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I'm coming to participate!
Helps-Carry brought his gift wrapped in leaves to the gathering and offered it to the blue kimeti doe who reminded him of a dark sky. With a smile he says, "Hope whoever gets this gift enjoys it. It's one of my favorites from my collection. It looks best when shone in the sun." He goes over to where the other kin have gathered, and lies down. He waited to see what would happen next. Looking at all the kin who have gathered so far, he couldn't help but wonder who brought what.

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I'm coming to participate!

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Pattern reluctantly offers his prize. He considers this to be one of his best works yet but resigns himself believing this chance to be worth it. He hums, smiling to himself having now seen his package alongside the rest. What is art without an audience, anyhow? This is good.
Official Art / Re: !!! Official Certing and Database Listings Thread !!!
« Last post by Arashi on Today at 05:11:42 PM »
Colorist's Username: phoe
Mother's Name: The Dragon Whispered
Father's Name:  Leer
Generations of Parents: 8 & 1

Kin's name: Dissent
Owner username: Arashi
Link to uncert: a dragon’s leer

Kin's name: Sneer
Owner username: Arashi
Link to uncert: may be far more

Kin's name: Persevere
Owner username: Moonstone Dazzle
Link to uncert: frightening

Kin's name: Loathsome
Owner username: Moonstone Dazzle
Link to uncert: when paired with

Kin's name: Morbid
Owner username: purplerosesbeauty
Link to uncert: the softest whisper
Roleplaying / Re: [Bless] Motherly Love [System Shock/Cue]
« Last post by Jun on Today at 03:47:56 PM »
She didn't so much dignify him with a response as give him a look, because she trusted that even her idiot son must know she could gut him right now before he could blink, if that didn't mean she would have a lot to explain to Once when he actually came back.

And also because she loved him or whatever.

"Well," she snapped (her tail lashing rather irritably despite herself), "since it looks like neither of your little heads are working, I guess we don't have to worry about accidental babies."

Roleplaying / Re: [bless] The Air You Breathe & Mare
« Last post by fluo on Today at 03:24:26 PM »
Look-See woke when a wet nose brushed against her exposed belly. She rolled over in a defensive position, her hackles raised and was spitting outrage. At a treestump. Even in the flox form, she was still hard of seeing. Growling, she nipped at it and turned straight into the kimeti.

Ungraceful, but no one of worth was around. Sensing bone and hair, she snarled ungraciously as she shifted to her mare form, "WHAT?"
Roleplaying / [bless] The Air You Breathe & Mare
« Last post by kuropeco on Today at 03:10:51 PM »

She had never had children.

It was a daunting concept; she thought, perhaps, she wasn't made for this at all. It seemed nearly too much to handle on her own, though others had done it before her, and before her mother, and so on and so forth. It wasn't as though she had any real say in the matter; things had just happened, and now she had to learn to live with it.

Still. A life she had not expected to live.

Air dipped her nose to the ground, sniffing the leaves, brushing aside a few fly bitten ones before straightening again, head cocked slightly to the side. Her heart did not seem to want to settle properly, no matter how she tried to convince herself otherwise.

Official Art / Re: !!! Official Cert Dropoff Thread !!!
« Last post by Jun on Today at 03:09:00 PM »
!! beejoux breeding !!

Games & Events / Re: Word Transformation
« Last post by purplerosesbeauty on Today at 11:15:33 AM »
Games & Events / Re: Word Sandwich
« Last post by purplerosesbeauty on Today at 11:15:09 AM »
"You liked it!" It was less a question than a statement, Lyric assumed everyone liked her music, and the eaglehound's movements were clearly enjoyment. She wiggled in excitement and began to hum a little more, then singing a song. She smiled brightly, enjoying the breezy, silly words.

"We played for hours or days
Dancing all kinds of ways
Swaying in the breeze
And hiding near the trees

You laugh and make me smile
I would love to stay a while
We can look at the sky
Never wondering why

You think I'm very pretty
So I made a sweet ditty
I don't know your goals
But I think I'm having foals!"

Lyric laughed again. She said it aloud! Her little secret.


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