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Title: SerinaNight's Naming Dreams
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Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents
II. Shadowed Moon
III. Murky Shallows/Watery Depths
IV. Sunlit Rock
V. Fire in the Night
VI. Beneath the Surface
VII. Regret
VIII. Never Blinking
IX. Spring's Passing
X. Enchantress
XI. Bloody War Paint
XII. Star Spattered
XIII. Deep One's Blood
XIV. Forest at Dawn
XV. Hydrangea Petals

XVI. Sunrise Over the Waters
XVII. Soapberry
Title: Shadowed Moon
Post by: SerinaNight on January 01, 2021, 01:06:44 AM
Shining in the sky,
will the moon show his whole face?
No, but a glimpse.

Silence echoed through the swamp as the seemingly moonless night proceeded on in its usual quiet manner. Save for the occasional call of the nocturnal creatures the swamp seemed almost dead in the darkness which seemed to ooze like the muck of the swamp over the old trees. Though it seemed something was not right, a creature who usually slept as the sun did was wondering through the woods, causing a cacophony of sounds as it startled the other animals.

A young colt wondered along the edge of the swamp near the ending of the trees as he had for the past three nights. After the clouds had come in even the sun seemed to dull and this young one had been missing the now nonexistent moon. Pausing in his wondering to look up into the sky in hope the colt saw nothing, and looking at his hooves as he pawed the ground he wondered what he should do next. Glancing over the murky depths of the swamp the colt thought he saw something, something he had been hoping to see for many nights now. He thought he saw moonlight.

Dashing into the deeps of the swamp the young kimeti rushed toward the ray of moonlight as fast as he could. As he struggled through the thick water that the swamp contained he continued to look longingly upon the spot of land on the other side. The spot which contained his precious moonlight. Suddenly, as the wind began to rustle his fur, the colt began to feel fear rise in his chest. Would he be too late to see his precious moon? He had to hurry, he worried the clouds would block the light before he could reach it. As he started to force his way through the muck once more, he felt his hove catch and found himself plummeting into the mud.

Unable to do anything as he felt his body sucked into the dark ooze that was known as the swamp he didn't feel worried, or scared. The young colt was simply sad, he had been hoping to see the moon so badly, but it seemed that he wouldn't get his chance. He didn't want to leave this place without seeing at least one last glimpse of its silver glow. As the kimeti reached this decision he felt a burst of strength return to him and he struggled toward the direction he thought his light was, pulling himself upward as he moved. Feeling the swamp losing its pull around him, he burst up out of the muddy water and found himself standing on solid ground. Exhaustion and relief swept over the soaked colt as he slowly pulled himself higher onto the small hill and found his way into the awaiting light.

As the gentle rise and fall of the kimeti's chest became steady and the deep embrace of sleep fell upon him, the young one thought once more of his beloved moon. Slowly opening his eyes to look up into the light the colt noticed something strange, it appeared that despite the lack of clouds above his head, the moon was still shadowed. Closing his eyes once more, the colt felt content, though a little confused, and reached for sleep. Before he fell into the depths of rest the colt found that his last thoughts were on the sight he had witnessed just moments before, that of the Shadowed Moon.
Title: Murky Shallows/Watery Depths
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As the dusk was setting in, the sound of splashing hooves echoed through the trees. The fading light gave the area a red hue, adding to the surreal feeling this time of day usually had. Away from the dark muck of the swamp, sits a rare body of pure water. Two young kimeti were playing along one edge of a small lake. The closer to the center you looked, the darker it became, thus making it difficult if not impossible to tell the depth after the first few inches.

The colt shifts his hooves through the shallows, causing the mud at the bottom to shift and move in intricate patterns. While he seems content with this, the filly is splashing nearby, causing the water to blur and clouding up the clear surface.

Eventually, the filly seems to tire of her present activities, and after the water settles around her, she finds herself staring at the dark and hidden depths of the lake. Looking over at her companion she begins trotting towards the center of the pool. While her eyes are locked on her destination she misses the feeling of the sudden drop, and finds herself below the water.

The colt hears a loud splash and looks up just in time to see his sister fall beneath the surface. As he quickly moves forward, though not far enough to reach the drop, he searches the dark water for the filly. As he peers though the Murky Shallows he notices a glint of light in the deep water.

The filly finds herself slowly slipping beneath the surface, and as she was unable to take a final breath she can already feel her body losing its strength. Staring up through the Watery Depths she catches a glint of light before her eyes close, and her consciousness leaves her.
Title: Sunlit Rock
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A young filly was hopping on some rocks over a small river, following the sun as it glinted off the water. The flashing light that seemed to change the very surface of the liquid it touched intrigued her, and though she knew it wouldn't change anything she had decided to 'follow' it down the river. Watching as the small ripples and waves changed the glinting yellow color she almost didn't notice the rocks she had been jumping on had ended. Stopping herself before she fell head first into the water she looked up, eyes widening. The river had widened, emptying into what was almost a small lake. Though not quite large enough to be a really formidable body of water, it was still enough to catch the fillies eye. The sunlight shone across the whole surface, almost blinding her as the yellow water shifted slightly under the rushing of the river current.

Looking out into the center of the shining mini-lake she noticed something even more interesting. A large rock was sitting alone, basking in the sun's light. Jumping onto the shore she followed the water line, moving toward a new batch of rocks, closer to her target. Stepping gingerly onto the first rock she shivered as the cold water lapped at her hoof. Moving further out into the water she paused, noticing the distance between the rocks was increasing. Looking forward she realized she would have to make quite a jump to reach the shining stone without touching the lake's surface. Deciding it was worth the risk the filly continued forward, leaping between the rocks as she approached her destination.

The last few rocks were a bit of a challenge, if she hadn't landed just right she would have fallen into the chilly liquid below. While not that deep, it was still an unwanted outcome. Landing on the rock closest to the middle she looked at the stone in front of her. It reminded her of something, the grooves in the surface seeming so strangely familiar. For a moment she thought she saw it move, she attributed it to a trick of the light as she didn't see any motion afterwards. Leaning forward she took in the glow of the stone, watching as small waves crashed against the sides of it.

Suddenly, one of those small waves washed over the surface of the rock she was standing on, sending a shiver of cold through her legs. Deciding it was probably time to take the jump she readied herself. Looking over the distance between her and the rock she was pretty sure she could make it, though it would be a bit of a leap. Pulling back she waited for a slightly larger wave to wash over her rock, not wanting it to trip her up while she was jumping. After it passed she took a small step back and a deep breath. Preparing herself she jumped, flinging her small body towards the shining rock in front of her.

While her front hooves did meet her target, her back hooves did not. Feeling her legs slip into the cool water almost made the filly lose her footing and fall all the way in. Shivering for a moment she pulled herself up onto the stone, shaking the water off of her hind legs. Looking down at her destination she smiled, laying down on the warm Sunlit Rock. Suddenly the rock began to shake, moving upward. Looking up in fear she saw a creature staring at her. The turtle snorted before promptly dumping her off its back into the water and ambling toward the shore.
Title: Fire in the Night
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The young foal, still shaky on her legs but quite energetic none the less, skipped through the fields, sliding here and there on the loose soil. Wild flowers of all kinds grew in small groups across the grasses, filling the lands around her with splatters of color. The acha stopped at each patch to stand and sniff their various scents before continuing onward to the next patch just as eagerly. Periodically taking only the most delicious smelling flowers in her mouth to taste, munching happily, she headed deeper and deeper into the fields. The sun began to set, dyeing the sky and swaying grasses a shade of vibrant red, before the land was slowly covered in the blanket of stars and darkness.

Bobbing through the grass as the sky began to darken, the acha continued hopping between flower patches, seeming the care little for the change in lighting. Continuing forward even as the day faded into moonless night, and catching more than a glimpse of color became lucky indeed, the foal simply began following her nose. Sniffing her way to her destinations she found herself lost in a seemingly endless field of waving grasses she couldn't see over even with her strongest hop, something she tried several times to no avail. Excited at this new adventure she stumbled forward, following scent after scent with nary a care for where they would lead her until she had become hopelessly turned around, spinning in circles just for the fun of it.

Collapsing in a pile of giggles the wobbly acha rolled around on the ground, sending the grass around her flopping up and down as it slid out from under her body. As her fit of giggles faded she noticed a strange scent in the air, something she hadn't smelled before. Sniffing curiously she sat up, tilting her head before sneaking forward, chasing the strange smell to wherever it was coming from. Feeling, and hearing, her hoof click against a rock she quickly began attempting to climb it, sliding down quite a few times before making it to the top. Feeling successful she turned to the small ledge before her, looking out from her position above the grasses, not expecting to see a sight as amazing as the one before her. Staring in awe, she took in the scene unlike anything she'd ever seen. A field of flowers, glowing like a Fire in the Night, spread out over the horizon creating an unnatural, yet beautiful incandescence that lite up the sky as they swayed lightly in the breeze. Eyes wide, the acha slid down the front of the rock, rushing forward to frolic amongst the flowers. Once she could do so no more, she slid into a sloppy heap beneath their stalks, lulled to sleep by their weaving glow.
Title: Beneath the Surface
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Shakily reaching his hoof toward the streams edge the colt tapped the water with it, jumping away in shock as the shadows darting below the surface of the water skittered away. Slowly reaching out once more he tapped the surface once again, watching the shapes dart to and fro as the small fish fled from him. Peaking over the edge of the water he watched as they began moving in their natural rhythm once again, eventually leaning forward far enough to tap the surface with his nose, surprising himself as well as the minnows.

Sniffling a few times, having accidentally snorted up some water when he gasped in surprise, the young kimeti shook his head. Wiggling his nose, he glanced down the river, watching the sun glint off the surface. Standing up and sniffling once more he headed in that direction, watching the light and shadows dart across the surface as he went. Eventually the river widened, and the waters grew deeper, hiding the shine and scales of the fish till all that was left was their dark shape beneath the sunlit surface. Finding himself leaning away from the river, unnerved by the previously unseen shapes he continued along the water's edge.

Watching as the light slowly became unable to pierce the surface of the ever deepening water the colt shivered, continuing on. As the shadows became darker and harder to see against the sunlit surface the buck leaned a bit closer, standing a bit nearer to the edge in order to continue watching the fish swim to and fro as he walked. Eventually he reached the deepest point in the river, pausing a moment to squint at the water, trying to see past the brightly lit surface. Seeing a few smaller shadows move here and there, the kin leaned closer, trying to see beyond the larger shadows blocking them out.

Then one of them moved. The young kin jumped, watching the large shadow in shock for a moment before leaning closer when it refused to move once more. Assuming it must have been a trick of the water, he continued watching, trying to see if he could catch a glimpse of the fish once more. The large shadow moved again, but he ignored it, assuming it was once more another trick of the waves. Except this time, the shadow kept moving, slowly rising up out from the depths. The kimeti stumbled back as whatever creature had lain Beneath the Surface of the water burst forth, splashing the colt and soaking him in cool water. He watched, stunned, as the turtle ambled its way up the shore and down the river.
Title: Regret
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Title: Never Blinking
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Title: Spring's Passing
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Title: Enchantress
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Title: Bloody War Paint
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Title: Star Spattered
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Title: Deep One's Blood
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Title: Forest at Dawn
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Title: Hydrangea Petals
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Title: Sunrise Over the Waters
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Title: Soapberry
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