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Games & Events / Re: Nameless Night Concept Contest (ends Oct 24th)
« Last post by Appeal on Today at 12:07:10 PM »
Are you on the square? Are you on the level?
Username: Appeal
Preference List Pale Doe, Pale Buck, Dark Doe, Dark Buck

Kin Name: Thunder That's Breaking
Song Inspiration: Cirice
Concept: Thunder That's Breaking doesn't quite know their place in the world. They are curious and fascinated by the swamp, seeing hope in a word that they've been told has forsaken them.

Kin Name: Close to Midnight
Song Inspiration: Dance Macabre
Concept: Close to Midnight lives on the edge. Fully devoted to the cult, they believe time is almost here. They're close!

Kin Name: Feed Me With Hate
Song Inspiration: See the Light
Concept: Feed Me With Hate absolutely hates their parents, their stupid beliefs, and the stupid swamp. However, they just can't get enough...

Kin Name: Turn Back Time
Song Inspiration: Dance Macabre
Concept: Turn Back Time longs for a time before now, a time before they were a failure to their family and beliefs. They never feel like they can live up to things.

Are you ready to swear right here, right now before the devil?
Roleplaying / Re: [PRP] Seeking (A Dream of Rain/Ferns at Dusk)
« Last post by Prolixity on Today at 12:01:34 PM »
Rain stepped out of the river as the other buck stepped back and bent his head to look at the stone that had been retrieved. It might have been the right one, or it might have been similar enough; either way, his ears came up in a relaxed, pleasant expression, and he said, "Thank you." He laughed a little, and offered, "I'm easily distracted. Not hard to startle me. No ill will." He looked the other male over, a quick flicker of a glance at his bright patterns. "What brings you here today?" he asked, a casual inquiry.
Roleplaying / Re: [PRP] Girl Talk (Sylph x Nightmare)
« Last post by Appeal on Today at 11:39:02 AM »
Nightmare heard the sound of shuffling hooves before anything else. As he turned his head expectantly to see Sylph (the only kin he met up with), his body notably jostled and stiffened. His ears lowered and shifted backwards, and his hindleg look a step back as he found the spotlight suddenly on him. There was a doe here, and she knew him?! Was this some sort of... set up? Did Sylph do this? He stood there without a word as the doe stopped in her own tracks. What was he supposed to do? He was exposed here! THE GIRRRRRRL. His red eyes stared her down, and his body reflexively stood tall and his fur fluffed up as much as it could. His body thought this was dangerous, and really wanted to assert itself as large, dominate and scary.

The mini bears looked at Nightmare, and then looked at the doe. They were sniffing the air, approaching the doe. She smelled familiar.


All the bears agreed. Where was the fish?

The doe spoke, and Nightmare was confused even more by the words. He wanted to question things but no sound came out. He just stood there.
Official Art / Re: !!! Official Cert Dropoff Thread !!!
« Last post by Maxx on Today at 11:22:36 AM »
!! familiar dropoff !!

Roleplaying / [B] Nearly Alive & Guardian of Life
« Last post by Lirilei on Today at 04:06:57 AM »
Nearly Alive had ranged farther than was normal during his hunting and gathering for the tribe. It had seemed like the lands around the Mothborn lands had been picked clean. It wasn't, he was just restless. Tired of the same sights day in and out. So he'd gone further, seen and experienced new things. He'd also found her, the lovely doe he spent more time with than he should have. He knew he shouldn't have been gone as long as he was, that he would be missed, and everyone worries and yet he couldn't bring himself to return any sooner. It was a welcome respite from the daily tribe life he'd lived till then.

It was only when Last Call began to show that he decided he should return to the tribe, and after some discussion she agreed to come with him. He didn't know if she would stay once she'd had their kids, but it was a start, and perhaps she'd grow fond of the tribe, and wish to stay.

He kept her safe on their trip back, and once to the tribe lands, gave her the necessary wing, seed and bone so she could enter freely.

It wasn't until he got her settled in that he realized a very important thing. They needed a blessing. Fortunately, he knew just who to talk to about that.

Naming Dreams / Dreams of Storms [Astro's naming dreams]
« Last post by AstroFuturism on Today at 01:05:37 AM »
There was no rain. The world flashed in a blinding strobe, the sharp smell of the air being rent by bolts that reached down in a neverending dry storm. The world hid from it, and terrified creatures cried tears as the sky cried lightning.
General Chat / Re: Themed kin for social media
« Last post by Jynk on Today at 12:48:24 AM »

For The Ravenous (by blue) for red theme
Name Approved by fluo:
Pet Name: Bitterleaf
Colorist Username: Dizzy_Kat
Kin Owner: Cold Dawn
Owner Username: AstroFuturism
Link to uncert: :D a linkydoo
Official Art / Re: !!! Official Cert Dropoff Thread !!!
« Last post by Ryuukishin on October 22, 2021, 10:41:05 PM »
!! maxx breeding !!

Official Art / Re: !!! Official Certing and Database Listings Thread !!!
« Last post by Aria Starstone on October 22, 2021, 10:36:03 PM »
Name Approved by fluo:
Pet Name: Shimmerfluff
Colorist Username: AMItotic
Kin Owner: First Night
Owner Username: Aria Starstone
Link to uncert: Chickum
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