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Storytelling / The Muskwolf's Mane
« on: August 15, 2020, 03:55:29 AM »
When the obelisk had a hold on the whole of them, the group of travelers lucid enough to do so would often gather around in a rough circle. Many of them were bloody, beaten, or exhausted, seeking a moment of solace before they were called off again to preform some sort of tedium. And so, the kin arranged an unofficial event. If there was nothing of particular interest to chatter about, they'd tell each other stories, if only to hush the buzzing for a few moments. Cloy would come to listen while she recovered from her wounds, but she never thought up an idea if it came to her turn before she was off. Sure enough, it happened. She tried to back out, insisting that she would be better off hunting something, but the other kin were all too insistent

She took a few moments to think, hoping they would grow weary with her slowness, but she wasn't getting out of it that easy. Eventually, she spoke

"There was once a little Muskwolf. He was as proud as could be, but had the tiniest tail and the shortest legs. Most days, he'd strut around the world with his chest puffed out. But, whenever he came across another creature, he was filled with horrid jealousy. He was as impressive as a mouse compared to almost everyone he met and it filled him with fury. He'd bare his tiny needle-teeth and try to chase down anything more beautiful than he. Despite his stature, he could run fast as a flash. Even if the creatures he attacked tried to fight him off, he'd always get away with a great mouthful of their fur.

"The Muskwolf developed a collection of fur until he'd nearly picked the local animals clean. The creatures were, of course, angry with him. So, with the chill of autumn putting a warning into the air, they devised a plan. They'd go to his den to reclaim their pelts and, to keep him from nipping away at them, they'd weave brambles around themselves. The sympathetic birds helped with their talons, delicately twisting the thorns around the beasts' legs so that they all faced dangerously outwards. Then, with their armor, they went to confront him

"When the little Muskwolf saw the animals approaching, he laughed at them. He'd stolen their coats before and he'd do it again. This time he'd leave nothing behind. That'd teach them a lesson. But, when he dashed towards them, he found his mouth full of sharp spikes. The creatures advanced, heading towards the hole in the ground where he'd stashed his bounty. Though he tried his best, he couldn't fend them off. The brambles kept him at bay as he sprinted around, maw bloodied. Every creature took their turn, scooping their fur up from his stash while he was powerless to stop them

"Eventually, he was left panting and wounded. All the beasts had left his raided home. And, what was worse, they had found a way to keep him at bay. He'd been humiliated, his one claim to pride taken away. As he turned tail to sulk in his den, he made a discovery. Some tufts of the animals' coats had been left behind. It wasn't much, but it was just enough to give him an idea. Going to work with his tiny paws, the Muskwolf gleefully wove himself a collar. The fluffy ring fit perfectly around his neck, giving him an elegant ruff. He was delighted. Though he couldn't steal any more fur, he could now prance around with a reminder to all of when he had a hold on every creature. So strong was his pride that his kits, all sons, bore the same collar. From then on, every male Muskwolf had a mane to show the world how capable they truly were"

Quests / Back Burner - [Quests]
« on: August 06, 2020, 01:29:48 AM »
Things to save for later
Note that just because I didn't put something in here doesn't mean I won't go back for it!

Previous CC prompts to reuse

Old contest entries

(click to show/hide)

Ascensions / Cloy
« on: July 23, 2020, 07:56:19 PM »

Naming Dream / Story
Cloy, while thinking she was one to stand on the sidelines, has found herself the ire of the swamp for reasons she cannot place. Concepts of things such as the will of the swamp and the MotherFather were once distant, but she's had to learn a lot about them to the point where she appeared at an obelisk in person. In doing so, she's had to stretch her ability to interact with others in ways she never intended. She previously envisioned herself as a lone wanderer without the need for company nor anyone who particularly cared about her. It wasn't a sad thought, just a matter of fact. In her travels, she's discovering that she may not be as undesirable as she previously thought. Perhaps she might even be important somehow

Written -
> WP 1, in which the hounding begins (2P)
> WP 2, the swamp will not be ignored (2P)
> WP 3, consider yourself up-to-date (2P)
> Journey to the Mountains ORP, coming along after all (5P)
> Getaway, upon arrival at the obelisk (2P)
> Bloodwant, it insists on death (2P)
> Fighting What Lies Beneath, because hares aren't enough (6P)
> Something Less Eventful, stop fighting for a second (2P)
> Exit, Pursued By-, overconfidence kills (2P)
> Pick on Something Your Own Size, can't touch anything around here (2P)
> Finale ORP, the hounding draws to a close for the time being (5P)

Drawn -
> 2P, just standing
> 4P, lying down
> 2P, lying down, but better
> 4P, with her parents and siblings
> 4P, carrying berries
> 4P, trouble with sticks
> 4P, fighting over a turtle
> 4P, a lil somethin'
> 4P, nice hat

Marketplace / From the Fractured Obelisk [Closed]
« on: June 23, 2020, 06:28:50 PM »

Hey! So, art is my thing. I love drawing Cloy and all, but I wanna mix it up a little :>
If you've got a scene from the Fractured Obelisk event you'd like drawn, hmu here!

Things to note
> I am under...incredibly tight time constraints. This is a poor choice of action
July I will probably be 100% Art Fight, so I'll be trying to do stuff in June and August
So basically, I will try to do all the things, but Idk if I'll actually be able to do them :')
> Art I make here will be cashed in for event shards. As such, it needs to be
viable under the art-shard rules
> I'll do 2 kin per drawing, but I don't really want to do many more than that!
 It's more valuable if they're cropped up into multiple 2-kin arts
> Not doing sketches 'cause I don't really like to
> No pets, srry!

Headshot > 35 pebbles
Halfbody > 50 pebbles
Fullbody > 80 pebbles
Full shading > +15 pebbles
Background > +100 pebbles

Order form
Code: [Select]
[b]Kin included:[/b] (Shoot for 1-2!)
[b]Art wanted:[/b] (Fullbody, shaded, background, etc...)
[b]Scene desired:[/b] (What are the kin doing in relation to the obelisk? You're free to link a rp if you want, just give me a lil info too!)
[b]Price:[/b] (I'll double-check ur math, dw)
[b]Extra:[/b] (Other info? You can delete this if you don't need it!)

Naming Dreams / Speaks the Swamp - [Names]
« on: June 17, 2020, 06:34:30 AM »
Naming dreams for my kin
Totos won't go here because they're cheaters! :v

[P1] Cloy > Cloud Cover > Black Eye > Bonefire > A Curse Without Cause > Core of My Being > The World Aloft > Soft as Snowfall > Crawling in My Skin > Sunburnt > Bottom of the River > Earth > Bound in Shadows > Tear the Stars Down
[P2] Unable to Dream > Pile of Poppies > Field of Flax > Copse of Crocus > Den of Dahlia > This Stands for Ruin > End of it All

Meta / [WP-003] Repetition: Cloy
« on: June 17, 2020, 06:09:37 AM »
She sat, thinking for a great deal of time before she steadily filled her lungs and let out a heavy sigh. Before her was an obelisk. Its pale pink surface caught the blinding sun, sending sharp angles of light spattering across the span fine, red sand that surrounded it. What did the swamp want from her? She couldn't understand why she was being troubled with these dreams and what they meant in the grand scheme. From what she could tell based on the replayed shapes of kin that arrived and solved the surrounding puzzles, these things had already happened. She'd already missed them. Why was it so important for her to know about them now?

She closed her eyes and took another deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Perhaps she had not paid enough attention last time. The second obelisk had disturbed her and she'd rushed to ignore it. There was a chance she was missing something important, but she'd need to keep a level head to find what that was. She'd take the time to clear her thoughts this go around. Maybe she'd glean something useful. Though, as the words ran through her head, she had to urge herself not to scoff at them

Sitting around wasn't helping. Trying not to let her hooves slip on the unfamiliar texture of the dunes, she rose. On the opposing side of the pillar, she could see more of those flat plates in the ground - the puzzle no doubt. Walking a little less than graceful, she rounded the towering rock, trying to keep its daggers of light from flashing across her eyes. Once she could blink them open safely, she looked down at the stones in front of her. There were eleven and most of them were disappointingly blank. She cocked her head at them. How was she supposed to get information by paying attention if there was no information to gain?

The shimmer of a flank, fire-red to contrast with the paler hues of the sand, caught her off guard as it brushed past her. Stiffing a sound of alarm, she reflexively sprung out of the way before quickly righting herself. Spinning her head, she realized the ghostly forms of the dream-kin had abruptly snuck up on her. They were all over now, peering around with the confusion she'd come to expect. She didn't bother backing away from them this time. They weren't truly there and their company bothered her less than the idea of dreaming up a fourth obelisk as punishment for not paying attention to this one.

Still, there was still an overlying problem: it was if she was peering into the past. So, as she watched a hoof placed atop one of the smooth plates elicit a reaction from the attached specter, she worried. For her, nothing changed, but the gathering of travelers grew eager without her. Was she missing something important, she wondered, as she watched them dip their hooves onto the stones in what seemed to be random order? It went on for a long time and the crowd reacted in many ways to things she couldn't see. She tried to listen carefully to the murmurs that followed them, in case they happened to be narrating what they were doing, but it was as if she was underwater. The sounds were far away and seemed to coil around in her head, resisting making sense.

After a while, it seemed the group was on to something. They grew focused, tapping out patterns while others stood off to the side, carefully watching. The slab in the middle was pressed - the only one with a mark on it - and many sets of eyes shot upwards towards the sky. Cloy looked too, but all she saw was blue. And then, she started to remember something she had forgot. These dreams always ended with her falling asleep, after which she would return to wakefulness. It was already closing in, her surroundings painted with a black haze. She took one last sweeping look over the scene in front of her, grasping for anything she'd missed, before her legs crumpled beneath her. She fell into the sand and, seconds later, it all was replaced with black

Meta / [WP-002] Back Again: Cloy
« on: June 13, 2020, 03:48:15 AM »
Scarcely seven days had passed before it happened again. She found herself within a dream. Before her loomed an obelisk, just the same as the first, yet somehow different. Unlike the one that had come before, this was placed alone in a great plane of tall, pale green grass. The blades swayed in the gentle wind, offering an ominous chorus for the black rock that struck up into the sky, no trees near enough to challenge its imposing silhouette. Cloy simply blinked up at it from her place on the ground, her hooves neatly crossed just like she had laid them before falling asleep. Was her mind so occupied with thoughts of the first dream that she'd conjured a second obelisk or was she being hounded by some sort of vision...?

After having the former dream, she hadn't bothered to go looking for a pillar of black rock in the swamp. It would be silly, she thought. There was nothing saying the dream was based in reality and she wasn't one to waste her life away by chasing geese. As such, she didn't know if these obelisks were actually real, towering somewhere quietly and waiting to be stumbled upon. When she would wake from this sleep, it was likely she would continue to refrain from preforming a grand search. But it was safe to say that doubts had been planted. She would have to...dwell on this

Before she could stumble too deeply into thought, she pushed herself up into a sitting position and swung her pointed muzzle around. For now, the fields were quiet, but if this was anything like her previous dream, she expected company. Sure enough, after waiting for some moments she caught sight of a shimmer cresting a distant hill. A collection of kin-shaped outlines made their way towards the only thing of interest jutting out against the sky. As the last bunch hadn't seemed to notice her, Cloy didn't doubt this procession would ignore her too. Regardless, she felt her discomfort rise the nearer they came... Before the two parties grew close enough to touch, she excused herself to a safe distance atop a nearby hill. After settling herself within the swaying grass, she turned her attention back towards the kin to see what they would do

To say it interested her was a stretch. The ghosts loitering by the obelisk, touching this and then that, had little meaning to her. They would solve their puzzle and then she would wake. After a while, they seemed to be tearing at the grass itself, but reality did not bend for the kin, thus she could not fully see what they were doing. The action seemed to hold significance to them, though. They'd ponder, touch some more things, and ponder again. None of it meant anything. Why was she here? Suffering through an odd mix of confusion, apathy, and some other things, she simply plunked her head down onto her sprawled legs and closed her eyes tight, forcing out the strange world. It did not end the dream faster, but it did shut out the ghosts in the field. She was left listening to the gentle whispers of the grass until her body began to grow heavy with sleep. Then, she was finally allowed to leave and reenter the waking world

Meta / [WP-001] Unfamiliar: Cloy
« on: June 07, 2020, 02:14:49 AM »
She anticipated she would be going back. In sleep, she would always go back one way or another. There'd be that sickly sweet scent in the air she'd come to be familiar with and it'd haunt her until she woke. However, the environment around her would often not be the same. The smell could come from anywhere, whether she was in a white void or slogging through a dreamt-up swamp. As such, it was not all that surprising to her when she opened her eyes to see a strange pillar surrounded by carved stones. She waited a moment for the scene to change and, when it did not, she rose to her hooves to investigate

It was unlike anything she'd seen before. The rocks on the ground had runes etched into them, which she could force into looking like a bird or a lily pad, but overall wasn't sure what they stood for. And then there was the thing in the middle - a tall, foreboding obelisk that glinted in the light. She sniffed at it from a distance, but doing so provided her with no helpful sensory information. She skirted around the formation, staring inward at the whole of it. Despite seeming safe overall, she had a nagging feeling in her chest telling her to stay away. For the time being, she listened

And then, the air nearby began to change. There were the sound of murmurs, though she didn't initially see anything when she spun her head towards the sound. Confused, she stood still with her ears held aloft, trying to catch as much sound as she could. Surely the stones weren't talking, were they? In her stillness, she saw a shimmer and then another. If she didn't focus her eyes too awful much, she could see something slithering through the air. They were the shapes of kin, approaching the obelisk and speaking with each other. In their less than opaque state, they didn't seem to be able to detect Cloy standing there, but she took several steps back regardless. She felt as if she was disturbing something... She'd rather just watch instead of get in the way

They ghostly kin paced about, doing this and that to the mysterious rocks. They seemed about as clueless towards it as she was and went on exploring it for quite some time. As she had nothing better to do, Cloy settled down in the grass beneath some shade to observe their progress. She noticed that every now and again one of them would react, as if seeing something she could not. She sighed and laid her head atop her hooves. Whatever was going on, it didn't look like she was going to get a very good explanation

She'd begun to doze (which was a little strange - sleeping within a dream) by the time the gathering collectively winced, as if the sun itself had beamed down into their eyes. She tried to lift her head, as they'd begun to spin around, looking at...something. Her efforts were in vain, though. It was as if tar had glued her jaw to her legs. No amount of fighting would separate them, so she elected to not struggle. She didn't wish to hurt herself and have the injury reflected on her waking form. Besides, the area had begun to grow black anyway, her eyes heavy. She was being slowly drug from the dream, pulled back into the real world. It could have been an elongated fight, with her insisting on watching the ghost-kin for a few minutes more, but that would be tiresome. Cloy simply shut her eyes

Journals / Amidst the Murk - [Kin]
« on: May 10, 2020, 06:16:46 PM »
All kin are open for pairings! Feel free to PM me/hit me up on Discord with ideas
If you have a confirmed pairing with my kin, you're free to put it up for CC at any time : )
Naming journal

[P1] Cloy > Cloud Cover > Bites-Off > Black Eye > Stands-Watch > Bonefire > A Curse Without Cause > Core of My Being > Night-Bite > The World Aloft > Soft as Snowfall > Crawling in My Skin > Sunburnt > Bottom of the River
[P2] Born-to-Wander > Earth > Bound in Shadows > Tear the Stars Down > Unable to Dream > Between-Bleakness > Pile of Poppies > Copse of Crocus > Field of Flax > Den of Dahlia > This Stands for Ruin > End of it All > What You Want Me to Be > Follow the Flood > Color-Dust
[P3] Pending

Introduce Yourself / Heyo!
« on: May 07, 2020, 06:23:27 AM »
Taps my fingers together
I heard there are swamp goats here :> That's kinda neat!
I'm very nervous around RP stuff though, so I think I'm in trouble, uh oh,,,

Anywho, I go by HannahBug in most places (or Hannah--Bug if that one's taken)
I haunt the evolving ARPG scene on DA. Bothering people with my large amounts of characters, as one dones
Links for that kind of stuff will probably be in my sig later, but it's 3 AM right now, so! : )

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