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The Festival of Abundance had mostly died down by this point, but there were still kin seemingly keen for more merriment.
Opportunistically, Rise and Shine cheerfully ushered remaining festival-goers closer to the tribe's stomping grounds for an extended afterparty.

For a small trade, one could enjoy salted preserved delicacies, fanciful drinks and various culinary pleasures stacked close by.
One could even trade a performance for coughing bean drink, which would significantly lengthen one's night-time carousing...

As they mingled and played, talking about their hopes and dreams, the Swamp too dreamt...

I'm reviving Maxx Day Month Mock Breedings & Mixer 2019 (MDMMBM?) for a big ol' 2020 celebration into pride month!
I (and maybe other colourists ooo) will be making mock babbies from 16 May to 16 June 2020!

What's a mock breeding? It's a breeding where nobody gets preganant but kid(s) that look suspiciously similar to the 'parents' pop up.

Here's the gimmick for...MDMMBM??: the pairs I'm asking for and that I will mix need to be same-sex pairs.
Have plotted sweethearts? Bring 'em out!
Have kin who want more 'babies' one way or another? Bring 'em out!
Accidentally made fling plans and realised the other kin is not the opposite sex thanks to a stray horn or beard? Bring 'em out!

Archives / Maxx Day 2020 Frankens 24h Free Raffle! (Results p4!)
« on: May 16, 2020, 10:49:22 AM »
Last week's stream was a victory of democracy - y'all created Surprisingly Tasteful Maxx Day Frankens for 2020!
Of course, that means I had to tamper with the results* in time for Maxx Day Month's actual Maxx Day.
Here's an inflated count of Maxx Day Frankens by way of twinning your popularly-voted kin! Now that's win-win!

(*is joke, I will never tamper with results. Weird frankens are totally on you guys.)

Anyone can enter this Maxx Day Franken free raffle! There are no requirements besides loving them.
Will you prefer your voted-for coral kio and ballet zikwa? Or be swayed by the same-but-different kio corral and zikwau ballet? Only I will be interested in the results!

This raffle will end in 24 hours, 11am PDT on 17th May 2020. Please post your ticket(s) before then!

To claim your one (1) free ticket, please post the form below:
Pref List: coral kio/ballet zikwa/kio corral/zikwau ballet - you may put as many or as little as you'd like, but you MUST have an order of preference! Ticket(s) without clear prefs will be rerolled. D8
Code: [Select]
[color=darkred][b][size=18pt]MAXX DAY DIVIDENDS FOR [YOUR USERNAME][/size][/b][/color]
[b]Pref List:[/b] coral kio/ballet zikwa/kio corral/zikwau ballet - you may put as many or as little as you'd like, but you MUST have an order of preference!

If you suggested/voted in the frankenstream, you can claim another extra ticket!
Please post the form below alongside your free ticket form:

Code: [Select]
[b][color=teal][size=18pt][YOUR USERNAME] VOTED![/size][/color][/b]Please only claim this ticket if you were voting in-stream, I will be double-checking with my records from last Saturday.

Thank you all so much for playing along with all the Maxx Days in Matope! Here's to more ungulates in our future!

Roleplaying / [B] Soon [Distant Thunder x Pale Rook ]
« on: April 07, 2020, 07:32:23 PM »
Having a particular sense that his Motherfather-given duty would be calling today, Distant Thunder had gently nuzzled his mate a tender goodbye at dawn, travelling inwards from the sea, past sand and the prickly brush to arrive in the thick of the swamp by late morning. He had taken it easy for the first few hours, ambling about with trust in his instincts that would guide him to whoever it was he sought, and had even taken a few fruiting berry sprigs along the way in his wait.

Now it was late afternoon, and the sprigs in his mouth were decidedly somewhat more wilted than before after having been carried around in the hot midday sun. Distant Thunder, in all of his self-assured confidence, was starting to feel somewhat concerned about the lack of appropriate kin he had encountered thus far. He had intended to start on his journey back to the seaside by sunset, but his day turned out to be scheduled in a far less convenient way than he had hoped.

Perhaps he had been enjoying his journey too much, picking up bits and bobs while assuming his goal would be fulfilled soon enough. Perhaps he had been meandering too much for his unknown target to find him. If wandering around hadn't worked out, perhaps it was time for him to sit and stay.

Somewhat consterned, Distant Thunder plonked down heavily on some mossy ground, and morosely started on the deflated berry twigs. He would just have to find something else to bring to Distant Tidings later.

Roleplaying / [B] Rhymes with [Rasp] [& Distant Thunder]
« on: February 20, 2020, 03:00:07 PM »
It took a while to track that increasingly familiar sensation, but soon enough Distant Thunder galloped up and smiled winningly at the buck, who only betrayed his surprise by stepping back slightly from the kiokote with intensely glowing eyes invading his space.

It also took a while of mindless grinning before the buck queried with a raised brow, "...yes?"

"You're pregnant," Distant Thunder said with great enthusiasm.

"No." Rasp said, unimpressed.

"No, I mean you and the doe that you laid with," he said with great cheer, "congratulations!"

"Which?" Rasp said, his voice raising in genuine bafflement.

"Oh," and the kiokote deflated somewhat, "er...I'm not privy to that information, but I am aware that your..uh...seed has taken...root...oh it's odd to say this to a buck in this scenario."

"Oh," Rasp said, mildly disgusted by the manner of which he decided to convey this information, but also cooly blithe, "frankly, I don't give a damn."

"You should," Thunder said with slight menace to his voice, and much menace in the way his large frame advanced towards the buck, "give a damn about my time and effort finding you."

Rasp was a callous buck, but not a foolish one. His next line was considerably lighter, and more charming.

"Ah, then would you be so kind as to give me your favour?"

Distant Thunder turned to the skies and called out to the Motherfather, feeling a little like he should tattle on this Bad Buck, "GREAT MOTHERFATHER, PLEASE GRANT THIS BUCK'S CHILDREN HEALTH AND GOODNESS, TO SURVIVE HAVING THIS POMPOUS ARSE AS A SIRE"

He backed down with a smile that was similar, but distinctly different from his first.
"You're welcome!"


Roleplaying / [SOLO] The Mistaken [Bitter End] to a Long Furby
« on: February 11, 2020, 01:12:15 PM »
There was something in the eyes of that creature - that she learnt was the ungainly relative to the 'furby,' as opposed to "a hairy caveworm" as told to her by an earnest and bewildering doe - that touched the ever-wild part of her, invoking the familiar sense of primal fear and despair. Bitter End was no stranger to those feelings, having held it within her for as long as she had known, as long as she had feared, and accepted death. As long as she had accepted those shortcomings, fearing and accepting death.

Fearing and accepting the will of the Motherfather, and the vagaries of swamp life, ever lurking to life, ever lurking to die.

And she was but one of those creatures, ever lurking to live, and die, however she could. And so, she had recently accepted routine and mild interest in the vagaries of life, than to contemplate the meaning of it, and the meaning of death. After all, her good friend had returned, eyes glowing, form renewed - it was easy to slip into routine, and carefree roaming.

It was remarkable then, that this particular terrible, furry, lengthy monster, had touched that primal part of her again, its eyes cocked and wild, its vacuous expression complete with that sturdy, dangerous, beaked maw. It was the caveworm that captured her acceptance of death, and it was this creature that reminded her to respect her fear of it.

She had told her good friend about it. Sleepless was as fascinated as she had expected, but they had yet to find another in the wild quite yet. Her good friend could be patient, she knew, but Bitter End herself was perturbed by the inability to show her, to share that primal knowledge that was the long furby.

Little limbs, but soft. Little limbs, as strong. Little limbs, no less terrifying as the little limbs she knew as a caveworm, but no longer a carapace - hairy, warm, muscled. Perhaps even more terrifying. She felt it in her bones, to the ends of her little limbs, as she had scurried away from the scene. Unsettled, fearful, intrigued, confused.

She had blasphemously said that it was the Motherfather's mistake. Yet, here she was, proof that...perhaps...the Motherfather made no mistakes.

The Motherfather merely made.

And she was but one of Her creations.

Furry, soft. She had her scales, but her core - furry, soft. Scared, but terrifying. She had scared does, bucks, foals and grown kin. Little limbs, she knew the feeling. Little limbs, wriggling. Her soft core, stretching. Untenable, terrifying, strange. Primal.

She looked down.

Little feet, soft, terrifyingly prehensile. Her stomach, furry, furrier than her own soft belly. She clicked her jaw, it clicked, but not in that reptilian way. Not quite mandibles. She clicked more, then realised it was the familiar click of a beak, that sound she'd heard from twittering songbirds, soaring eagles, and...

They were not the only ones with beaks.

A furry 'caveworm' ready to pupate.

She did not realise perhaps it was her, who was ready to pupate.

A primal rush of fear woke her from the dream, and she felt alive as she gasped for air, having fallen into the marshy pool in Sleepless' patch of swamp.

So the Motherfather had chided her.

The long furby is no mistake.

Bloodborne and Revive had a great clutch of scaley stunners, including this ferocious beauty that you could win!

All you have to do for a chance to win her swoonsome self is to tell us
her (prospective) name and if she were an actual dragon, what she would hoard!

There is no naming theme, but her brothers are named Syndrome and Effigy if that might help you along!

Please post your answers with the form below:
Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] [ name here ]
[b]If she were an actual dragon, what would she hoard?[/b] [ your answer here ]

This contest ends 28 Jan 2019, 11.59pm PST - Wander and I will be judging the entries after closing.

Thank you very much! \o/

Festival Roleplaying / [6LR] The Sun Also Rises x Sky Fell In
« on: January 02, 2020, 01:01:11 PM »

The Sun Also Rises' interest was piqued by the sight of kin stumbling over each other in the distance - he was a grown buck, father figure to many, yet still a young buck inside (but not too young, he had been an unbearably moody foal).

Most of the festival's crowd had relocated there now, and their booth's traffic had lulled some. With hopeful eyes, Rise's head turned to his long-time best friend.

"Shall we go see what they're doing, Fell?"

The voice was hopeful, too.

Roleplaying / [B] Fair [Revive/Sleepless]
« on: December 13, 2019, 03:14:22 PM »

Very good, he had thought, efficiently gathering up key herbs and bark, the lot, a fair exchange.

He was feeling it less fair when he had waded into her completely inaccessible little den, what with the marsh and the mud. As he finally lifted his sticky hooves into her overgrown abode, he tactlessly stated his demands with some annoyance, "an offering. Your blessing. Let's make it quick."

Festival Booths / Rise & Shine's Chicken Run (Sold Out!)
« on: November 27, 2019, 07:07:43 PM »


The Rise and Shine tribe's stop is bustling, even without visitors. Across the front of their sprawling space are a few cooking contraptions: a hot slab lifted by rocks, a crude roasting spit with sticks stuck into the ground, and a turtle shell full of fragrant liquid is suspended on rocks above the beleaguered, snoozing fire salamander (evidently the starter of the merry fires that burn below the rest). Most of the hubbub, however, is a sizable flock of chickens in a rough pen that squawk behind, herded by a Totoma (and watched over by a white chicken accompanying him). There is a little gathering of mongeese, quiet, waiting, and mildly judgmental of the chicken noises.


For the first time in the winter festival’s history, the patriarch and his right-hoof buck are present - The Sun Also Rises stands in front beaming, while Sky Fell In critically examines the set-up and adjusts minute details.

"Hullo! Rise and Shine have had a wonderful boom in our chicken population - have you tried chicken? They’re inccredibly delicious, especially cooked with herbs and spices. If you have a little something for trade, you can have a try at the chicken pen. And if you can catch one..."

Rise gets a deeply excited look in his eye.

"...you can have one - slaughtered, and cooked. Chickens are absolutely marvelous."

Behind him cries Pull Through, the totoma, "It’s the circle of life! That’s why you don’t name your chicken! Right, Camellia?" And he nuzzled the white hen.

"Come on and try Rise and Shine’s chicken today - it’s muzzle-lickin’ good!"

(Is your kin looking to join a productive, loving, family-oriented and incredibly delicious tribe?
RISE & SHINE is always open to more members!)

RL Commissions / Maxx's RLC Info+
« on: October 25, 2019, 05:55:09 PM »
Colourist: Maxx
Edits ability: any and all edits + unedited.
Current open slots: slots (now) unlimited and generally always open: slots updated here.
If I'm momentarily paused or might need more time, I'm happy to waitlist requests and check if you're still interested when I'm able.
Please feel free to ask for quotes even if I'm paused - I can do the quote for you and put you on the waitlist if you'd like to go ahead.
Turnaround time: 2-6 weeks pending schedule and details, I will give you a more accurate estimate with the quote.
Email: maxx@citycyb.org - please title your email Matope RLC - Type of Request (e.g. semi/custom kin, breeding or pet) and please keep all RLC requests and follow-up to email, thank you!
For pre-quote questions, email or Discord is OK!
Examples: Maxx-coloured kin at the owner's list here, and select samples below!

Semi/Custom Kin

Monster Hunter's Mizutsune & Carniflora-inspired . EVA 01 from Evangelion . Anhelisk's Goo Girl by death2eden

Lady Gion by Takato Yamamoto . Onryo by tamiart . Nightwalker from Mononoke-Hime

Nudibranch (Chromodoris Elisabethina) . Rock PtarmiganPomeranian by Blacky-moon


Summit warmup by kickingshoes . Sunrise at the Ocean by 8pxl . Constellation makeup (no source)

Haunted by Gawki . Deep Sea Ghost Shark . Influenced 2 by Vincent Pontillo . African Wild Dog

Neon ferns (no source) . Colour Nature by Emily Conte . it's a burger Jim


Pray Harder from Piety x I Will Work Harder . It's Just a Little Crush from She Loves Me x Cicada-Crusher

Bastard from Hellhound x Fosterling . Fading Drowning from Fades to Evening x Lost to the Tide

Unedited (minor gore warning)

Till Death from Love Beyond Death x Running . Hibernate from Wintermint x Sleepyhead

Miscarriage from Thorn x Womb-Grown . Hannibal from Hide the Bones in the Swamp x Prime Cut

Bribes / The Bribe Maxx Thread
« on: October 24, 2019, 09:41:53 PM »

  • I can do both unedited & edited kin/pets/breedings and I can only take a limited number of kin/breeding(s) per month, with unlimited pets
    (given this quota, keep posting in monthly CC threads! I do nab stuff there.)
  • Please don't repost requests and don't @ me in your post. Feel free to edit old requests, but new posts for new requests are also fine!
    With the quota above, I might enjoy your concepts and breedings but not be able to take them, so I'll be looking through old requests each month as well.
  • I will PM for picked bribes so if you're not regularly checking forums, please turn on email notifications.
  • Please host your images anywhere but Photobucket. Saving refs from there is such a roundabout process I'll probably just go away. 
    Kin/pet (un/)certs have to be the original matope URL.
  • Since I frequently pick from the CC threads, I am more amenable to bribes that have my interests in mind - e.g. type of inspo, involving kin I made, freedom of interpretation, level of effort and fun, interesting trades, mighty amounts of pebbles, so on.
    Even so, bribe offers in that vein are not guaranteed to be picked. If there is something you definitely want me to do, I would be more open to requests via RLC.
    Otherwise, please keep posting in the monthly CC threads!

  • Semi-Customs: I freely interpret what you've given me.
  • Full Customs: You make specific requests (e.g markings), up to the entire look of the kin.
    Please state what you want clearly as there are no re-dos or take-backs!
  • Generally there are never any re-dos or take-backs so uh please ensure you want what you post.
    If I suddenly pick up an old bribe you no longer desire, just tell me no. It's not a problem!

Many thanks to the boss and other lovely colourists who have been a literal source of inspiration since I nabbed their forms!

Ascensions / Distant Thunder
« on: July 25, 2019, 11:36:10 PM »

Naming Dream

1. Thunder in the Stars with Tastes Like Summer & Dances with Shadows - wherein Distant Thunder arrives in the Swamp from The Ache, and encounters Tastes like Summer in search of his seafoam dream.
- Follow Your Heart with Tastes Like Summer - wherein Distant Thunder returns from a short excursion to the plains to retrieve trinkets for his coming foals.
2. Xmas 2015: Lick's Icicle Target Toss (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder enragedly chases victory at the Winter Market, and achieves it through sheer determination.
3. Xmas 2015: Can You and Negative's Treasure Flip! (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder's overconfidence and unthinking aggression launches a shell-full of bugs onto himself.
- Xmas 2015: Build-a-Bouquet! with The Friends - wherein Distant Thunder makes a flower bouquet and demonstrates he can't tell between genders for other races
4. Xmas 2015: Super Smash Kin Brawl Deluxe (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder is humbled by a caiman in the fighting ring.
5. Xmas 2015: Deathcap's Magic Mushrooms (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder faces his fears and shame while getting really high on mushrooms.
6. A Seafoam Silhouette with Sleeps Beneath - wherein Distant Thunder's hope in finding his dream's figures forces him to adjust his ideals, and seizes his chance with the second seafoam doe.
7. Rising Tide with Distant Tidings - wherein Distant Thunder finally proactively leaves to the sea, finds his soulmate, Distant Tidings, and everything seems peachy keen.
8. Crashing Wave with Distant Tidings & Shallows - wherein Distant Thunder finds out his soulmate is a buck (from said soulmate's own son), and leaves in rage as Tidings fails to live up to his dream.
9. A Little Help from The Friends - wherein Distant Thunder, with the help of his son and The Friends, realises that even the barest of his stubborn ideals tie him to a petty struggle, and abandons them.
10. Distant Shore with Distant Tidings & Sideways Down - wherein Distant Thunder rescues and reunites with Distant Tidings, embracing the gift the Swamp gave to him.

Story Told: The Rainbow's Seventh Colour

Why Distant Thunder would be an interesting Legendary: Distant Thunder had always lived his life to ideals, since his youth in the plains, and his adulthood in the swamp. He would be bold, powerful, and virtuous: the very model of an ideal kiokote, and he worked and behaved tirelessly to fulfil that ideal. For much of his life, he had been haunted by his naming dream, where he is endlessly chasing a seafoam figure of a kin. Since the Flood and The Ache, he had sought this figure, and unsurprisingly, from his attitude towards life, had built up an ideal of what this figure would be (a beautiful doe), and what his life would be like after discovering this figure (creating a family together).

After finally finding the seafoam kin of his dream and a dramatic fall-out, he learnt to release this notion of an ideal, and embraces what the Swamp has given him. In understanding the unpredictability of life and the Swamp's will, he would be keen to guide kin towards such acceptance...or if they won't listen, put them in their place. One may have to impart the Swamp's teachings differently on different kin...

Storytelling / The Rainbow's Seventh Colour
« on: July 25, 2019, 11:28:12 PM »
Distant Thunder had been watching his beloved Distant Tidings (now rather near, really) tell stories, and he was so very good at them. The tales he weaved were very tall, and the details of them so very rich. Thunder longed to incite the kind of wonder and smiles he visited upon them. Most infuriating yet inspiringly of all, his stories were so precisely created that he was taken in more than once by their lack of truth.
Thunder wanted to give it a try too, and he had mulled over his story for a while, tweaking the narrative as delicately as a thick buck like him could. He'd daren't share it with his mate, not yet, but he hurried to The Friends' territory when he heard his son speak of starving little impressional foals they'd just found. Fertile minds made for good tales, and he was soon heavily sat in front of slightly intimidated little kin before bedtime.

"You may know," he paused for dramatic effect, "of the rainbow."

There was a little foal sigh.

"In any case, it is a story of how the rainbow was formed," he hurried, slightly thrown by the critical looks of a tough crowd.

"In the early times of the Swamp, cranes were watching over various parts of the land, as the Motherfather's watchers. Six of them, all a pure white, were faithful watchers. Without fail, they tracked all their land each day, running through the grass and the plants and the water that -"

"I would fly," said a foal, "if I had wings like a crane."

"Yes," he said, hastily, "but they also run, with their long legs.

"Flew, ran. Both, undoubtedly. In having kept such a close eye on their respective regions of rule, they began to take on the colours in their plots: one took on the red of the soil, near what would be the plains. One took on the warm colours of wildflowers, orange scattered about the grass. One took on the yellow of the sun, beating down the barren lands of what would be the desert. The now-green crane found life quite easy, enveloped by the lush green of the fertile swamp. Another crane, of course, found its hue at what would be the mountains, embracing the chill of ice and snow 'till it turned blue.

The last crane, found its colour in the shade of the trees and little cliffs, turning into a deep purple, like that of the night."

"I thought the night was more, black," said a foal.

"It's purplish, I have seen it," he assured, hastily.

"The cranes met," he continued quickly, "when it rained, for the colours drained out of the swamp and its lands in the grey of the storm."

"They met to report to the Motherfather on the developments in their regions - a new growth here and there, how the little creatures were living, how the plants were changing - all sorts of things. When the rain halted, they flew out together, in a beautiful arc, as birds are wont to fly - forming a stunning band of colour, across the sky. A bower after the rain."

"A rainbow," said a foal, sarcastically.

"Not exactly," Thunder felt triumphant here, fooling little minds - he had been taught from gasping at Tidings' stories that there must always be a twist.

"You have missed one of the colours - there are only six cranes. So you see, the story is not yet over! It has only just begun!"

There was a groan. Thunder hurried on.

"Well, not just begun, but there is certainly more to the story. You see, as the lands grew and merged and split, there was a pond in the middle of the blue crane and the purple crane that was not under either of their watch. It was a little pond, formed from heavy rain, that washed the soil away in a shallow dip that became deeper. With the storms came the plants, and then the creatures, and one of those creatures was a dragonfly. It rested on the pond when the sky was sunny, and noticed that the cranes never quite came to the pond when they made their rounds, every day. When the rain came, he saw the blue and purple cranes depart, and in great curiousity, followed.

"The cranes were surprised to see a dragonfly at their stormy meeting, and the dragonfly brought up its concerns: there was no one watching its pond, in the middle of the blue and purple cranes' territories. In the presence of the Motherfather, the blue and purple cranes apologised verily, and promised to decide whose dominion it was to watch. Pleased by the quick development, the dragonfly continued to report the current situation for their information - algae had grown over the top a little, but had been recently reduced by the arrival of a frog, which let the little fish population within thrive.

"It was thus decided, after a moment of surprised wonder, that perhaps the dragonfly itself, having arrived at the meeting, would be the watcher of the pond instead. The rain had come to an end, and so had the meeting - together, they flew. This time, the dragonfly between the blue, and the purple crane. It would have been a strange sight, this gap between the two colours - had their vivid shades not reflected off the iridescent wings of the dragonfly, and turned into a new one altogether - indigo. As such, the full, true, rainbow, had been formed."

Thunder sat back with much satisfaction as the foals gaped at him, in wonder and astonishment at his tale with many details and a twist ending. They gaped for so long that he was afraid his clever story had broken their fragile little minds.

"...you could see the dragonfly with the cranes flying in the sky?"

"Oh yes of course, with the wings and everything, reflecting colour, all of that."

"...doesn't that mean the dragonfly is really big?"

"Oh yes, massive, incredibly huge, as big as my head, bigger than your head. Have you not seen them? The giant dragonflies?"

There was a shriek, "giant dragonflies bigger than my head?!"

It suddenly occurred to him that in their short little lives, they had not yet encountered the wonderful, giant, monstrous insects of the Swamp, and he had just informed them that such horrifyingly huge creatures did exist.

Illuminations had to struggle to put them to bed, and he gave him very dirty looks. He'd returned to Tidings, who had given him plenty praise after peals of laughter.

Distant Thunder thought that perhaps, he shouldn't try to tell any more stories.


Distant Thunder had spent quite a while pacing angrily through the lands, meandering the heart of the swamp, stewing in the vast ire of his heart that had spread to his hooves. Verily, he could scarcely believe the land not be on fire from his anger, such was the extent of his fury as he splashed aggressively into a river and out the other bank.

The dog had come with. It was a reminder of what has happened, and what was still happening, but some petty part of him thought that perhaps it was the last insult he could hurl at the creature he had sworn never to see again.

Naming Dreams / Maxx Named
« on: July 25, 2019, 10:38:06 PM »
I'm going to have to rearrange this later, I'm sure.

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