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Title: Naming Dream Rules
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Naming Dreams

Kimeti, kiokote, and acha are not named by their parents, nor do they choose their names. Instead, every one of these kin has a profound dream while he is still in his sac, and this dream determines his future name. Each is born with an instinctive knowledge of this name and it is often the first words he speaks. Some Kin have nicknames, which are either merely shortened versions of their names, or clever words that mean the same thing (Chirp for Cicadasong, or Bob for Up-and-Down, for example).

For this reason, names are a big deal in Matope and we encourage you to be creative and reasonable with them. Names in Matope must:

Naming tips:

Totoma Names

Unlike the other Kin, Totoma are born live. This means that, strangely, Totoma are robbed of Naming Dreams. In a concept that will surely seem incredibly alien to the other Kin, the Totoma neither dream their names nor are given them by their parents: instead, Totoma earn their names through some act of bravery or valor. Your Totoma will be certed as "Totoma" until he is an adult, at which point your chosen name will be assigned to his cert under the assumption that he has earned it (meaning yes, you will choose a name for your newborn foal). Please remember that this severely limits available names for Totoma: be ready and willing to explain what act gave your Totoma his name. This also means that phrase-names like Carries-All and Spills-Blood are far more common than single words, although these do exist. The Totoma do not go in for purple prose and flighty poetry, so make your name as simple and straightforward as possible.

To die nameless is the greatest shame a Totoma can face (and so the name Nameless is not an option for your Totoma, in much the same way we would not name a baby Coward), and so some older nameless Totoma are driven to perform suicidal acts of sacrifice to earn a name. These unlucky but brave few are given the post-mortem honorific "who-died-honorably," such as Travels-Far, who-died-honorably: perhaps a Totoma who perished in his journey to the Swamp.

While nearly all Totoma names are the result of physical strength, even the Totoma recognize that not all are so hardy. Therefore strategic intellect, stealthiness, a talent for tracking prey or enemies, or even a particular knack for singing the glory of fighters or honoring the dead can earn a name, although this path is more difficult than simply performing an act of strength or hardiness.

The Bottom Line:

The key to a good name in Matope is this: keep it simple. Avoid 'purple prose' names. Don't dive into the thesaurus. Remember that these are swamp creatures and, while intelligent, they are not an advanced society, and these names are a translation of a concept into words. Do it as neatly and as succinctly as possible!

Staff members will review all names before certing, and if yours is borderline, questionable, or inappropriate, they will send you a PM to let you know, and to find something more suited to the world.

Writing Naming Dreams:

There are almost no restrictions on naming dreams. They can be long, short, even one sentence--they may even be a drawing to represent merely a strong image. Feel free to break out of your comfort zone and be creative in your formatting--these are dreams, after all, and dreams follow no rules. Frequently these dreams express something about the personality of the Kin, but they absolutely don't need to.