horrible noises somewhere between a cat howling and a barn owl shrieking, and one trained to Speak on command can be a fun prank to play on others.

Sea Turtle - These familiars must stay relatively near to the sea, where they lay their eggs, but can spend a certain amount of time on shore before they return to the water. They are serious and considered by many kin to be wise, due to their long lifespans.

Songbird - A popular pet. Although it is not highly intelligent, it can be trained to learn any number of melodies, so that it can sing in harmony with its owner. Some groups of Kimeti have become quite skilled at training their songbirds, and can create quite intricate songs. The songbird is also prized for its beautiful and highly-varied tailfeathers, which are used as decorations and bestowed as gifts of favor.

Sugar Glider - A highly social omnivore that thrives better when kept in numbers rather than singly. Their nocturnal schedule makes them ideal companions for insomniacs and night owls.

Swan - The swan is a lovely sight gliding alongside its Kimeti, neck arched up and wings held aloft. It is popular among beautiful or just vain Kimeti as a sort of living accessory--which is perhaps all for the best, given that its dignity doesn't indicate any particular intelligence.

Tortoise - A sort of mouth on legs, the tortoise exists largely to eat. Their small-brained patience does, however, make them valuable pack animals if one is willing to walk very slowly, leading the tortoise along with a mouthful of greens. There is a certain appeal in the tortoise's trusting, slogging nature, however, and they are surprisingly popular pets.

Tegu* - Surprisingly social, this large lizard will often seek affection and interaction before food, making a loyal and loving companion. It is also surprisingly smart, not to mention curious, which makes it a very troublesome pet - it's utterly impossible to keep it from getting its nose into everything. And then probably eating it, if it smells good.

Watersnake - The watersnake is also a hunting animal, used to drive small catfish from hiding places or to catch the swift fish stirred up by its partner's hooves. Although some can be quite affectionate, the watersnake is usually a more utilitarian pet than a cuddly one.

Other Familiars

With the other storied races coming to the Swamp come their familiars. As the new arrivals integrate, so too do their companion animals. All of these pets are available to be commissioned at any time, and can be used as Legendary alt forms only for their species of origin.

Bats* - Living on underground algae, on plants brought in from nighttime foragers, and on fish caught in underground streams can be strenuous, especially with the large numbers the Zikwa maintain. They are helped, however, by the giant bats that share their caves. These bats form mysterious and unpredictable bonds with individual Zikwa, and will independently bring them food from the outside. They are affectionate creatures, and often rest on their chosen's back, wings draped over the Zikwa's ribs and nose buried in the Zikwa's wrinkled, hairless neck.

Cheetah* - Until recently the cheetah was the exclusive domain of the Kiokote. Time and lessons, however, have made them trainable by Kimeti as well, and as the cheetahs of the farflung plains romance among the mangroves, kittens are frequently available for curious Kimeti--or anyone else who's interested. Cheetahs are bred to hunt and also to provide pace for footraces, and are savage but loyal, tending to bond strongly with only one other creature (Kimeti or otherwise) at a time. To strangers they can be aloof or even violent.

Golden Eagle* - The Totoma's familiar is the Golden Eagle, a huge, vicious beast. Their bond with the Totoma is mystical and celebrated, and it is considered a pinnacle of accomplishment to catch and subdue a fully-grown adult. Some prefer to rob an eagle of its hatchlings as soon as they start to fly from the nest and fall to the ground, but this route is generally frowned upon as cowardly. One can offset this idea by doing it when the mother eagle is supervising, if one is suicidal.

Sand Dog* - The sand dogs are also hunting animals, brought down with the Acha, but their designated purpose doesn't keep them from being as snooty and vain as their owners. Dainty and a bit timid, sand dogs are valued more for their beauty and usefulness than for their affection, although some do come to be quite attached to their owners or to other dogs.


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Open familiars can be bribed in custom threads, posted in CC threads, or RLCed, and may occasionally at the originator's discretion or request be available for giveaways or other events. They are not available as initial Legendary forms [but can be achieved as alternate forms] and do not appear on the front page as an official familiar.

Originated by Gaia user Roadkill

Originated by @elvy. Ears up and ears down versions both open.
Jackalope version not open.

Originated by @Tiarana

Originated by @space crawfish

Originated by @SilverShieldwolf

Originated by @blue

Originated by @Ende
Acha-oriented; ask permission for other Kin. RP may be required.

Originated by @fluo
Wall-eyed Furbodies are open permission. Odd furbodies are in closed species.

Giant Slug
Originated by @Anhelisk
Giant slugs, like real slugs, are hermaphroditic. Any slug can breed with any other slug as a result--no gender specifying is necessary.

Hermit Crabs
Originated by @HuniPi
Spikey shelled crabs are in closed species.

Originated by @blue
Jellyfish breed asexually, so all jellyfish breedings are 'mystery parent' breedings.

Originated by Gaia user EchoLimaFoxtrot

Originated by @Anhelisk
Breedings between two ladybugs have a 10% chance of producing a rare Stag Beetle.

Originated by @sheepcakes

Originated by @Muffinsbaby

Originated by @Jun
Winged version not open and will not breed true except for Jun.

Originated by Gaia user Appeal
Minibears must be attached to a kin rather than just username. Permission for a minibear is granted automatically when a kin completes a SOLO RP with the following prompt. Minibears can breed without permission but cubs must go to a kin who has completed the prompt.
(click to show/hide)

Originated by @blue

Originated by Gaia user Appeal

Originated by @Anhelisk

Originated by Rejam

Originated by Gaia user Gryphillian

Originated by Gaia user [A.V.]

Originated by @Prolixity

Whale Sharks
Originated by @anemosagkelos
Whale Sharks come in two varieties: rugged (left), a sharptoothed predator, and gentle (right), a toothless filter feeder. Found by Breach at the oceanside, they primarily enjoy the open sea but have adapted to float in the air as needed.
Whale sharks must be attached to a kin rather than just username. Permission for a whale shark or breeding is granted automatically when a kin completes a solo RP with the following, appropriate prompt. If two of the same type of whale shark breed, there is a 1/3 chance that an offspring can be of the other type.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Originated by @blue
Note there are two types, soft and fierce, and either can be commissioned.
Breedings for wolves are open once the following RP prompt has been completed:

(click to show/hide)

*originator refers to the first person to request, commission, or win the pet lineart.


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The following familiars are semi-open. They are usually available for breedings, sometimes with a caveat, but are not available for bribes or custom requests without permission from the originator. This extends to mystery breedings, which require permission, as they're basically semi-customs. They may, however, show up in events at staff discretion. Their appearances will be uncommon, and they can only be achieved as Legendary alternate forms with the permission of the originator.

Dragon (two types)
Originated by @Anhelisk
Due to their conflicting nature, no kin may bond to more than one type of dragon.
Dragons of all kinds may glow and spit glowing venom. Can be bred without permission.

Feathered Serpent
Originated by @Ende
Feathered serpents only produce between 1 and 2 offspring.

Originated by @Astraea Pandora
Breedings need permission.

Guinea Pig
Originated by Gaia user Soliloquy in Aria
Breedings need permission.

Originated by Gaia user lostandtold

Originated by @elvy
Antlers pass on with permission only; 1/3 chance.

Originated by @Anhelisk
Can be bred without permission. All offspring will be female unless permission is given.

Odd Furbody (Long, Octo, and Lamprey)
Originated by @fluo
Odd Furbodies can only be commissioned during the spooky months of October and November.
Besides each other, odd furbodies can also breed with regular furbodies. There is a 1/3 chance the baby will be odd.

Originated by @Muffinsbaby
The only way to get an owl is to RP with Muffins & Perfect.
Can be bred without permission. Owls only produce between 1 and 2 offspring with a 1/10 chance of a 3rd one. Bred owls must be given to a kin without an owl.
A kin can own no more than 2 owls (with the exception of Perfect).

Spikey Shelled Hermit Crabs
Originated by @HuniPi
Spikey shelled crabs do not breed true, unless you have permission from Huni.

Stag Beetle
Originated by @Anhelisk
Stag beetles bred together produce stag beetles; when bred with ladybugs, there is a 50/50 chance of ladybug or stag beetle.


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These familiars absolutely cannot be bribed, and will not be given out again in events. They can, however, be bred to produce more offspring.

Originated in Tain event, can only be gained through an RP of at least 500 words with a kin who owns a crow about a barter or exchange for one.
Crows cannot be bred.


Spectral pets can breed with regular, non-spectral pets. The chance a baby will be spectral will be 1/3.
Mystery breedings with ghost/spectrals will always be with non-spectral parents.

Demon Hound
Originated in Tain event, can only be gained through breedings.

Spectral Foxbun
Originated by Gaia user Prima Aria, can only be gained through breedings.

Spectral Owlcat
Originated in Halloween event, may show up in future events.

Spectral Bat
Originated in Memento Mori event, may show up in future events.

Spectral Cheetah
Originated in Memento Mori event, may show up in future events.

Spectral Crane
Originated in Memento Mori event, may show up in future events.

Spectral Eagle
Originated in Memento Mori event, may show up in future events.

Spectral Hound
Originated in Tain event, can only be gained through breedings.
note that these were originally on a different template, which has since been retired.

Spectral Turtle
Originated in Memento Mori event, may show up in future events.

Spectral Wolf
Originated in KINtober 2020 event, may show up in future events.


Rise & Shine Tribe Only!
Not open for breeding without permission.

Originated by Gaia user Appeal
Shuppie babies fight, with only the strongest surviving.
Breedings produce 1 baby with a 50% chance of a second.


« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2021, 11:22:07 AM »

Fire Salamander
Originated in Fire Festival Event, may show up in future events.
(click to show/hide)
Fire Salamanders come only in these colors and breed only at staff discretion.

Water Salamander
Originated in Below the Surface: Summer Event 2019, may show up in future events.
(click to show/hide)
Water Salamanders come only in this color and breed only at staff discretion.

Ice Salamander
Originated in the Winter Market 2019 event, may show up in future events.
(click to show/hide)
Ice Salamanders come only in this color and breed only at staff discretion.

Fertile Salamander
Originated in the Festival of Abundance 2020 event, may show up in future events.
(click to show/hide)
Fertile Salamanders come in these colors and breed only at staff discretion.



Slimes are functional beings, some are more obedient than others. All share a few simple traits, they can grip onto fur, neatly holding onto a kin like a limpet, they can consume small items of waste, be it food or objects and they are almost indestructible.

PURPLE – Storage Slime. These slimes can be used simply as storage, very sticky, with strong adhesive properties, and they can hold more than the others.

RED – Warm Slime. These slimes keep things warm and are very handy egg incubators for Acha eggs, often used to transport a clutch when needed. If something needs to have its heat retained these are the slimes that are most useful.

WHITE –  Cold Slime. These slimes keep things cool, potentially forever. Need something stored in a cool environment in the heat of summer? These creatures will do it without damaging what is placed inside them. They rupture when over-filled.

BLUE – Water Slime. This slime can transport liquids. This slime draws fluids into its structure and then can re-exude them as required. They function well as water skeins. They rupture when filled with too much.

GREEN – Acid Slime. Destructive and concerning, these slimes dissolve whatever is placed inside them over time. This is a very useful means of waste disposal and can be used to dissolve almost anything. As always, they have an upper limit to what they can contain. Mercifully they can never be large enough to contain a kin.

BLACK -  Tar Slimes. These slimes are attractive but smell unpleasant, and they stick to almost anything. If they can be persuaded to hold still, they can also be used to glue objects together temporarily. Unlike the others slimes, these can split up into various smaller parts of a whole that can re-form later.



After getting this 1 px pet, for a short time, at least, it seems that they move in with some friends -- in addition to the Most Difficult Familiar I've ever made, you also get a Very Complicated Accessory Alt Form of your kin infested with....er, hosting a party for its new companion! You cannot get this alternate version officially certed, but you are welcome to use this itemshop uncert as canon!

Anyone who missed out on the raffle for this FANTASTIC opportunity has the option to get their own semi-custom flea and hosts their own little flea party via the new Token - Fleas in the Matope Quest Token shop. Just understand if it takes some time for us to fill your request, these new familiars are sure hard to color!