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Title: Jun's Naming Dreams & Stories
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Whatever naming dreams and Totoma naming stories I've actually bothered to do over the years
(spoiler: other than the Totoma names, they're pretty much all from the first few years),
in chronological order of making (and then subsequently posting) them.

This thread is pretty much just here so I can link to dreams/stories from my actual Kin journal,
so please go there instead of here, 'cos a lot of these are really old and embarrassing. Q_Q

how the heart bends ( :: Kin Journal with in-depth RP information
Title: Sky Fell In
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night pushes: the centre cannot hold -
he sleeps where the sky fell in, it leaves nothing;
wide wings torn, leaving nothing.
Title: Moonfrost-like-Ashes
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each step leaves frost: she
walks, always; frost like ashes
on the distant moon.
Title: Saddened Eyes
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she slips into the swamp with saddened eyes,
but she is not sad.
Title: Dark is a Way
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In the oysterpearl moon,
Where the Motherfather shakes, and swells
The night with shining sons,
Then, satisfied, reclines resplendent,
To watch them rise, beneath
The cloak of fireflies She blesses
Their first founderings with,
Cranes circle, owls whisper warning as
They fumble towards birth.

Soft stumbled steps, then - run:
In two, always, hence always apart;
She strikes the way, black-rent,
Away from lights, her trail shadow-path'd
Through thorns, through tearing teeth,
Towards tenebrous depths. Blind, into
The murk of choking earth
She toils; ceaselessly, she leads them both
In utter dark, to death.

And why not fly to death?
Dark is a way and light is a place:
I struggle, shadow-sheathed,
And always he shines, beaming solace.
We end our long voyage,
I dream, in a place of light: one heart
In the Swamp's bright embrace;
Fight no more through night, no more apart -
But dark is a long way.
Title: All I See
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going once
going twice


Title: My Trouble
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White feathers fall as you move, ever-falling.
They vanish just before they touch the ground - or perhaps merely melt into the down that already covers all as far as your eye can see.
Plume-rings - each contracting circle made of those smaller than the last, infallibly. They make it hard to move, but you move, always.

Until you draw near the centre, where the feathers are smallest, the light brightest. There she sits, all white, save for where she isn't.

"Are you," her voice lilts, but is curiously detached, blinding blue eyes fixing you, ever-falling, "my trouble?"
Title: You Come Around
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Title: Leaves-the-Sea
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"He loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, he loves me not,
he loves me, she - oh, blast!"

The heavy crash of waves against the bluff perfectly accompanies the kick and stamp, the stem of the denuded flower splintered viciously into the ground.

"It's all so silly, anyway...
It's all so silly, anyway! There is so much more to think about - so much more to do;
so much out there, so much to see, to taste, hear, touch -
I'll get out there -
I'll leave the sea - the infinite vista awaits, exotic, exciting, alive to my eager step, the  dense, spongy give of dark moss, the wet slap of dead leaves, the solid tap of wizened mangrove roots; the rapt, tireless tenacity of sucking mud, the sweet, steady serenity of cool, still lakes -
The nameless flowers, the fruits, that I will name, and taste, some delightful, that I will laugh, and taste again, again, until it is vanished and I will start on another, some bitter, that I will twist my tongue, and scrape it against rough bark until the memory fades; some yet that I will regret, stumbling, tumbling, till fever dreams have run their course and I find sweet fruit again -
The nameless creatures that I will name, that will run, startled and in fear, from me, that I must run, swiftly and in fright, from; that will perhaps instead turn backwards thrice, steal to my hoof, cautious and curious, till temptation overcomes and it rounds my sure limb, plucking daintily the morsel proffered from my lip and evermore become a companion, sure-limbed, beside me -
The songs, the stories, the songs that I will learn - all the stories, the songs, till I reach the ones that do not yet exist, and then they will, for I will sing them, tell them, sing them; all shall know these joys, and also the sorrows, for there will be sorrows, but I will tell them, sing them, that they shall know the sorrows and revel in the joys, sing them, tell them, dance them, sing them - all!"

- and munches up the plucked petals in a dazzling show of defiance.

Below, the waves continue to break, a blazing sun scattering diamonds across an endless sea. Seabirds call, wheeling across the open sky; stranger birds call beyond them, behind them. Surveying all that is familiar and home, vibrating finely with an illimitable energy, the kimeti asks: "So, what now?"

"So, let's go!" the kimeti replied.
Title: Time After Time
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round the branches winds the vine,
wraps, unwinds, and then re-winds:
'neath the vine, she waits alone
time after time; he never comes.
Title: Red-stained Blossom
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Title: Cue Queue
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In the beginning there was nothing
And then there was black.
In the black there were...voices.
Many voices. All voices.
All voices, at once,
and that - was chaos.
Black could not abide -
coalesced, pinpointed into form;
light flooded space, and in the light -
more forms. Many forms. All forms.
All forms, at once, all their voices.
All forms, all voices, in all spaces.
Black heaved: an onyx hoof,
a shot from the dark - green tore
through dark, through light, all spaces;
that thunder stamp: the call to quiet.
All voices hushed.
Black paused, single-hooved.
Silence pleased; enough?
But it was not yet complete.
A hoof, alternate: to cue the queue.
That stamp burned flame.
Blazed - through green, through light,
all spaces, burned eyes into black,
and rang: the most terrible sound -
no sound at all.
All forms fell, as one, in line,
and that - was order.
The black, shot green, burned flame,
now hooved, now eyed, thus rooted,
"You - the first: state your case."
Title: Cry More
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Title: Lonesome for No One
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Title: Flickering
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Title: First Strike
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He met her on the glowing green
The gentlest girl he'd ever seen
With artless eyes and guileless mien

She first demurred, he took his chance
He spoke to her of pure romance
She slipped into his courtship dance

He pushed her to the deep to bed
Desire-drenched in sweetness' stead
And with one stroke, she took his head

She ate her fill, her portion spare
She left him swaying, thoughtless, there
She skywards sent a humble prayer.
Title: From Dawn
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Title: Love Becomes You
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love becomes you, he said;
some other love, she said.
Title: Only the Ashes Remain
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there is no sun.
no moon.
no day. no night.
no bright. no dark.
no black. no white.
no right. no wrong.
no love. no spite.
only the ashes remain.
Title: Who Watches
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Title: Little Poison
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all nothing, save where
veins trace through skin
a blood that runs green:
just a little poison.
Title: Linger
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on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
Title: Delicate
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she moves on ice as thin as drifting leaves,
each step delicate as it is heartless.
Title: Burning Down Love
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Title: Second Nature
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wear the darkness as a skin
so it will satiate her;
wear it till it sinks within
and skin is second nature.
Title: Light Up
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he had known only darkness 
till he raised his eyes high
- and the spread of bright wings ( -
made that darkness light up.
Title: Wrap You in Stories
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I sing -
of all things;
from bare winter to spring,
I sing of your sky and your lands,
I sing of your snow and the iciest cold,
I sing of your oceans and sands.

When the sun slants its whim
Over indolent limbs,
I sing of your harvest and hearth
When your tiniest babe
sallies forth from its cage,
I sing of your joy and its worth.

When you set off to feud
in a faraway place,
I sing dazzling tales of your glory.
When you trudge, bloodied, home,
I will sing you comfort
and wrap you in tailor-made stories.
Title: Distant Tidings
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first, he dreamt of the bitterest cold,
but his heart in the snow'd rather die;
then, he dreamt of the sand and the lands,
but they lay where his heart did not lie.
finally, he saw where the waves washed ashore
to the hoofbeats that drummed through green sea:
he laughed at the flow of the free gold mane
and he knew where his heart longed to be.

though his heart drank its fill, he could never stand still
and his soulsworn alongside him riding,
to the sand and the land, from the shore back again
he sang high in his step distant tidings.
Title: Shanty
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How long beat our hardened hooves under the sun?
Yo-heave-ho! Till the day's work is done.

Where over the earth do we toil for our land?
Yo-heave-ho! Where the waves meet the sand.

What song stirs our labour to raise our voice high?
Yo-heave-ho! It's this song that we cry.

Who are the fortunate blessed of the sea?
My mother, my brother, my sister, and me.
Title: You Only Live Twice
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You only live once.ecno evil ylno uoY
Title: Push Past
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The siblings were out foraging with their Totoma father one day - when they espied a Kimeti, struggling direly in a treacherously concealed patch of quicksand. With a quick nod at each other, they sprang into action, sister wading into the mire and brother throwing a vine to the sinking buck. With sister pushing and brother pulling, they managed to free the hapless Filament, and soon had sister back on solid ground as well.

Their proud father, overcome with emotion at witnessing the rescue, rushed over and unleashed an uncharacteristic torrent of words, "Well done - well done, my children! You," nodding at his girl, "pushed past all obstacles as you are wont to push this buck out of the sand, and you," the boy, "though I had feared your flighty nature might have kept you from valor, pulled through magnificently to pull him from danger!"

There was a moment of silence as they collectively realised that, for better or worse, he had named them.
Title: Secret
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Title: Shot Right Through
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Title: Dapper Mantis
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The Mantis buffed his emerald sleeves
and plucked a sprig of emerald leaves;
he fluffed his coat of jeweled wing,
and, dapper as the newborn spring,
he sallied forth for love (
Title: Bone-dry
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Title: Outfox
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Title: Struck Down
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Title: Game Over
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Title: Asphodel
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it sways, the grazing dead's favourite repast:
the asphodel that dreams in fields of ash;
now dead, they recall nothing they forget.
Title: Touch-Me-Not
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The flossy flow'r may sigh touch me,
but if the hoof, beguil'd, forgott' -
the fronds that fence the flow'r retreat
to cry reminder: "Touch me not -

once touched, this heart must fall aflame
to love's cruel sway, that is its lot;
I wish not love's devouring pain:
for pity's sake, please Touch-Me-Not."
Title: Sleight
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...and then, it is gone.
Title: Quoth
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Once upon a fall's night gleaming, five were born to wicked scheming,
'Neath a distant eye, demeaning, of a bird who darkness wore:
The catch, the crack, the cats, the charmer - her tongue at once both claw and armour -
T'was she who wondered whether ever such a clutch had come before.
With glittered grin she pondered if again would come what had before:
Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'
Title: Keep Me Closer
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Title: Falling Slowly
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Title: Comeback
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Don't give up.
Don't give in.
Don't pull out.
Don't step down.

Don't run - come back.

Get up.
Get back up.
Get back up and
Title: Shaken
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Title: Black-Eyed
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forever black-eyed:
bold words; bruised child.
Title: Fearful Symmetry
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Title: The Ghost of You Lingers
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Title: Moon Over Ghost Boughs
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Title: Lurid
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your eye a moon
above some wanton sea;
your heart a sun
within some lurid sky.
Title: Sleepless
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alone she lies,
eyes wide
beneath a starless sky.
Title: Impression
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Title: Tender
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Title: Forlorn
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forever alone.
Title: Bruise Pristine
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the blackened flesh
and all around
Title: Ravish
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Title: Ravage
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Title: Love-Lies-Bleeding
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She thought her aim was passing fair, her eyeline straight and true;
she loosed her shot - found it was not:
beneath the sun he spun, undone,
unto the ground, his shock profound;
a choke, a stare, a gasp for air, and love-lies-bleeding - as you do.
Title: Bleeding Heart
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Title: Shroud
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from earth whence you came,
to earth you will return:
the ground your clasping tomb,
the dirt your burial shroud.
Title: Oblivion
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...the sound of one hoof tapping...
Title: Mudskipper
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Title: Everything Must Go
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Hurry! While stocks last!
Title: Lambhearted
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He tended to the lambs and foals, cossetted them and romped with them.
When he bid them wake with the rising sun, they woke, when he bid them sleep with simple lullabies, they slept.
The Mothers' Club said they listened to him because he was as one of them - because he was Lambhearted.
Title: Tremble
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...and still it trembles.
Title: Sure
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Title: Frame
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Title: Compromise
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Don't lash out.
Don't shout loud.
Don't argue.
Don't talk back.

Be nice - compromise.

Bite down.
Bite back down.
Bite back down and
say please.
Title: Fathom
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Below the sky
the waves;
below the waves,
down fathom by fathom
to the loneliest grave
Title: Ail
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Title: Madder
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Title: Terrible Charm
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The violence, terrible, premeditated, echoing;
the blood that pooled gleamed darkly, grim -
the silver sheen held strange, certain charm:
the vow of oncoming dawn.
Title: Phantom Limb
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you can't miss what you've never had
you can't miss what you've never had
when phantom feelings drive you mad
you can't miss what you've never had
Title: Blush
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blush, coquette -
the flush enough
to convince
of your innocence.
Title: Set Back
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one step forward, two steps back;
one life forward ends set back.
Title: Eye for an Eye
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When she was younger, she understood victory. She did not yet understand honour, fairness, compassion. The older Totoma had the upper hand in the fight - she drew blood, and, when he left an eye unguarded, drew his eye. With that, she triumphed: it had been just a sparring duel. Opinion erupted, she did not care - she sought only to win.

Months passed, years passed, and with time, with loss, she came to learn that victory was good,  but not at all cost. The greatest ends may not always justify the greatest means. The more she learnt, the more she thought of the Totoma she had blinded for a spar, and so one day, she returned, hailing him out by a withered tree.

"Many moons ago, I took your eye," she said, "where there was no need to, and it was wrong of me."

And against a low, gnarled branch... Opinion erupted, she did not care. She had paid back the slight, and so felt it right. Henceforth they called her Eye for an Eye, and for better or worse, she wore her blind eye like a badge.
Title: Shush
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You brought me to water and said, "This is blue."
And then I knew blue is the scent of always-new, a bright burble, the cool, soothing taste of living.
"Mama, this is blue," I said, past the snapping traps that caught and tore and kept.
"Shhh, shh, shh," you said.

You brought me to grass and said, "This is green."
And then I knew green is the perfume of heady sap, the bitter-sweetness of growth.
"Mama, this is green," I said, past the shadow steps that sprung and slashed and crept.
"Shhh, shh, shh," you said.

"This is red," you said. Red: a scream, copper-stench, the taste of - death. Even then, I cried.
"Shhh, shh, shh," you said.

But nothing like now, with copper thick and death on my questioning tongue: I nudge your warmth; you do not move.

I cry, "Mama."


You are red.

Title: No More Waiting
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It was just unfortunate for the eager rookie to have joined the tribe at a time when they were busy battling wily opposition who favoured ambushes in the dark - her startling pink bolts practically announced their position. "Wait here," their grizzled leader took to saying, nudging her to the very back of the ranks. She withstood this ignominy with good grace the first few nights, bouncing irritably on her heels as she craned her neck to watch the frontline troops pick - and win - their little fights as they crept through the foliage...then there came a night where the opponents piled on, and the little fight was no longer so little.

"NO MORE WAITING!!!" she screamed as she charged through her comrades (knocking them sideways left and right) to the very front. Her sudden arrival took the enemy rather by surprise, her dazzling bolts blinding, the stars studded across her helm knocking stars into their eyes as she headbutted indiscriminately about.

The skirmish did expand into rather a gruelling battle, but by the end of it, her troop was left standing victorious, and so their grizzled leader did not pause to consider how her insubordination might well have caused their mass demise in some alternate unfolding of events. Instead, he knocked his horns against hers companionably and heartily bellowed, "Very well, No More Waiting!"
Title: Plainsong
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In the plains, I wait for Father:
Father, Father; he never comes -
lost to the Swamp is my Father.

In the plains, I wait for Mother:
Mother, Mother; she never comes -
lost to the Swamp is my Mother.

My hair is my veil, dew like beads,
dawn's blush paints my cheeks;
in the plains, I wait: you never come.
Title: Wrangler
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Living so close to Rise & Shine made this Totoma's special skill evident rather quickly: droves of pigs, flocks of chickens, even odd collections of ribbiting frogs - there seemed to be nothing the hardy doe couldn't wrangle with her calls and whistles and quick-footed running, and so they called her Wrangler.
Title: No Day But Today
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'No day but today,' soon became the motto of this Totoma doe who lived each moment as her last, even as she butted the softer heads of her Acha and Kiokote siblings as a filly, charging bright-eyed into the unknown. When she found a taste for the occasional fight as a doe, it naturally became the battle cry for which she was quite quickly named.
Title: Pearldiver
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:20 PM
Her mother was not an easy doe to live with. Her mother was so hard to live with, in fact, that when this Totoma daughter needed to take a break from it, she ran and ran all the way to the ocean. And jumped right in. The rocky ridges of an oyster reef distracted her from her desperation, and, before she grew short of breath, she prised one from its bed and brought it to shore. Smashing the poor mollusc yielded a nice snack...and a perfect, gleaming pearl.

The next month was filled with investigation as she sought these delicate prizes. She grew immeasurably fond of them - first, because her coat resembled the palest of these; deeper, because she discovered they, like her, were formed from years of irritation... By the time she'd reluctantly returned to her family, she'd learnt which swamp shells could gift her similar delights, and earned the name Pearldiver.
Title: Roll Over
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:24 PM

Good boys, bad boys,
every type of hound -

"Roll over, roll over!"
and they all fell down.
Title: Hidden
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:29 PM

in the deep waters
the blinded caves
the mossy heart;

in the secret places,
the nature of the beast.
Title: Honey-suckled
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:34 PM

the foal that is suckled on honey grows
to have the sweetest mouth
Title: Colder Water
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:38 PM

to the mountain's foot;
winter's daughter -

in the bitter snow;
to colder water.
Title: Whisperer
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:42 PM
Even as a lamb, he had been noticeably serene, his little bleats soothing and soft. His extended family at Rise & Shine probably noticed his talents first as a foal with Pull Through's beloved chicken: he could calm down a squawking hen with a few whispered words. They had assumed his talents lay specifically with chicken - but (thankfully) before they could name him Birdbrained or something of the ilk, he had brought his gifts to bear with the pigs that squealed about the store...and then, to their amazement, to the cats. Even the infamously bloody Bloody Cat was rendered a purring kitten, belly-up, with his whispered assurance.

The awe really kicked in when, during one of Summer Fades' shrill fits of pique, he distracted her with no more than a charming handful of secret whispers, and his grandma ended up spending the next hour playing hide-and-seek with him instead of squalling. From then on, it was plain to see: he wasn't a bird-whisperer, or a cat-whisperer - or even a grandma-whisperer (though one of his uncles did attempt to name him so).

"He's a Whisperer," his loving mother pronounced, contentedly, "doesn't matter what it is. A Whisperer."
Title: Love Me Once
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:46 PM

love me once,
but never twice:
once is folly,
twice is vice.
Title: Lamb
Post by: Jun on May 27, 2019, 05:20:57 PM

little lamb:
come be cradled

drink of milk;
sweet milk:
mother's favour

soundly sleep:
and thereafter

little lamb:
through your
torn throat.
Title: Waiter
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This Totoma's natural coat could have helped them become a great hunter - if the sand bar had afforded as much shadow and tree as the inner Swamp. Still, the tribe needed meat to make its meals with. So, instead of trying to blend in with her surroundings, she took a different tack: waiting. She could stay still for hours. Had such a lot of patience. Could wait like anything. And, eventually, when a mongoose, or a foxbun, or what have you, finally let down its guard and brushed past the long-immobile bulk - bam!

Her method of operation wasn't quite evident to her kith and kin, however, in its early stages.

"What are you doing?" some would say (startling away her targeted prey), "are you waiting?"
"What are you waiting for?"
"Still in wait?"
"You're still waiting?"
"Where's the waiter?"

It stuck, even as her methods started producing delicious results, and it wasn't long before cries of, "Where's that dang Waiter?!" started resounding through the Sand Bar.
Title: Quality Control
Post by: Jun on January 13, 2020, 01:01:08 PM
He had always been a quiet child, somewhat intense, who stuck close to his pearl-dealing mother and peered seriously at the pearls she cracked out of the oysters and mussels she retrieved (although he did not care for the swimming parts). As a lamb and foal, he nosed the biggest and best of the pearls apart, then, when he had grown too big for such delicate manouevers, directed Conch's well-trained claws to pick the pearls about. The biggest and the best, "- and the rest, Mother," he huffed sometimes, "you might as well cast before swine." (Whatever that meant.) His intensity had grown to match his frame.

"He's quality control for my wares, I suppose," his mother would chuckle (a little nervously), "he's very good at that, Quality Control."
Title: Slake
Post by: Jun on August 09, 2020, 06:07:31 PM
Though most Totoma throng to fight during tribe clashes on the battlefield, she is one of those who come round after for the wounded, with water in a turtleshell, or what have you of the sort. She has slaked the thirst of many an injured, or dying, Totoma this way - but don’t underestimate her martial capabilities just because of her chosen role: if it’s blood you thirst for, she’s more than equipped to slake that with her punishing hooves as well.