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The Winter Market (2020) / [Pop-up Booth] Puzzle Hunt - Dec 26th - 30th
« on: December 26, 2020, 02:00:23 PM »

This winter season is cold and dark, with a star full of skies; turning eyes upward, it's time to explore the distances, to solve puzzles and see what can be hidden in these faraway shapes...

The Winter Market (2020) / [Pop-up Booth] Xmas Wishes - Dec 24-25
« on: December 24, 2020, 03:56:06 PM »

Thank you all for being a part of Matope, and for being kind to each other!

Archives / Rebirth Naming Dream Contest - Ends Monday Aug 17
« on: August 14, 2020, 06:47:05 PM »

Ende and I got these FABULOUS Ryuu-made kin from a breeding between Willow's-Breath and Dust-to-Dust!
The back two have already been assigned out (the doe is Last Breaths of Summer and the buck is Broken Bellow).

The front doe, though.....

For a shot at winning the front doe, all you have to do is between now and Monday, August 17th, by midnight EST, post in this thread with a name idea. Names involving breathing (or failing to breathe) in some way will get extra bonus points!


Code: [Select]
[b]Kin Name:[/b]
[b]Other Info:[/b] If you have a personality idea or a dream, include it here!

Marketplace / WTB: ART!
« on: August 14, 2020, 02:32:25 PM »
While I have it, I'm offering pebbles for literally any art anyone draws of my chars. I'll offer 25 pebbles for a sketch, 50 for lined work with flat color, and 75 for anything shaded.

I would like art of ANY of my Kin, but especially of Badgerlock, Nettle, Willow's-Breath or Light in the Night (click to go to their profiles):

I would also, if you prefer humanoid, love art of Cove, Ever, or Beau (click to go to their profiles):

This thread is open for as long as I have pebbles to give out, and I am not being selective; if you draw me art, I'll send you pebbles. No need to ask, or approve, or anything. Art = Pebbles!

It's been a while since we had a classic, randomized madness mixer event -- and at the moment, I'm ITCHING to do some unedited breedings. So let's take these two things and shake them all up together...!

I'm opening up this unedited mixer thread for as long as I keep my free twin unedited breedings event open. Each person can enter one buck and one doe; there's no blessing or RP extras, but each breeding will come with a base of 3 babies, instead of the usual two, one of which will be a twin. You can enter edited or unedited kin, but all babies will be unedited.

Some breedings will be selected by me, to make pretty pairs that I like; some will be completely random, letting the dice cause some crazy chaos.

Please use the form bleow to enter your one buck and one doe:

Code: [Select]
[color=green][b]Owner Username:[/b] your username
[b]Your Kin:[/b] [url=http://your kin's matope-swamp.com/ol URL][img]http://your kin's CERT url[/img][/url]
[b]Throwbacks:[/b] If so, please link (from matope-swamp.com/ol) up to 2 ancestors of your kin for potential throwback edits / markings / colors, on one line without line breaks.
[b]Personality Blurb:[/b] 3-5 word description of your kin. Hey seriously keep to 5 words, this is exactly the same form as the CC thread btw.
[b]Their Type:[/b] Be aware that for mixer kin, anything goes - but we might take their "type" into consideration.[/color]

(click to show/hide)

Storytelling / Winter's Fury
« on: May 25, 2020, 01:20:46 PM »
Badgerlock was not much of a storyteller, but that didn't mean he lacked respect for the art form -- it didn't mean he lacked knowledge of what it meant to tell a story, and the importance of doing so. And so when he was asked to tell one, he hesitated just a little bit, his shoulders rolled, his expression went resigned....but he nodded, and settled in, and went quiet for a moment as he struggled to come up with the right words.

"Once there was a buck -- or, really, maybe he was more of a colt -- who thought that all the swamp's problems were carried on his shoulders, and that somehow, he held the key to solving them." Something settled in his voice as he told the story, Nighteyes shifting at his side, slowly folding himself up at Badgerlock's feet to wait out the rest of this tail. In doing so, he provided a warm, comfortable reasurrance against heavy hooves. Badgerlock only shot him the briefest look before he settled fully into his story.


The swamp's problems were his own, and he decided this because of two things: the dreams that sometimes plagued him at night, nothing like the straightforwardness of the one that named him, and the word of a...a friend who thought he could achieve anything. Perhaps his friend's words were meant to encourage him to find his own path, but instead this buck took them to mean he had a great destiny that he had to find, follow, complete. There was a great task he had to achieve, before he could find peace.

The probem, of course, was that he had no idea what the task was. His friend couldn't help him, and his friend was flighty anyway; a fool who followed his own business, and was rarely around long enough to offer much more than a cryptic statement. He was a fool --

this was said fondly, though, without judgment

- and fools make good friends, but kin learn either quickly or painfully not to rely on them.

What this buck needed was guidance. He needed a leader with a purpose of his own, someone with a great destiny he could step in to take on as his own, a master who could use him as a tool to enact the change he was destined to make happen. He needed the head of a great tribe.

So he set off across the swamp, young and sharp and determined, and explored what it had to offer. He spoke to tribes that fought to bring balance and neutrality; he spoke to tribes that wanted to bring joy and excitement; he spoke to tribes that just wanted to feed the world around them, to leave kin with bellies full and satisfied. But none of these were what he was looking for, which was simply someone who could tell him how to live his life, who could guide him so that he didn't have to guide himself.

Not until he found his way into the deepest, darkest part of the forest, to a place where Winter fought with Summer; a place that was harsh but lush, with a ruler more than happy to take a new tool under his wing.

And so he became a sharp-edged thing, a tool used to cut.

Perhaps he couldn't find his destiny in shaping the swamp, but he found one instead in shaping this small corner of it. When the Winter seized power, he was there to make the transition smooth. He was there to keep a certain kind of order, to make sure no one stepped out of line or stepped into thteir territory. He fought more than he did not, until he became a buck deep-grooved with scars, both on the outside and the inside. They were too many to count, and they did more damage than could be seen.

Time passed. He grew into a buck. His dark coat was streaked through with the marks of what he'd done, and what had been done to him, and even young as he was, he started to grow weary. A buck can only fight for so long before it sets into his bones, and he wanted to lay down the battle, or at least take it back for himself.

A broken tool, though, isn't much use to any master. Winter wouldn't tolerate a weapon that wouldn't cut, and wouldn't easily let go of something that was his. He had the option to mend his buck, to sharpen an edge which had grown dull, or to make sure he'd never be of use to anyone else, either.

The latter was easier. The buck, despite his brutal uses, was still naive in enough ways that he trusted Winter to love him. Winter, despite his gentle moment, was still brutal enough to smash someone to pieces -- as Winter well should be, perhaps. And he kept a plot of poison, mushrooms which thrived even in the cold seasons of his power.

Perhaps he did care more for his tool than either of them thought. If the cut to the buck's throat had been a little deeper, packed a little thicker with poison, it would have killed him. As it was, it drove him down into a deep sleep, until the height of Winter's power melted away into spring again.

And it left a mark.


It sounded like a fairytale; it was, perhaps, his way of separating himself from a more complicated past. As he finished telling it, Badgerlock lifted his jaw to show off the angry old scar along one side of his throat.

Tribes / The Vale
« on: December 22, 2019, 04:53:48 PM »

Most Recent News

1. Purpose of the Vale
2. Joining the Tribe
3. Roles in the Tribe
4. Tribe RPs
5. Application
6. Current Members
7. Contests and Events

The original posts for The Vale can be find here,
including links to all relevant roleplays and contests!

Festival Booths / Deathcap's Magic Mushrooms
« on: November 23, 2019, 06:22:19 PM »

It's been long enough since the last time Deathcap ran a booth, perhaps, that people have forgotten the results of the last one. This is good, she thinks. This will mean she can get more volunteers.

Her expression is a bit sharp, a bit wild, as she takes in the kin approaching. She tosses her head and plays coy, plays innocent, standing behind a pile of assorted mushrooms in every size, shape, and color. Slowly, she nudges just one forward.

"Care for a mushroom? They're better than free -- I'll even pay you for taking one!"

Isn't this always suspicious? And her expression does no good in making it less so.

"All you have to do is eat it, and report back with the results. Simple, wouldn't you say?"

The Haunted Grove: Halloween Event / PARTICIPATION AWARDS
« on: November 12, 2019, 06:10:59 PM »
This is a simple thread, looking for those people who participated in any part of this event, but did not receive a prize.

This thread is intended for people who participated in the Haunted Grove, aka any of the five main prompts or Werewolf or Trick or Treating or any combination thereof, but did not win any prize in this event. Prizes include kin or familiars from all five raffles, the werewolf/furby threads, and colorist mini events in the sub groves such as the Skeletal Breedings, Fortuneteller Breedings, the Russian Roulette, or the Familiar Rescue.

If you won nothing from this event, we want to fix that. Everyone should walk away with SOMETHING. Please use the form below.

Code: [Select]
[b]Your Username:[/b]
[b]Event Participation:[/b] Please tell us which events you participated in, this event!
[b]Favorite prize from the event:[/b] what was your favorite kin or familiar prize?

General Chat / Winter Art Exchange 2019- Deadline Dec 20
« on: November 08, 2019, 10:05:01 AM »
Signups close on November 15th at 11:59PM EST

WINTER HAS COME (almost) and with it our traditional exchange -- with a twist!

Instead of doing a card exchange this year, we're doing an art exchange. This will be like the gift exchanges we've done in the past, where each person is assigned one giftee, and you have to give exactly one piece of art, receiving one in return. This art can be anything you like; it can be a physical piece of artwork, or a digital piece, or you can commission an artist to create something for the person, if you don't feel your skill level is up to the task. The only requirement is that your art must be matope related. It should be a drawing of, or something inspired by, one of your giftee's kin, whatever that might mean to you -- whether it be a goat drawing, a watercolor piece, a humanized version of kin, or some other form of art like jewelry or other items inspired by the color scheme of their favorite kin.

We request that you please create or commission something you would be happy to receive -- aka, don't just draw a stick figure, don't scribble out something quick. This isn't about skill level, but about effort and thoughtfulness.

As some of these pieces of artwork may be physical, people may want to send the original copy of their artwork to you. If you're willing to receive physical mail, please mention that in your form.

Disclaimer: If you did not send out cards last time you participated, you will be excluded for this round of exchange.

Deadline to deliver your artwork will be December 20th.

To Join:

1. Send an email to MatopeSanta@gmail.com with the subject WINTER ART EXCHANGE 2019 with:

Code: [Select]
Username on this forum:
Username on discord:
Address: (this is optional, but if you do not include an address, you cannot receive physical pieces)
Favorite kins that you own:
Are you likely to send a physical piece of artwork?

2. Please also respond in this thread that you are entering and your favorite kins that you own, so that we can easily keep track of and match signups!

The Winter Market / Giftbox/Bag/Pile Stocking and Claim Thread
« on: November 08, 2019, 09:50:46 AM »


Every five days during the event, we'll be stocking  this category in the forum shop with a supply of 0-1 fancy gift boxes, 2 regular gift boxes, 2 gift bags, and 1 box pile. When we do, we'll announce the restock in this thread.

Each Fancy Box will cost 100 pebbles. Each Regular Box will cost 50 pebbles. Each Box Pile will cost 30 pebbles. Each Bag will cost 20 pebbles.

When we stock the shop with a new batch of Giftboxes / bags / piles, we'll post in this thread.
We'll also post an announcement in #announcements in our discord.

Games & Events / Corrupted Wishes
« on: August 22, 2019, 10:05:44 AM »
This is a fun little storytelling game; each person makes a wish, and the person after them will post "Granted -- but...."

For example:
"I wish I had a new car."
"Granted! But it's a lemon and it won't start."

I'll start us off with:

I wish I had a million dollars.

Games & Events / Movie Alphabet!
« on: July 31, 2019, 12:09:21 PM »
Let's see if we can make an alphabet of movie titles! Basically, post a movie that starts with the next letter in the alphabet.

I'll start with Airplane!

General Chat / [media] Music thread!
« on: July 24, 2019, 05:18:34 PM »
I love hearing new music, and I think other people do as well. This is a thread to talk about music, or to share any earworms you might have.

At the moment, I'm moderately obsessed (again) with Belle & Sebastian's God Help The Girl.

Games & Events / Word Sandwich
« on: July 24, 2019, 05:13:37 PM »
I LIKE WORDGAMES. Here's another one!

I'm going to post a two word phrase. The person after me has to take the second word and turn it into a two word phrase of their own. The person after that takes the second word and makes a two word phrase. And so on, and so on, and...!



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