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The scent of smoke, or perhaps even incense, captures the attention as it wafts from a newly opened booth.
Seeming to have appeared overnight and quite late into the festival the area is brimming with bright red winter berries adorning the glimmering frost laden leaves of several bushes. The willow tree under which the booth resides has had its branches parted down the middle and tucked to keep them out of the way until the festival ends. The tendril-like branches glistening with a whisper of winters kiss. It appears nature has done the decorating for them all its own.

Three enchanting does, each with their own gift to share, stand awaiting the festival goers.

"Welcome." A warm voice calls. "Are you ready to see what fate has in store for you?"

The beckon is inviting, eliciting excitement in some and perhaps trepidation in others. Who knows what this trio does indeed have in store.


On a chilling fall night when the moon hid itself from the land and the swamp was as dark as obsidian The End and Blood Moon Lullaby met.
From that meeting their beautiful children were born.

Their time together has ended, but from that end comes a new beginning.
That's where you come in.

This will be a 48hr themed naming contest for the two bucks above.
The theme is darkness, endings, the moon, the void, death, madness, etc.

To Enter please fill out the form below and post it in this thread. After 48hrs space crawfish and I will close the thread and judging will begin!

Code: [Select]
[b][color=purple][b][i]I want to stare into the abyss..[/i][/b][/color][/b]
[b]Which Buck are you trying for:[/b] White/Purple
[b]Name of Kin:[/b]

You may enter for both but only win one.
(Just post an entry for each buck if entering for both. This can be in the same post.)

Their siblings are named Land's End, Pandemonium, and A Night With No Moon (This is the twin of the darker buck).

Good luck!

(Contest Ends 9/27/19 at 8:30pm PST)


It wasn't too hot thank the Motherfather. He was ready for the summer to be over with. Totoma didn't usually enjoy high heat. Too much fur. Too much Toto.

The rainbow pelted male trundled slowly down a shaded path and blinked against a rogue ray that threatened to blind him.
He couldn't be ungrateful, he really did love it here. Coming from the mountains was a shock to the system but with time he grew to feel like he was part of the swamp, that it was a part of him.

And now he was bringing children into the world. It wasn't his first, and likely wouldn't be his last, but they were all so important to him.
His parents had been, less than loving given his strange coloration, but he would love his own children.

He wanted them to have every chance to be strong, to be happy..

Archives / .:|Bloody Hearts Naming Contest|:. OVER! WINNER Pg. 2
« on: September 05, 2019, 04:27:09 PM »

Weighs Hearts and Blood Moon Lullaby met one another beneath a dark moon. The result is the beautiful kids above.

But one of these darlings needs a herd.

Starry and I would like to share this dark gift with someone in Matope. The contest is a simple naming contest, for the doe above, in the theme of Egypt/The Moon.
The rest of the kids will be Jackal Heart, Sacred Promise, Eternal Judgement, and Our Sacred Dead.

This contest will run for 48hrs 24hrs from opening. Starry and I will then decide the winner.

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Accidentally closed this early. The contest ran for 24hrs.

Marketplace / Golden's Flowers for all Occassions.
« on: September 02, 2019, 03:24:55 AM »

.:|Coming VERY Soon|:.

Below the Surface: Summer Event / [SWP6] (Rolling Mist & Bruise Sweet)
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:46:46 PM »
With the official fishing event over, some kin have been inspired to try their hand with Lady Luck and the hungry watery inhabitants. Branches wrapped with strong vines and polished stone hooks line the shore. Owlcats nearby corral hermit crabs and there's even a turtle shell full of small live fish for bait options. The stranger who walked and disappeared into the waters is back again, this time offering a prize for the largest catch.

Since these fishes are considerably larger, one kin will hold the branch rod while another will be needed to throw a net of woven leaves over the fish as it gets closer to the shore. This means that you cannot do this RP solo; you must have a partner.


Part 1: Adding the bait to the hook

Each of you rolls 1d4. If anyone in the thread rolls a 4, you successfully hook your chosen bait. Repeat until you succeed. Hermit crabs are snappy and the small fish are slippery. Use this code:

Part 2: Casting the line

Each of you rolls 1d6. If anyone in the thread rolls a 6, you successfully cast your line into the waters. Repeat until you succeed. Use this code:

Part 3: Hook, line, and sinker

Each of you rolls 2d6 (2 6-sided dices). Teamwork makes the dreams work. Roll 2 6-sided dices until you get the same roll in a row (e.g. 6,6 or 4,4) Repeat until you succeed. Use this code:

Below the Surface: Summer Event / [SWP5] (Moss-Flower)
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:20:06 PM »
Overnight a large swath of tanned hide is hammered onto a tree in the central clearing. An unknown name glyph is signed at the bottom left corner. The corner curls in from water that has been splashed on or maybe they're tiny claw prints of some kind. It's a bare bones map of the surrounding area used for the festival with the tree as a starting point. Like any decent pirates map, a giant "X" marks the spot where the treasure lies. Crudely etched in shapes of fish, produce, and a happy face with horns surround the "X." Do you and your friends look for buried treasure and if so, what do you find?

Moss-Flower was trying to find her way. She'd gotten herself a little lost and wasn't quite sure where she was at. This mini vacation from her Tribe to soothe her wanderlust was finding her in some absolutely peculiar situations so far. And the thing that stopped her in her tracks looked to be the next one on the list. The doe cocked her head to one side and raised a brow quizzically. What on MotherFathers green earth was this? The sound of wings pulled her from her stare and she gazed upwards to spot Whisper coming in for a landing. The Crane landed gracefully upon her back, fluffing feathers and cocking an eye at Moss-Flower in a familiar manner. "Well, nice of you to join me. Found yourself a nice fish dinner, hmm?" The Crane blinked its bright eyes and looked off into the distance, though the full crop told her that she was correct. A rumble from her stomach broke the silence. When was the last time she'd eaten? Thinking back she couldn't recall. Breakfast certainly hadn't been much to speak of. Berries mostly.

The map caught her attention again and she found herself drawn to it. From the markings she gathered it was a way to find treasure. Obvious enough. But was it a trap? If she followed it would she be lured into some kind of Caiman den? The happy looking face thought seemed a little off for a murderous band of vagabonds or a loon trying to feed other Kin to Caimans. Her gut didn't tell her to run so... why not? She was already lost. Might as well have herself a little adventure along the way. The doe cocked her head this way and that, trying to memorize the map before she headed out. The tree was her starting point so her next landmark should be... the boulder!

Soft steps as her hooves crossed the earth, the area was truly lovely, fresh and green and welcoming. She wasn't sure if it was her imagination but she thought she heard laughter somewhere in the distance. As strange as it was she didn't feel spooked. Though with the sun not yet asleep, providing plenty of light to the area, this was likely why she felt so unperturbed by phantom laughter. Reaching the boulder she began to search for the next landmark. Her gaze scanning the foliage until.. Ah! There! Two trees that looked like they were bowing to each other. She scampered over, a smooth stride so as not to disturb a sleepy Whisper who was still riding on her back. There it was again! Was that laughter? This area didn't feel haunted or spooky. It was rather bright in fact. Her gaze furrowed as she scanned the distant foliage. Huh. Maybe she really was hearing things. Ok, block it out, where to next?

The landmark was a large pile of fallen logs off in the distance and nearer to a thick line of greenery. It appeared the more open land turned to crowded woods here and it was too heavily populated by trees for her to see much through them, especially from where she was currently standing. Best get on the move. Treasure awaited! She chuckled softly. "Just my luck it will be more fish for you, I think I saw a fish on that map." The Crane seemed not to mind the idea of more fish, though was far too sleepy to provide any sort of response at all aside from resettling its feet now and again in order to keep a grip. Sleeping on a moving bed wasn't the easiest feat to be sure.

As Moss-Flower reached the logs she stopped abruptly. There. She definitely heard voices. From where she couldn't be certain. She still couldn't see through that thick line of impressive looking trees but she'd soon find out what was on the other side as her next landmark led her through them, a mark on a tree that pointed inward. Taken a deep breath, almost hesitantly so, she held it for only a moment before she took her first step forward. "Well, come on Whisper. No guts. No glory."

All she could see was leaves and branches. She was blinded by plant life. Pushing her way through she disturbed her companion who blinked awake suddenly, took flight in a flurry of feathers, and grumpily squawked the entire way. Rude! What a terrible bed. "Sorry, Whisper." The doe grimaced, taking a branch to the cheek and leaves to the eyes. What on earth possessed her to do this? This was madness. The deeper she waded into the dark green foliage the more she thought about turning around and calling this quest over. As she was ready to do so a bright beam of light broke through the darkness and she winced against its brilliance. What could it be? A renewed sense of purpose filled her and she found herself crashing through the remaining branches with force.

This was how she skittered out into an on-going feast. The laughter stopped, the Kin who were chatting paused and gazed at the spectacle before them, no-one said a word. Moss-Flower blinked against the warm firelight, a brilliant bonfire where fruits and fish were being roasted. There were leaves laden with delectable looking fruits, vegetables, meats, and bowls of special drinks. It took her a moment to gain her bearings but that was when she realized. The Feast was the treasure! Clearing her throat she smiled sheepishly. "I.. I found your map." The faces of the Kin softened, some laughing in good spirits and some calling a welcome to the newcomer. She was invited to join. What a wonderful discovery! And just in time to fill her empty belly. The growl was becoming a roar. A flurry of wings beating above and Whisper alighted on a fallen log not too far from her. Obviously already well aware of what was going on and ready for another nap. This time on a less wiggly perch.

Biting into a delicious piece of ripe fruit she sighed happily. A small group joined her and the stories began. Not all treasures could be measured in physical possessions. Some were experiences. And this would definitely be a moment she would treasure always.

Below the Surface: Summer Event / [SWP4] (Moss-Flower)
« on: August 24, 2019, 06:21:42 PM »
Kin everywhere are frolicking in the water or lounging by the shore to catch a tan or nap.  It's low tide and the mangrove roots are sticking out above the surface. Curious kin look closer to find out the skeletal remains of a foreign creature. Some are older than others, but some are very recent. What could they be?

The pale doe was happily sunning herself on the warm, grassy bank. The sun was high in the sky and with this beautifully cool summer breeze whispering by its heat wasn't overpowering. She closed her eyes and tilted her face skyward. Could the MotherFather make a more beautiful day? The answer was likely yes but probably only if they needed to show-off. It was fantastic. Blinking against the bright day she gazed out over the water and spotted a large gathering of young kin surrounding a mangrove. From the excited chatter, the mix of curious and unnerved looks, and the way they had stopped playing all-together it looked to be serious. Giving a gentle sigh she hoisted herself upwards and onto lazy legs. They certainly felt like they would have preferred to remain lounging in the sun, she didn't blame them. Giving them, and her whole body, a shake she set off towards the group of kin to see what was causing such a stir.

Excited whispers, giddy squeals, and wide gazes greeted her as she got closer. "Come now. What's causing such a fuss?" She inquired, her gaze trying to catch the eyes of anyone who could pry them from the scene. One youngster looked at her, his little mouth agape, and simply shook his head. I don't know. It seemed to say. Moss-Flower felt concern blossom in her chest and frowned softly. Moving in closer she peered into the mangrove for answers. Carcasses. Or something like it could be seen discarded beneath the roots of the mangrove. But carcasses like she'd never seen before. What on earth could they be?

It took her a moment to really see what she was looking at. To take it all in. Her mind puzzled over the.. well wait now. Not carcasses. Shells? No. More like skins or casings. Some of them were so old they had almost completely disintegrated, some were halfway there and had collapsed, the fresher ones gave her her best clues. They were split at the top, split open, like something had outgrown them. Wait. The legs. There were eight of them, long and spindly. That was when she realized what they were. "SPIDERS!" She yelped. "Everyone back up. Get away from the tree. It's a spider nest!"

No sooner had she said it than a giant, wriggly body descended by spidersilk down from a branch to land on one of the many roots. It raised its legs defensively to screams and shrieks of tiny Kin. Though the fear soon turned into an excited game as the spider refused to leave the tree. They shrieked with laughter as they bounded away, chasing one another and riding the adrenaline of the moment out away from the danger. Moss-Flower stepped back a bit to give the spider space. Many eyes regarded her carefully, mandibles maneuvering in its jaw as though ready to make use should she foolishly get within reach. That shiny body made sense. The fresh exoskeleton must have been this ones.

The cream colored doe smiled and inclined her head forward respectfully. "Well, now. That was a bit too close for comfort." Smiling, though not unwarily, she turned and trotted away. Mystery solved. Though she would definitely be keeping an eye on the young ones. She wasn't going to get anymore of a nap in today. Not after that anyway.

Below the Surface: Summer Event / [SWP3] (Moss-Flower)
« on: August 24, 2019, 05:42:34 PM »
A mysterious figure with a bundle on their back is kicking fruit into the water. Their makeshift satchel wiggles. There's something inside of it- whatever it is, it's tiny and has four legs. The kin turns to you, its smile blinding and alluring. It turns back to where they were staring and walks calmly into the water to never resurface again.

A crowd gathers in shock at the absurdity of it all. Where did the kin go they all wonder.

Moss-Flower watched carefully from the shade of the swamp. Her eyes tracking the movements of the Kin as he kicked at the fruit. His behavior seemed odd, to say the least, and she felt a shiver of disquiet run the length of her spine.
Especially when she felt his gaze upon her.
Those eyes spoke volumes, something other-worldly, and she felt a story bubbling up from the recesses of her memory. What was it? An old, old story she remembered her elders telling her at the great tree.

'The Wandering Trader'

Her ears perked upright and she had to stop her mouth from falling open. It was him. She was certain of it. Though she never believed she would see him with her own eyes. To be honest she thought the stories had been false. Fantastical tales to soothe a restless child with an overactive imagination. But here he had been. And she wasn't the only one to have seen him.
She stepped forward carefully towards the place he had been standing not moments ago, her softly glowing gaze scanning the area for any traces that she hadn't been dreaming. And yet here were the signs. The hoofprints. And there, in the water, orbs of fruit bobbed and rolled across the waters surface. Offerings to the underworld.

It was said that The Wandering Trader traveled between this world and the next bringing treasures, creatures, and foods between them. His appearance foretold that something new and undiscovered would soon find its way to Matope or that something had been taken. And, with the little legs she'd seen wriggling about in the basket, she had a good idea as to what it might be. She remembered her Grandmother telling her that to receive a smile meant good fortune and long life. Though if one were to approach the Buck,with a mind to try and haggle for his exotic wares, it could spell disaster and misfortune would certainly follow a Kin for the rest of their days. Or worse.

She felt her heart beat steady and strong in her chest, excitement flushing across her petite frame like a warm summer breeze. It was really him. And this was one of his portals. It looked just like a normal pond. Smooth, glassy, dark, with thriving green plants and algae. But it was almost unnervingly still. She only now realized there were no frogs here, no insects darting about or kissing the surface for a drink, and no fish. The fruit remained floating about the ponds surface. That too sent a chill. Fruit was an offering to the portals gatekeeper to open and close the gate. It was only enough for his own passage between portals. To follow him would see a Kin trapped in the otherworld forever. Never to return.

Moss-Flower blinked and shook her head. Goodness. She was becoming quite morbid about the entire thing, a silly little filly. Maybe it was just a kooky kin trying to hold his breath for as long as he could. Any minute now he'd pop his head up and laugh and splash his fellows. The thought made her smile faintly. She stood at the edge of the pond and watched. The fruit did not move. No creatures could be seen or heard returning to the still water and the remaining kin who had witnessed the spectacle seemed to have lost interest and moved on. But she stayed.

Minutes passed, she felt herself growing more and more restless, but still she stared at the water. Half with concern, the other half a growing wariness. Finally she sighed, the water probably connected to another area, he'd likely swum through. No magic portal, no mystical trader, just an impish Buck playing a prank. She exhaled sharply through her nose and began to turn away. Until something stopped her dead in her tracks. The fruit. One by one she heard a strange sound, like when a fish swallows a bug that has come to rest upon the waters surface. Her gaze sliding back she watched in shock as each fruit was pulled beneath the surface. Gone. All gone. The water returned to its former stillness.

The fur along her spine rose in a cold kind of terror. What would do that? Images of great, otherworldly beasts flooded her imagination. Her brows furrowed and she stepped backwards quietly, carefully. Bowing her head in respect she turned and began to walk away at a brisk pace. Better safe than sorry. This was a moment she wouldn't soon forget. Though it lit a flame in her breast. If this story was true, how many others were true? Kin Lore and Storytelling was such an ingrained part of them all. Most tales were fantastical and metaphorical to give understanding to many. But which ones were truly metaphors and which were tales rooted in eyewitness truth that sounded too fantastic to be true but were told as seen? Her head swam. She wanted to know. To find out. This was only the beginning...

Below the Surface: Summer Event / [SWP2] (Moss-Flower)
« on: August 24, 2019, 01:45:27 AM »
One of the nicer days of Summer, the water is the perfect temperature for a group of kin to visit a swimming hole. There's laughter and carefree gossip for a backdrop as kin go for a dip in the water before going back to their sunbathing spots. Rinse and repeat. A shrill yelp is heard --a kin has been nipped in the water. No blood has been drawn, just a perfect imprint of tiny teeth.

Moss-Flower raised her leg carefully up out of the water and blinked in confusion at the tiny, perfect circle shaped ring of teeth imprints on her ankle. Long hair spilled out about her tiny frame, reaching out across the water like silken tendrils of white gold. Her brow furrowed, glowing gaze returning to the now calm water.

What on earth was swimming around in here giving Kin a nasty nip at its leisure? Was it a Caiman? No. It wasn't the right type of habitat for those beasts. She'd had more than one run in with that sort in the past. It was always a good day when you didn't meet a Caiman. So what could possibly give a nip of this sort?

She and Whisper didn't often stray far from the Tribe, her day to day was usually full dealing with the needs of guests and tribe members. It was busy enough to keep her from enjoying much free time anyway. But today was so exceptionally beautiful that she could hardly stay put and, instead, had taken a rather long stroll. The lake was so enticing, with the amount of kin seemingly enjoying themselves was more than proof of that, so she couldn't help but be lured in. Though she was now reconsidering her decision to swim here.

She glanced over at Whisper who stood contentedly preening under the warm sun. The crane ruffled its feathers, blinked at the cream colored doe, and gave a shake. Downy fluff scattering all over the still waters surface. No help at all.

Smiling she returned her gaze to the scene of the crime and lowered her face close enough so she could take a look. The water was relatively clear at this shallow depth so it didn't take her long to find what she was looking for. Searching.. searching.. Ah-hah! There, on the floor of the lake, was a perfectly round circle of stones. Tiny as they were she could still see them. But what would make something like that below the surface of the water? Sitting close by was a rather perturbed looking fish. His grumpy little face more than answered her inquiry. "You poor darling. Have I stepped in your home?" The does soft tones chimed as she chuckled and bravely tested her theory. Just in case something more dangerous was the actual culprit.

Waving her hoof over the circle gave her all the proof she needed. The moment her ankle passed the barrier the fish darted towards her, mouth open, ready to give a chomp to the intruder. She didn't need another bite to get the message. Hopping back she watched the fish circle and come to rest in the middle of its territory. Eyeing her as if to say it would be happy to remind her with a swift bite any time she needed.

Whisper lifted lithe legs and strolled over. That fish looked mighty tasty if a crane might say so. And Whisper would happily say so. Ready to pounce Moss-Flower clicked her tongue. "Come on, my darling. Lets leave this brave soul alone. I'll find you a bigger fish on the way home." Whisper watched Moss-Flower as she turned away, giving the fish in its stone circle another eye before seeming to reconsider and following gracefully after the gentle doe.

Maybe next time.

Below the Surface: Summer Event / [SWP1] (Rolling Mist)
« on: August 24, 2019, 01:11:38 AM »
Your kin happens across a break of tall swamp grass to spy freshly dug up eggs shining in the sun. Soft upturned earth with tiny muddy footprints surround the area. One set is different than the others and a path clearly goes towards the watery banks. Your kin follows it curiously -- straight to where a caiman lurks.

The footprints were curious, he'd seen Caiman footprints on a couple other occasions but these.. these looked different. He was absolutely no expert on animals but he could feel his curiosity peaked by such a unique find. Maybe it was foolhardy to follow a set of footprints off into the swamp, especially when eggs were about, but he couldn't seem to help himself and the allure of perhaps meeting a friendly companion was simply too much for a buck with such a good nature to refuse. He lowered his head, gaze following the little steps along, as he quietly crept forward across the muddy ground. He could hear the swamp burble in its murky bed and the croak of a frog nearly gave him a start. It watched him with bulging eyes, judging him he thought.

Silly thing. Silly him for being so jumpy maybe.

Mist grinned cheerfully at the frog which ungracefully turned its body and sort of splatted into the water. He wondered if frogs cared what anyone thought or if they happily went through life oblivious to the opinions of others. He thought them rather funny creatures, charming, if not a bit ungainly. Probably more like him than any other creature. He certainly wasn't the most graceful so he chose not to judge. The footprints disappeared then into the water and he stood, perplexed, brows furrowing as he puzzled out what on earth it could mean. Though all his questions were soon answered as a pair of eyes appeared from under the water, the lenses sliding quickly across shining predatory eyes as a snout soon followed. The hiss was enough to send him reeling backwards with a yelp. CAIMAN!

If Mist could have screamed he would have. Instead he toppled gracelessly backward into a thick muddy mess of reeds and earth. His ghostly pale pelt coated with dark brown splotches and tangles of weedy flora. But he didn't care, the mess didn't concern him. The Caiman did. And here it came. Mouth open to flash rows upon rows of terrifying teeth. That hiss was spine tingling.

Mist slipped and slid and flailed. Finally he managed to yank himself out of the mess and away he flew. But he ran straight into the nest. Despite his terror he couldn't smash the eggs and so, in a glorious leap of mercy, he vaulted over the top of them and smacked straight into another muddy mess. He was absolutely coated by this point. An honest to goodness spectacle of a Kin.

The Caiman, seeing that her nest was untouched, gave another snap of the jaws and watched. Waiting for him to have the guts to come back for round two. Mist was happy not to oblige her. With a second round of slip-n-slide the male managed to hoist himself up and away from his second mud bath of the day. Sheepishly, and with quite a lot of shame for his own foolishness, he grinned a bit back at the Caiman as if offering an apology for disturbing her, and high-tailed it as far from the nest as possible.

What a way to start the morning.

Roleplaying / [Bless] By Starlight.. [SH, FTB, RIB] (Transfer from Gaia)
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:48:01 PM »

The night sky was beautiful and the skyfleas seemed to shine even brighter than they had before, or maybe he just hadn't noticed how beautiful they were until now. He could feel a sort of anxious energy welling inside of him, an excitement. He was going to be a father for the first time in his life and couldn't have been more pleased or more terrified. What if he was bad at it? The least he could do was try to give them the best start he possibly could. And if he had to search the entire swamp to do so he was prepared.

The sun broke early the next morning and already Kin were rousing and starting the party over again. Own found himself curled up between some gorgeous Acha Does when he awoke and couldn't help thinking to himself that there could have been worse places to end up after a night of wild partying. What was in the fermented juice? He felt his head pounding against his skull and blinked back the encroaching desire to sleep for a few more hours. His mouth felt dry. He needed a drink. Getting to his hooves he shook the evening out of his mane and offered his lady companions a rather smooth smile and a wink. "All that dancing wore me out. You two professionals? Oh, don't be modest. Round two later. Better prepare to show me some new moves." The pair giggled as he left. Man he loved festivals.

Managing to find some water he hastily had his fill and sighed happily into the crisp morning air, his breath rolling in plumes. The swamp was so peaceful at the moment. The crowd was still mostly asleep with only a few early risers collecting their wits here and there. Suddenly his ears perked and he pursed his lips curiously. Where had Ten gotten to? He remembered seeing him dancing with some equally lovely ladies at one point, at least he thought so, but that juice was just.. the night was such a blur. A fun blur, but a blur. Yawning he kicked at the water a little and turned to scan the sleeping bodies dotted here and there. Where could he have gotten to? He never thought to check around the campfire he'd just left though maybe Ten had wandered off for a little midnight adventure. Smirking, the Acha shook his head. Ah, Fall Festival. You couldn't beat it.

"Blooms!" Called a soft, obviously worried voice through the reeds. The soft blue doe poking her head into them and scanning for something hurriedly. "Blooms come out!" The petite Kimeti searched frantically. Blooms never wandered off, ever. This was the first time she had ever even stepped a hoof away from Dream Songs side. She was a shy, careful little thing. Sort of like her momma. "Where are you?" She stood still as stone and scanned the reed bed methodically, looking for movement. If she was splashing about in the reeds Dream would notice. It wasn't safe for her to be playing there with Caiman possibly lying in wait. Dream began to panic a little, her heart fluttering within her chest like a little bird trapped in a cage. "BLOOMS!"

Without warning a soft giggle chimed from within the reed bed and they shook a little. Dream spotted it instantly and sighed with relief. Thank the Motherfather. Trotting quietly over she snuck up on the little Zikwa, or thought she had anyway, for the moment she reached her the little doe was gone again. A look of surprise crossed her features and she puffed her cheeks out in consternation. What on earth? Then she felt a tug on her tail. "HEAVENS HELP ME!" She yelped loudly in surprise, spinning around to spot the little Zikwa grinning up at her brightly, tail swaying back and forth in mirth. "Well, you certainly got me, didn't you?" The tiny doe nodded and nuzzled her mothers legs. Dream Song gave a soft laugh and lowered her head to return the affection. Children.

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Roleplaying / [Bonfire PRP] The Wandering Woods.. (Transfer from Gaia)
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:35:56 PM »
Into the woods we go..

Gathering wood:
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