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Baneful Swampmaster

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860 (1.139 per day)
3836 pebbles
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Still here.
Glasgow, Scotland
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Kin Journal
Post count 1: You Posted! Post count 1: You Posted! : Earned for posting at least 1 time.
Post count 250: Gabby! Post count 250: Gabby! : Earned for posting at least 250 times.
Post count 10: Chatty! Post count 10: Chatty! : Earned for posting at least 10 times.
Post count 100: Talkative! Post count 100: Talkative! : Earned for posting at least 100 times.
Dream Writer Dream Writer : Earned by writing at least one Naming Dream!
Server Booster Server Booster : Earned by nitro boosting our server on Discord!
Journal Maker Journal Maker : Earned by creating a journal to track your kin!
Kin Artist Kin Artist : Earned by drawing art of any kin!
Kin Count: 1 Kin Count: 1 : Earned by receiving your first kin.
Kin count: 4 Kin count: 4 : Earned by receiving your 4th kin. You're no longer a newbie!
Kin Count: 10 Kin Count: 10 : Earned by receiving your 10th kin.
Kin Count: 25 Kin Count: 25 : Earned by receiving your 25th kin. 1/4th of the way to 100!
Kin count: 50 Kin count: 50 : Earned by receiving your 50th kin. 1/2 way to 100!
Puzzle Hunter Puzzle Hunter : Earned by completing any forum Puzzle Hunt!
Species: Acha Species: Acha : Earned by owning at least one Acha!
Species: Kimeti Species: Kimeti : Earned by owning at least one Kimeti!
Species: Kiokote Species: Kiokote : Earned by owning at least one Kiokote!
Species: Totoma Species: Totoma : Earned by owning at least one Totoma!
Species: Zikwa Species: Zikwa : Earned by owning at least one Zikwa!
Post count 500: Verbose! Post count 500: Verbose! : Earned for posting at least 500 times.
Patron Patron : Rewarded to anyone who is a current Patron of Matope.
Snoop Snoop : Obviously, blue caught you snooping around where you shouldn't.
Date Registered:
May 31, 2019, 11:10:02 AM
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June 25, 2021, 10:14:53 AM
Last Active:
June 22, 2021, 11:09:47 AM