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Official Art / Re: !!! Official Cert Dropoff Thread !!!
« Last post by Jun on Today at 06:58:20 AM »
!! blue breeding !!

Bribes / Re: Starrys' Bribe And Work List Place
« Last post by Baneful on Today at 06:17:14 AM »

Username: Baneful
Type of Gift:  Any! I'd love anything themed after Winter, Solstice or Fairies, for breeding can use any combination of Pitch, Half Waking, Moonlight Over Water, Moving On, Empty Shell, Cuckoo, Bear, Tragedy, Who and Wonderful that you want!
Stream: Up to you!
Bribe: However many pebbles I have at the time!

Note - These will all be given away, they might not all be at booth but maybe at tribe event after booth time, but they will be given away

Roleplaying / Re: [B] Campfire Couple [Wooden Bones & Roses in Bloom]
« Last post by Araucana on Today at 06:07:12 AM »
Wooden Bones had only just convinced his borrowed fire starter to light up the admittedly rather soaked offering of wood piled into the fire pit. The poor salamander actually shivered and glared at Wooden before slithering into the centre and getting to work. the first hints of flame were just starting to arise under smoke when Wooden near jumped out of his skin as the mare’s voice.

“Motherfather! Sneak up on me like that and maybe we’ll both have a chance to see if there’s really more to this buck’s name than some wacky prebirth hallucination.” He exclaimed before regaining his usual relaxed composure, offering a lazy grin.

“Anyways, hello, my name’s Wooden Bones. And yes, of course! Join us, my mate, Incandescent, has gone for a wander but she should be back soon.”

Really taking a moment to look the graceful mare up and down, Wooden stilled for a beat before throwing his head back in laughter. “Tell me, did I just shout sacrilege directly into the face of one of our Motherfather’s chosen?”

@Moonstone Dazzle
Pairings / Re: Baneful's Breeding Journal >> Updated 14/11//2019
« Last post by Baneful on Today at 06:00:36 AM »

I love Birthright so much and would love to do Birthright x Contour, Barbed x Cuckoo look like they'd also make an excellent bunch of bloody wolves. Unmade and Bloodlust look perf too! I'd love to throw any of them in in coming months if that's ok!


I love samey! Never a problem at all, I'd love to give them a shot and see what unusual things they might throw!
Bribes / Re: Starrys' Bribe And Work List Place
« Last post by Anhelisk on Today at 03:33:41 AM »
Username: Anhelisk
Pet Name: TBD
Pet Species: Rare Pets/Familiars! I'll update this list as I get responses/permission!
Permission: Female Muskies, Stag Beetles, Dragons (both types), Floxes (Astra's), Spiky-Shelled Hermit Crabs (Huni's)
Request: I'd love the theme for the semis to be Pokémon-related. ;) Eeeeveryone loves Pokémon! However, they don't have to be actually based off of the Pokémon themselves! You can do something else from the series too (I got a fantastic set of Pokéball familiars from Corn back in the day).

Notes: Most (or all) of these will be given away, and I'll keep a specific interest in gifting to those without one of the familiar yet! I may keep a couple (particularly of species which I myself don't own yet) which is why it's not listed on your booth prizes form.

I'd prefer these not be streamed publically unless you'd prefer to stream them! The surprise would be so much fun.

Bribe: Up to 400 pebbles!
Games & Events / Re: Favorite Kin!
« Last post by luxluna on Today at 02:40:59 AM »
Orchid's Dark Visage is so aesthetic. luv her

Games & Events / A Name Game!
« Last post by Scaramouche Fandango on Today at 02:25:10 AM »
Here's how this game works: this is a game where we chain names by finding words they have in common. Position doesn't matter, and if you really can't find anything, you can fudge it with plurals or conjugations of the word. Conjunctions totally count!

As an example of what I mean, if this isn't clear enough! A short name chain: Half Truth -> No Half Measures -> Have No Fear -> Fear Of The Dark -> Pile Of Secrets

I will start with Strange Creature.

Official Art / Re: !!! Official Certing and Database Listings Thread !!!
« Last post by luxluna on Today at 01:48:14 AM »
Colorist's Username: Starrydance
Mother's Name: Sightseer
Father's Name: Be A Dear
Generations of Parents: 1, 1

Kin's name: Nebulous
Owner username: luxluna
Link to uncert: greenie

Kin's name: Not Worth the Tears
Owner username: Gl!tch~
Link to uncert: blue boy

Kin's name: Sleeping on a Sunny Day
Owner username: LOLTERNATIVE
Link to uncert: banana boy

Kin's name: Sun-Sniffer
Owner username: luxluna
Link to uncert: dad's kid

Kin's name: Before Sunrise
Owner username: LOLTERNATIVE
Link to uncert: moon-tail
Official Art / Re: !!! Official Cert Dropoff Thread !!!
« Last post by Ryuukishin on Today at 01:29:30 AM »
!! araucana growing !!

Naming Dreams / Re: Nasha’s Names and Stories
« Last post by Nashawryn on Today at 12:53:16 AM »
The Call of Blood and Fear

Drip drip.
A sound, so quiet it almost isn’t heard.
It comes with a smell of iron.
Blood in the air.

Drip drip drip.
Another sound, a soft moan.
Or maybe it’s a muffled scream.
Fear on the wind.

They call out.
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