Kindness To Others
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Author Topic: Kindness To Others  (Read 333 times)


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Kindness To Others
« on: April 17, 2020, 10:40:04 AM »

He wasn't sure what had drawn him here, to be settled in front of these young ones. He recalls hearing two bucks talking about this place, about how it was a daycare of sorts but he hadn't been certain about what a daycare was. What he'd known is that they weren't against the help of others and it was perhaps why he'd done as he had.

Why he was right here, right there, just now. Settled in front of the small group. He was listening to them shuffle as they tried to get comfortable, or were they merely impatient? He shook the thought off and tipped his head a little.

"There once was a young kin who was simply roaming, with no true destination in mind, with no goal. This kin believed he was young because he felt no ache in his bones or joints, but this kin, he had no memories of before. He had no memories of his parents or even his childhood. Any others he crossed seem to not know him." Lost paused a moment and offered the young ones a small smile.

"Most others he crossed were kind to him, offering to share in what they had, offering him a comfortable spot for a night or two and the kin with no memory often accepted these offers willingly; that is, he accepted them, so long as he could offer something in return and, usually, that something tended to be either his help with gathering a few things or, if there were younger little ones around, a bit like you, he would tell them a story.

Not all kins were welcoming to this stranger, however. But the kin with no memories did not fault them this. He could understand that welcoming a stranger into their home could be an uncomfortable thought. It could have led to a world of trouble. After all, a kin without memory could be anyone. It could be someone with a dark past, just as it could be someone hiding their identity but, just the same, it could also simply be a stranger in need of help."

His gaze roams the quiet faces of his audience and Lost nods to himself, even as his little companion settles more comfortably along his back. "He did not judge these others that did not let him in, he accepted their reasons and went on their way. He spoke no ill will of them and told himself that their reasons were their own; arguing would lead to lost time and lost time was not a friend most of the time.

One day, however, this kin with no memories came across another kin—a kimeti—that looked hauntingly familiar. The most likely explanation was that they had crossed paths at some point but it had likely been a brief meeting as he would have recalled them. His past might have been a blur, but the kin with no memories could remember the faces of all the kins that had ever been kind to him.

He walked closer to the hauntingly familiar one who was struggling to move a log. It was hard to know what was behind the log but it was clear that the kimeti was exhausted. The kin with no memories offered help and while the kimeti offered him a look that spoke of uncertainty, he accepted the offer, if grudgingly. Together, they were able to push the log away and, from beneath it, a hole became uncovered.

From that hole came a soft, keening cry and, eventually, a little one that bore a clear resemblance to the kimeti itself. Aware that he had done a good deed but that the father and child duo likely would not wish for him to stay around, the kin with no memories walked away without waiting for a thank you because they were unnecessary."

He could hear the slight bit of grumbling from his audience and Lost found himself chuckling softly, "Think of it this way; be kind to others, even though they may not be kind to you. One day, these others that have turned their backs on you may need your help and it will be on them to accept that they were in the wrong to judge you too quickly.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself."