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Roleplaying / [PRP] Fine Feathered Favor
« on: July 29, 2021, 03:58:08 AM »
It had taken a lot of courage for Strange Creature to cross the swamp. She’d traveled mostly by night, sticking to treelines and scrub, but she was here now. Tracking down the Royal Rainbow Troupe wasn’t hard, and as the sun rose above the trees, she found the strength to stand and timidly wander into the camp, looking up and over her shoulder every few steps.

She was so, so tired. She was exhausted, physically and mentally, from being caged by fear. She was tired of the compulsion to watch the skies and to shrink away from open spaces. It physically hurt her to not do the things she’d once loved. She couldn’t explore anymore, couldn’t run and play under the open skies. It almost made her sick to think of what she’d lost- no, not lost. What had been taken from her. She wanted to be herself again, but she couldn’t. Not on her own, and not even with the help of her friends. As wonderful as they were, the specific problem she had was... avian in nature.

Logically, she knew that the eagle was gone, that it couldn’t hurt her again, and that she was home, in the Swamp, far away from the icy treachery of the mountains. But she couldn’t help flinching at every shadow overhead and at every breeze at her back. She felt paralyzed much of the time, just waiting for talons to close around her once more. She needed to reconcile herself to reality, but it was simply impossible to overcome without...

Well, she needed a bird.

Not just any bird. She needed a small bird, something that wasn’t an eagle, and a bird that could help her. A bird that could listen to her and understand what she said. As far as she knew, there was only one kind of bird that could do this, and that was the kind of bird that took a kin’s form from time to time.

Or perhaps it was the other way around.

Legendaries, she knew, could change their shape, sharing their mind with the body of an animal. Their forms were many, but after asking around, she knew of at least one who could turn into a bird– and was friendly enough that he would probably humor what she knew to be an insane request. It wasn’t hard at all to find the legendary in question. Watch Me, she’d heard him called. She’d seen him before at festivals– granted, they’d never spoken or anything, but she’d seen a performance or two. He was hard to miss. There weren’t really a lot of kiokote around with acha scales and glowing eyes.

She waited until he didn’t look busy, then approached. “You, uh. Ah. You’re Watch Me, right? I’m in the right place talking to the right kin?” Her face, haggard and wan, broke into a hopeful smile. This had to be the right kin. Hopefully he would help.


Archives / Go Fish! Winners announced!
« on: March 17, 2021, 12:09:08 AM »

Real Big Fish stood before two of her offspring, staring them down. Her youngest sons, two beautiful boys... who really needed to do something to earn their names. She loved them dearly, but they needed a bit of encouragement. "You know, we're different from every other kind of kin. Our names aren't given to us- the Motherfather doesn't speak to us in that way. We have to grab them, snag each passing chance to act with honor and courage and make our mark on the world. This is what makes us Totoma, the essence of our kind. We earn our names. The problem with this is as follows: I'm sick to death of just calling you "kids." So now it's time to get out there and do something awesome. Now, pay attention, because I, your loving mother, am going to help you with this. Or rather, they are."

She led them to two small pools on the beach. A small whale shark cruised the waters of the one on the right; the one on the left contained a shuppy puppy, splashing about happily. "There's one for each of you. They'll help you figure yourself out. Now come on, it's time to go do something cool."

This contest is a naming contest for a couple of Totoma bucks and a couple of familiars! Each familiar will go with one of Totoma, and must be included in their naming story somehow! Perhaps the tale is a tale of first impressions; perhaps it's a story of hunting excellence. Perhaps the two of them caught a fish this big. Perhaps the creature was just watching or was merely present- it's entirely up to you. Whatever the case, these familiars are loyal and true, friends for life, and there to adventure by these Totomas' sides. You can enter once for each of the brothers and you can even use the same name for both if you really like it, but each story must be different! You can also enter for either the shark or the shuppy, or both. So like, you could do a gray+shark and an orange+shark entry, or you could do gray+shuppy and orange+shark. That's fine! Please keep naming contest entries to a single post- you can edit at will, but it's much easier if you keep your entries together. Also: the Totoma who comes with the shuppy must join The Cres! These Totoma (and their sister) were born by the sea, so it's not like they have to journey there. Shark Totoma can join if they want to, but they aren't obligated.

Also, in case you're curious, their sister's name is (tentatively) Pack Tactics.

Your naming story doesn't have to be long- it just needs to be awesome. It also doesn't have to reference fish in any way! It certainly can, but it doesn't have to. This contest will run until 11:59 PM EST on March 20 BUT if you want to sneak entries in until I wake up the next morning, you are more than welcome to. Winners will be announced on the 21st!

Code: [Select]
[color=orange][size=14pt][b]I chase sharks at sunset![/b][/size][/color]
Kin Name(s):
Shark or shuppy?
Familiar name:
Naming Story:
If I win: Ice on tail/No ice on tail

Code: [Select]
[color=gray][size=14pt][b]I dive deep at dusk![/b][/size][/color]
Kin Name(s):
Shark or shuppy?
Familiar name:
Naming Story:
If I win: Ice on tail/No ice on tail

If you entered for both, please edit your post to contain the following
Code: [Select]
[color=purple][size=14pt][b]I'll try anything...[/b][/size][/color]
But my preference list is (grey, orange) (orange, grey) (I can't pick!)

The shark and shuppy weren't the only thing in those pools. There were fish in there, too! If you'd like to try your hand at one, you're more than welcome to do so. Each day you can roll 1d100. At the end of the contest, the three people who were closest to my roll will win a fish... or one of those dang lizards that's trying to steal 'em! Go on, git! Shoo!

Games & Events / Over/Under
« on: February 24, 2021, 11:26:00 PM »
This is a simple dice game I just made up. To play all you gotta do is guess: will your dice roll be over, or under, the roll that came before? You make a post, you guess over or under, and you roll a d100. Easy peasy, right? The game part is we keep track of the streak that we guess right and see how long we can keep it going. We have to start over when somebody guesses wrong! If you roll the same number, roll again.

Our starting number is...

Roleplaying / [WWP 007- Chilly Gills] Fish Fishing for Fish
« on: January 05, 2021, 07:42:20 PM »
Real Big Fish was enjoying her life on the seashore. The truth of it was, she was happy anywhere there were kin to be near and fish to catch. But the sea held a particular beauty – the open expanse of water she could see from the coast was something truly special.

If only she could explore its depths more thoroughly!

Her shuppy shape was a good one, but shuppies weren’t divers. They were sprinters, or whatever the aquatic equivalent of that was. Great at moving quickly over short distances, but actually fairly inefficient. Too much leg, not quite enough tail. Absolutely perfect for shallow-water cruises, though, and incredibly good for hunting trips. 

As she drifted off to sleep that night, lulled to unconsciousness by the in-and-out murmur of waves, she dreamed of something coming out of the sea. Fish, of course. Her favorite thing to dream about. These were round and fat and small and good, just delightful fish skipping across the surface of the water. Where had they come from? Where were they going?

She woke up with fire in her lungs and a knowledge that somewhere, hiding just past where she could normally swim, were those jeweled beauties. Her lungs hurt, though, which was strange. Almost like they were… dry. Crying out for water. She took a deep breath of the humid air and held it for as long as she could. Which was much, much longer than usual.

Oh hell yes. Without a second thought, Fish plunged into the water. She mentally screamed a quick thank-you to the Motherfather, and dove. Downward she swam, pawing at the water and putting all her strength into the dive. She rolled, pushing as much air as possible out of her fur, trying to make herself less buoyant. Turning her nose to the open ocean, she swam as far as she could, up to the point of exhaustion. She had energy for one more deep dive, and she wasn’t going to waste it.

This was it. The place she saw in her dream. Somehow, she knew there was a reef beneath her. Though the water was dark now, in the summer it would be clear and bright. It would be home to seaweed a-plenty and corals bright and cheerful. But for now, the plants were dormant, the coral… doing… whatever it was coral did when it wasn’t actively reproducing itself. That was beyond her knowledge. Her sphere of Knowing was how the environment fit together, not the inner lives of corals. Taking one more massively deep breath, she dove again, swimming into the darkness…

And seeing exactly what she knew she’d see. The lights of her eyes bounced off of shining scales. Fat, round fish, each one a gem. They were a massive school, migrating like a flock of birds. They were coming to the swamp. They had the dumbest faces she’d ever seen and she was immediately charmed. These were harmless. Not a predatory thought amongst them, content to graze algae off of rocks and bounce and flop, tempting every bird within a five-mile radius. They didn’t need to be sleek or sharp or anything other than what they were- they just needed to be fish. She was so very glad to have found them.

Roleplaying / [Solo] Real Fat Fish... Really! (Real Big Fish)
« on: January 05, 2021, 07:21:22 PM »
Real Big Fish knew she was dreaming. There was water rushing over her gills, and that only ever meant one thing- a shuppy dream. In reality, she didn’t usually feel her gills when she was in her shuppy shape- her brain kind of blocked them out, otherwise she’d focus on breathing, and that was never actually a good thing. If you focused on breathing, you couldn’t focus on other things. Like swimming. Or hunting. But there was water over her gills, and between her pa-



There wasn’t water moving between her paws. In fact, she… she didn’t have paws. No front paws, no back paws, no delightful threshing tail. She tried to probe the back of her teeth with her tongue, but she didn’t… seem to have one. Not exactly. Not a moveable one. Did she have teeth? She couldn’t really bite at her lips, so… Hm.

Well, she was dreaming. And she was underwater. And she could breathe, so this wasn’t a drowning dream. But what was she? She didn’t feel like she normally felt. Whatever she was wasn’t a creature that was sleek or powerful. She felt small.

What else? She tried to swim through the water, but found herself stymied by her own body. Her eyes were fixed to the sides; she could see stumpy fins in her peripheral vision. A fish, then? She wiggled her… caudal fins, she supposed, making note of the movement in her spine and complete lack of hips. Though she tried to push forward, all she could manage was a slow, bobbing motion. She swam up, trying to reach the surface- perhaps she could jump out of the water?

Oh. That she could do. Except it was less a mighty leap and more of a flop. She groaned internally as she breached the surface. She was buoyant, and that was about it. She was a fish, all right, but not a pike, or a walleye, or a gar, or anything strong or predatorial. She was a fatfish.

She was prey.

Real Big Fish respected prey as much as she respected predators. You needed both for a healthy ecosystem. However, she was unused to being… edible. She enjoyed her position at the top of the food chain, and as a shadow passed over her, she realized just how much actually ate fish. Kin, of course. Caimans, like the one she saw floating in the distance. Cranes, like the one flying overhead. Lynx- was that a pair of feline eyes along the embankment? Other fish. Shuppies. Watersnakes. The list continued. She tried to swim down, but her bulk kept buoying her back and forth. Her efforts created a great deal of splashing, and sure enough, another creature on her list showed up.


Frantically, she tried to dive, to dodge and weave, to hide. She couldn’t scream; she could only bubble and splash. The otter, a sharp-toothed thing of lithe grace, swam circles around her. Its whiskered maw opened, closed, opened again- and then closed, and things went dark in her dream.

She awoke in a start, panting heavily. Hooves, horns, good. Kin-shape. But the fish shape had her thinking. She spent all her time in a predator’s head. Perhaps… perhaps it was time to try prey on for size. Just to see. 

Roleplaying / [Solo] Dreams and Nightbears [RBF]
« on: January 03, 2021, 11:41:22 PM »

As she laid down to sleep, Real Big Fish was shaken by the thing she’d seen earlier. The eyes in the distance had glowed like her own, but not with the light of friendship. It was malevolent, whatever was out there. It… reminded her of things, things she’d left far away.

That night she dreamed of bears.

She’d seen what passed for a bear here in the swamp, and it was… not a bear, not like she knew them. It was cute, cute as all get-out, but it wasn’t a bear. Not like in the mountains. Up in the lands of the Totoma, bears were about the worst thing imaginable. They were ferocious, relentless, and gigantic. They were solitary and deadly, and smart. Wicked smart. Smarter than wolves, than lions, than Totoma, sometimes. To hunt a bear by yourself was suicide. Plenty of Totoma had earned their names that way. Bearfighter, Who-Died-Honorably. Fought On Her Own, Who-Died-Honorably. Too Old To Do This, Who-Died-Honorably.

Honorably, and stupidly, most of the time. There was never a reason to seek out and fight a bear by yourself. Even the most desperate Totoma, protecting their lambs, could ask for help. There were plenty of kin who’d made a name for themselves fighting beasts, and they were always willing to help lead teams against threats. Her grandmother, whom she’d loved more than any other kin, was a renowned wolf-fighter. Had she stayed in the mountains, she might have been one herself, if it came down to that. But she hadn’t stayed. Except, in her dream that night… well, she had.

Here in the swamp, though, the shaggy nightmares were a distant memory. Bears here were cute.

It wasn’t the cute ones she dreamed of.

It was a dream setting she’d experienced frequently. Her ghost, she thought. A life unlived. There was a version of herself, somewhere, somewhen, that hadn’t left after being unmoored by her grandmother’s passing. This version of her, Ghost Fish, wasn’t the herd matriarch, not yet, but was getting there. Climbing the ranks. Caring for her family, tending to their needs. Listening to her mother, doing what she was told. It wasn’t a bad life Ghost Fish lived, just not the one Real Fish wanted or had. She didn’t think much during the day about Ghost Fish’s life, but at night, it came to her unbidden.

Such was the case tonight, where she dreamed of herself, standing on the mountain, watching a bear tear its way through her family. She shouted- no, screamed, howled, bayed into the wind. She was attempting to direct the fight, but nobody listened. Nobody took her seriously. Nobody let her keep them safe. One by one, they faced the bear on their own. She tried to gallop into battle, to distract the beast while they attacked, but her hooves were cemented to the spot, frozen in chains of ice. All she had was her voice, and that was being carried away by the blizzard wind. She could feel it becoming hoarser and hoarser, and then…

And then the bear was upon her. It stared at her with something like pity, then melted into the wind, disappearing with the snow.

She was alone, surrounded by corpses. Corpses of kin she couldn’t save, kin who wouldn’t even let her try. Kin who had died honorably, but needlessly. Stupidly. They’d died in a way that made no sense- had they not tried to fight the bear by themselves, had they just teamed up and cooperated… they could have beaten it. Easily. Probably with only a few scratches on the most foolhardy or the youngest, eager to earn their names.

And she was left there, a herdless matriarch, a leader without a flock.

She was left there to rename the dead.

When she would think about it much later, after the immediacy of it wore off, she would come to understand that the monster in her dream wasn’t a bear, but what it represented. Aloneness. The refusal to take your place in a family, a flock, a herd. Whatever you wanted to call it. Totoma stubbornness was legendary, as was their pride, but it was crucial to ensure that pride didn’t override basic survival skills.

But that was something she’d think about down the line.

Right now, she had to think about the cub that woke up next to her.


Roleplaying / [Solo] Dream Dive (Real Big Fish)
« on: November 03, 2020, 03:31:33 PM »
Real Big Fish had gone to sleep in the sand, letting the warm water of high tide lull her to sleep in the near distance. The beach was so different than the riverbank, but there were still many similarities- and overall, it was still home. A good home. She loved the coast, loved everything about it. The smell of the salt- no, the brine. Salt didn’t really have a smell, but the ocean was rich with whiffs of rot and the stink of fish, the tang of seaweed, the warm body smells of sea birds… it stank, but in a wonderful way. It was the smell that led her in her dream.

She realized quickly that she wasn’t in her Totoma body; this was relatively common in her dreams. Much of the time when she dreamt, she was in her eagle form. She cut through air and water on feathery wings, diving and banking and spinning in an ecstasy of flight. Sometimes she saw things through bodies that weren’t her own; other Totoma, like herself. Sometimes other kin, though that was exceedingly rare. She could always tell if she was in her body, or somebody else’s. In this dream, she was in her body, it just wasn’t the form she was used to. Quadrupedal, with an awkward mouth full of teeth that her tongue tripped over. Not quite a creature of the land, but not quite a creature of water. Amphibious. Sand-crusted. It was a form that suited her, and she wagged her newly-scythed tail as she trotted through the sand. She’d taken the form of a shuppy, the delightful fish-creature that inhabited the shore and ran with its kin residents- embodying the best qualities of mammal and shark. It was a good form for exploring a dreamscape.

And what a dreamscape! An island, fringed with palms, and sand so white it sparkled. The ocean so bright, waves lapping the shore hypnotically. But something tugged at her, leading her to abandon the sand and dive into the water, gills flaring and bubbling as she swam deeper and deeper. Eyes, dark and gleaming, saw through the water as though it was air; this shape, slightly awkward on land, was built for the reef she saw ahead of her. Using her paws to paddle and steer and her tail to propel her forward, she flitted through the coral and admired its beauty. Tiny reef fish, too small for her hunter’s notice, danced around her, darting forwards and backwards. Fat, round gobies spat tiny stones at each other, and clownfish hunkered down in anemones.

The water below the reef was dark and deep, and eerily still. Tiny motes of plankton drifted down and disappeared, the fathoms below swallowing them up. She wasn’t ready to go deeper, even in her dream- it wasn’t for her, not yet. Perhaps not ever. But this reef, this space was her domain. Her territory. And- what was that?

A long shard of silver with crystalline teeth glimmered in the water just off the reef. A growl bubbled forth from her throat. A predator… No. Prey.

The barracuda was fast, but so was she. The reef disappeared as she chased the huge fish further into the sea, bubbles streaming around them, white and dense. She snapped her jaws, barely missing its tail. A burst of speed, and she snapped her jaws again…

On nothing. She woke up suddenly, kicking a leg in the air and pawing the ground. It had been a vivid dream- it felt so real! She stared out at the sea, peering into the distance. Perhaps somewhere out there was a white-sand island with a jeweled reef, and perhaps one day… perhaps she’d find it.  [WC: 616]

Roleplaying / [B] Tales from the Dead River [RBF, Oath]
« on: November 01, 2020, 12:33:19 AM »
Night fishing. It was always a challenge, but this time of year was particularly... rewarding. There was something about the lengthening, cooling nights and the restless changes in the fish that set a kin's heart ablaze. Though some populations were dwindling and settling down, others were giving forth their all in a last gasp of energy before they slipped away, spent and sated and ready to die.

It wasn't those she was after tonight. She watched quietly as their fins cut the surface of the water, but made no move towards them. They needed to live, while they still had this energy. They needed to fight the currents, to reproduce- and then they could continue, up past this wide pool, past the rapids, and into the dead river- a place so called because while connected to the main waterway during the rainy parts of the year, it was quickly cut off when things were drier. It became a narrow pond, stagnant and yearning for the connection back to the mother channel- and it was choked with the hopeless dreams of salmon. Soon the water there would stink of bloated fishflesh, the creatures exhausted by their efforts to spawn. It was easy fishing there, and good- the fish that went to the dead river were done, their roles in the story of the swamp over. Their fry would drift downstream. Some would be snapped up by hungry fish and frogs and even kin; some would fail to thrive. But others would make it to the sea, where they would grow and the cycle would begin anew, until it was their time to take the trip up the dead river.

It was a beautiful thing, the ebb and flow of nature's tides. We swell, we shrink, we swell again.

She watched the fish, waiting. Someone was coming, someone swollen. The Totoma felt her presence. Did she feel hers? Did she know why she was here? Perhaps she did, or perhaps she didn't.

Real Big Fish was patient. She could wait, and the stranger could speak for herself.


Plotting / witty title later [Scara's Legendary Space]
« on: September 21, 2020, 08:19:17 PM »
First page: Legendaries
1. Half Truth
2. RBF

Second page: Hopefuls
1. Strange Creature

Roleplaying / [B] Something On His Mind (Half Truth, Young And A Menace)
« on: August 15, 2020, 04:26:11 PM »
Half Truth stalked quietly through the canebrake. Her quarry was within sight, and as far as she could tell, completely oblivious to her presence. Her face twitched into a smile as she prowled closer, closer- it was always such fun to surprise them. He looked hapless as any of them ever did- but honestly, no two were ever the same. Every perplexed prospective parent was a unique beast, with feelings that couldn't be compared or held up to anybody else's, not really. She wasn't a mindreader, not by a long shot, and that was part of the fun of it- learning how other kin felt and seeing how she could help them on their way. How could she help a fledgeling family find its footing? That was her question as a mare.

This fellow was dark, a kimeti, fluffy mane. Would these be his first children, or the most recent in a long line? How did he feel about their mother? How did he feel about being a father? That's what her hunt was, to find these things out. All she knew- the pull she felt- was that paternity was imminent. The rest was up to him.

She watched quietly from the bracken for a few moments more, wondering about what he was thinking, before stepping out and drawing herself up to her full height. She was tall, but hopefully not too imposing. She didn't want to scare her quarry, after all. Gently, she cleared her throat.

"You seem like you have something on your mind, friend."


Marketplace / [Art] Illustrated Encounters
« on: August 15, 2020, 02:59:49 PM »

In this thread, you can get illustrations of your kin! These come in the form of 800x800 squares (or sometimes rectangles of other dimensions) in a fully lined, shaded, colored, non-anti-aliased style focusing on action and storytelling. There will be an atmospheric background, because I really like drawing backgrounds. These illustrations can be scenes from an RP (my preferred thing to do, actually), or scenes from something in your kin’s life that haven’t been written out, or character studies of emotions or actions. These could also be for storytelling, or mapmaking for an RP, or really… whatever! I’m pretty flexible- I just really enjoy drawing within the world of Matope and helping people visualize their kin’s lives and stories.

These illustrations can have anywhere from 1-4 kin in them- perhaps more if some are in the background and not so detailed. Two is ideal, especially if you’re planning an ascension (4 RP points versus 2!), but solo pieces are just as nice to draw. I’m also happy to draw familiars! 

In-canon, this little shop is Strange Creature’s doing. However, because kin are ungulates without hands, what your kin is actually trading for is a dyed piece of tegu shed with glyphs on it.  These can be used for decoration, for sending simple messages, for tying to your familiar to make sure it doesn’t get lost, or whatever you might want to use a lightweight piece of material for. The numerous lizards crawling over the area will shake you down for treats, and they are hoarding the pebbles for reasons.

Ascensions / Strange Creature
« on: July 16, 2020, 02:26:29 AM »

Strange Creature is a strange creature who feels most comfortable when conversing with the swamp’s creatures. She has a deep, abiding love for all things reptilian- she adores the way their minds work and the way they investigate and perceive the world. She understands much of her own world through the lens of her relationship with animals- they help keep her grounded and interacting with what’s real. This closeness to nature has helped her overcome serious trauma; to her, the Swamp isn't just home, it's Home. It's healing, it's heart, it's hope. She sees herself as just another animal nestled in the Motherfather's bosom and relishes her part in life's great dance. She would make an interesting legendary because her approach to the world is one of a creature deeply in love with the swamp. It is her home, and almost more importantly, it is home to the lizards, those delightful embodiments of the swamp’s hidden treasures and the rewards of curiosity, attention, and boldness in investigation.

But lately, she hasn't been feeling so bold. Or so curious. She took a risk that went horribly wrong, and now she's terrified of the open sky. As she works through her trauma, she'll have to come to understand that the world is more complex- and that she is more complex- than she'd ever believed.

Naming Dream

Ascension Points: 75/50


Are You A Werewolf?: 5 pts
Death Grove: 2 pts
Skeletal Grove: 2 pts
Occult Grove: 2 pts
Fortune Teller's Grove: 2 pts
Night Hunt: 2 pts (1069 words)
Hunting a Hare: 2 pts (1 wc + 1 bonus)
Strange Creature vs Story: 6 pts
The Mountain's Shadow ORP: 5 pts
Gathering Water: 4 pts (3 wc+1 bonus)
Water, Again: 4 pts (3 wc+1 bonus)
Finale ORP: 8 pts (base 5, 1 solo, 2 bonus from creature prompt)
Stone Soup: 1 pt
A Fated Fortune: 2 pts
Marshfowl Madness: 5 pts

Someone please save her: 2 pts
She'll save her own damn self: 2 pts
Turtle trauma: 2 pts
Troubling turtle: 2 pts
Spirit Guardian: 2 pts
Home: 2 pts
A gourd, lit from within: 2 pts
A shadow flickering in the distance: 2 pts
Pond Scum Salad: 2 pts
Skywatcher: 2 pts

Roleplaying / [b]Ap-pear-ant Pear-enthood (HTxPear Flower)
« on: June 24, 2020, 11:51:11 PM »
There were some days when Half Truth really did think she was the mystical ambassador of the Motherfather, a wise being with glowing eyes and mysterious ways.

Then there were days like today, when nothing was going right at all. The chain of events that had led her to this mud wallow was like a venomous snake: long, unpleasant, and decidedly full of dead rats. Now, she was plastering herself with thick, dark clay, grumbling about bees, nettles, and the audacity of a stinging species to make its home in such a place. If she hadn’t been running from the angry owlcats, she never would have tripped over that nest- but as it was, she wasn’t feeling in tune with anything today.

So when she got the sense that someone was approaching, someone who was looking for someone like her, she wanted to sink even further into the mud. Perhaps the other kin would go find Rose, who was beautiful and elegant and never had to sit in a stinking mud puddle because there was simply no other way to get the soothing clay where it needed to go.

Hoofsteps. An unfamiliar scent. Nope, the stranger was headed this way. Half Truth heaved a sigh. Of all the mares and stags in the swamp, why her? Why today?


Games & Events / Name! That! Pairing!
« on: June 10, 2020, 03:47:44 AM »
One of my favorite things about Matope is the way all of the clutches have names, all of which are some combination of hilarious, witty, poignant, creative, or just right on the ol’ nose. I love clutch names, and I thought it would be fun to do a forum game based on them.

The rules of this game are as follows:

1. Go to the kindex and hit the random kin button once, twice, or even a few times to get a random kin.
2. Do that again.
3. Congratulations, they’re a ship now.
4. Post ’em! Either certs or just the two images with their names.
5. Name that pairing!
6: You can explain the name origin if you want!     

I think it’ll be fun.

Roleplaying / [B] First Star I See Tonight (HT, Starstuff)
« on: January 22, 2020, 03:05:04 AM »
Half Truth ambled through snowy fields, listening to the muffled quiet that came with winter snow. The only noise was the crunch of hooves on frozen grass, and perhaps if you listened very closely, the tiny splintering noise of cracking frost. The world was a quiet place in the winter, but it wasn’t dead. It wasn’t even sleeping. It was just waiting. Her breath hung in the air, curling over her muzzle as she answered the call of the Motherfather.

Someone needed her.

She’d stopped questioning what it was that drew her to parents yet-to-be. There was something they all shared, mothers and fathers alike- well, at least if the fathers knew, or cared to know- a sort of nervous energy existing in simultaneous affect with a fierce intensity. Every parent was the same in some ways, and different in all others. It was something she’d learned to recognise at a glance and love for its conflicting duality. How could something so universal be completely unique? It was like the stars. They all looked the same at a distance, but when you stopped and studied them, each one varied in size, brightness, and of course position. Parents were just as special as the stars.

So who was the parent she was here to find? Who would be out this late, pacing an empty field, other than someone who needed something only the Swamp (or its mortal conduits) could give? “I’m here,” she called, her voice echoing. Perhaps the parent in question was holed up somewhere warm- or perhaps they were out here, counting stars. Either way, this was the place. They’d be here soon, and she would greet them.


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