The First Snow
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Author Topic: The First Snow  (Read 355 times)


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The First Snow
« on: April 13, 2020, 11:47:26 PM »
He'd already told one story to the kin earlier, about the kind kin with the unusual antlers, but this was different it seemed, and he was curious about this difference. So far he'd only heard more serious, somber stories being told and it made him thoughtful. He sat there wondering if he had any he could share that were more light hearted. To lift others spirits. Finally he was moving and making his way forward, and turned to - hopefully - face the gathered kin before he started to speak.

"The first time snow came to the swamp was a strange time. No kin knew what to do with the cold stuff that lay all over their lands and in their trees, and made their plants and food die. That made them cold from barely touching it and due to the winds blowing across it, chilling them to the bone. Many grew sick, and many perished. But most lived, and thrived. They learned of the enjoyment of the snow.

The first kin to go on the ice was met with laughter as they lost their sure footing and went sprawling, spinning 'round and 'round with their legs splayed out. It was said they looked like the flowers that spin from the trees when the blossoms drop. Others thought it looked like fun though and stepped out onto it on purpose to go spinning around, and soon many learned how to stay upright on the ice and to slide around on it, and as they got better they got faster, and began to slide circles around others, making it look like they'd always been one with the ice!

Others played in the snow as they got used it, rolling it up with hooves and kicking it at one another and playing chase through the snow, tracking one another from the hoof prints in the snow. Though there were so many the real trick was figuring out which were new, and which were old. Which were friend, and which were foe. Or better yet, which were prey that they could hunt and bring back for food.

Those who got used to playing in the snow became skilled hunters in the snow, and managed to hunt even in the harshest, coldest time, ensuring they were all fed since no one had known to prepare for the snow. No one knew how long it would last either, that first winter was one of learning for all kin. The stories passed down, as did the knowledge, and that's why we can all do those things today, thanks to those first kin who learned, and passed it all along."

Carefully the blind buck picked his way through the crowed, and attempted to make his way back to where he'd been settled, and did just that, legs pulled close as he settled in to listen to more stories. It wasn't the exact same spot, and a kin had scrambled out of the way to avoid being stepped on, and another moved so she wouldn't be stepped on, but none seemed to mind too much, at least. At least, not enough to say anything to him as he listened to the other stories after his own.