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Title: Speaks the Swamp - [Names]
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Naming dreams for my kin (
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[P1] Cloy ( > Cloud Cover ( > Black Eye ( > Bonefire ( > A Curse Without Cause ( > Core of My Being ( > The World Aloft ( > Soft as Snowfall  (> Crawling in My Skin ( > Sunburnt ( > Bottom of the River ( > Earth ( > Bound in Shadows ( > Tear the Stars Down (
[P2] Unable to Dream ( > Pile of Poppies > Field of Flax > Copse of Crocus > Den of Dahlia > This Stands for Ruin > End of it All
Title: Cloying Air
Post by: HannahBug on June 17, 2020, 06:56:57 AM
What it looked like didn't mater. It could shift and change every second if it wanted. What was important was the air. At first, it'd be as it should be. If she stood in a field of grass, swaying softly in the breeze, then she could smell the wind and the earth as one should. If everything contorted to display a cold, dark cave then it'd be scented with murk and dampness. Likewise, if her surroundings changed to a shapeless white void, as they often did, her nose was clear. The air would be still and calm

Despite the ever-changingness of it all, it'd feel natural. It was like she was used to it, stepping in and out of worlds without a second's warning. It was nice to explore so much without a hint of effort. It'd all feel perfectly right until she caught wind of it. It was hard to explain in terms that others would understand. If the world was green and blue, sky and grass, then it was like a slash of vibrant, hot pink that burned the eyes by comparison. It was akin to the warning colors on a frog that, if not heeded, could kill. And yet, it wasn't visible. It was in the air

The scent would start so faint and harmless. It took her by surprise, made her want to follow its trail to see what could have possible caused its alien sweetness. If not so rich, it could have been pleasant. Even when it was weak, she got the feeling she would have to peer at the source from far away, perhaps with her tail across her nose. Intrigued, she'd follow it for a little while, the world around her twisting and shifting all the way. The more she continued on, the thicker the scent got until it wormed its way into her stomach and made her think maybe she wasn't so curious after all... She'd slow her pace, but keep going for a while. And then it'd get so dense that her head would start to spin. She'd turn around - it wasn't worth it. Once it was there, it wouldn't go away. It'd bury deep in her fur and she'd carry it with her while she tried to flee. No matter how much distance she put between herself and the trail, it was too late. The cloy was a part of her and would go stronger until she could stand it no more and her eyes would go dark
Title: Close to the Stars
Post by: HannahBug on June 24, 2020, 05:29:58 PM
At her feet were clouds and over her head was the sky. She walked atop a puffy, white cloud cover. It kept her from seeing the ground below, but it scarcely mattered. The heavens all around her were beautiful enough that nothing else needed to provide. The night sky bled brilliant colors, blues and purples and pinks. Arms of galaxies slowly turned, leaving glittering trails of starlight behind them. An occasional meteor would streak by, aglow with white light, before disappearing into the horizon

It was all soft and calm. The air around her was slightly chilly, but she enjoyed the feeling of it against her fur. She could walk wherever she pleased, delicately stepping along the silvery puffs.  They'd briefly flatten, forming a gentle trail around her akin to one deer would make when traveling to water. After she'd been gone for some time, it'd rise up again, returning to its naturally fluffy state. Though the sky overhead was beautiful, she appreciated the clouds below equally as much. If they weren't there, she'd surely be stuck on the ground instead
Title: The Void Stares Back
Post by: HannahBug on July 10, 2020, 09:44:44 PM
Everything around her was dark. It was an infinite plane of absolutely nothing. If she walked, her hooves clicked on a perfectly smooth floor. Rarely, there would be a flicker of white light. It'd reflect across the tiles underfoot, showing them to be so polished they reflected her image without the slightest flaw. All that was of no interest to her, though. She didn't need to wait for the glow to know that she was not alone

There was a black eye, just as dark as its surroundings. It was huge and hovered ominously in the dead air. When the light darted though, it'd reflect across its surface, smooth as glass. Though it had no identifying marks, she knew it was looking down at her. No matter where she moved, its gaze would be locked on her tiny form. She did the same. It wasn't because she was scared of it. Quite the opposite - she matched its stare with just as much intensity, her mouth curled into a grin that flashed her dangerously sharp teeth

Whenever she moved towards the thing, it would slide backwards in equal time. Sometimes, it would advance on her and she'd find herself stepping the other way, as if the ground moved beneath her. The atmosphere was full of malice and tension. They were two beings that wanted to destroy each other, but couldn't quite reach... She was confident she would be the victor. She'd wait patiently, matching its gaze until a moment of weakness where she could surge forwards. This song and dance could only continue for so long. And they had all the time in the world
Title: Pile of Bones
Post by: HannahBug on July 22, 2020, 05:51:47 AM
She stood in a swampy clearing, surrounded by trees with branches that bowed to the ground. The grass around her was thin and frail, kneeling in the slightest of breezes. It brushed up against her legs, fanned by the gusts of heat that came off the great pile of bones. They loomed in the center of the glade, all sickly pale and illuminated by harsh light. What they came from, she couldn't quite tell. They came in all shapes and sizes, but lacked identifying features. They felt odd, but not unfamiliar. Within them burned a great fire, reaching up to claim the sky overhead. Its glow rivaled that of the sun, making the sky look dark and hazy. Like the world was ending, she thought

Whether she wanted to or not, she was unable to lift her hooves from the spot. Her shadow stretched dark and ominous behind her. Her eyes burned from her closeness to the pyre, but not so much that it was unbearable. The acrid smoke in the air didn't choke her as it should have. Instead, she felt like she was supposed to breathe it in, untainted air strange by comparison. She had nothing to do besides watch the bonefire, filled with a great aching sadness clawing at her insides
Title: To Wither Away
Post by: HannahBug on July 22, 2020, 06:07:27 PM
The two of them were seated atop a high ridge overlooking a valley that went on as far as the eye could see. In it, there were what she assumed to be gatherings of kin, but they were too far off for her to truly tell. At first, the distant creatures had gone on with their lives. She could see them cluster here and there, signifying hunts, patrols, and then returning home. It felt normal and familiar. As such, her heart twisted when the change began to seep in

A creeping death took root to the east. Gradually, like a hungry beast gnawing at bone, it encroached on the lively valley. At first, it seemed like the grass was just changing colors and the trees growing sick. The inhabitants were curious and hung close to the border, unsure of what to make of it. It was only a matter of time before someone overstepped. If a hoof so much as crossed the line, life would be stolen from the owner. They'd collapse on the decaying ground within seconds. Though she couldn't see the process well, she shuddered when it happened. The cries of alarm echoed up the rise just fine

They didn't really have a chance. No matter what the far away shapes tried, the border continued to creep closer. It would gradually claim more and more, as it had plenty of time. It ate a quarter of the territory, and then a third, and then a half. The creatures began to grow frantic, but they had nowhere to run. They were fighting a losing battle against an uncaring enemy

While she winced and squirmed at the carnage, the figure next to her remained perfectly still. If she turned, she'd see nothing, but she knew they were there. She could feel their presence looming next to her with a peace that seemed out of place. And besides, they had a voice. Occasionally they would speak, but she often had to prompt them to do so herself. She'd asked them many questions. More often than not, she didn't like the answers if there were any to be had. It didn't always reply. When she'd ask where she was or why she was here, it would be silent as ever. She had to chose her questions well

"Will they make it?" She croaked, feeling ill and weary

"No." Hesitation for a moment

"Did they deserve this?"

"No." It was a curse without cause

"Why don't you stop it?"

No reply
Title: A Planet Born
Post by: HannahBug on August 30, 2020, 08:50:09 AM
The world around her was dark and twinkled with starlight. She couldn't see it, but knew it was there. It felt like she was in the center of it all, great, but at the same time incredibly small. That though, was impossible to tell. Her eyes were sealed shut with heavy stones. The rest of her was similarly covered, rocks close-knit like the scutes of a turtle's shell. They were shifting slowly and gradually, expanding outwards at a steady pace. They crackled and groaned as they did so. Yet, there was never an opening. No light would filter through the seams. Then again, there wasn't much light to begin with

She thought it should feel cold, wherever she was, but the stones held off the chill of the void. There was an impossible heat within, too. It shifted and changed like her outer shell, but this felt more powerful. Volatile, yet at peace. She knew if she could see it, it would be brilliant reds and yellows, like an ember not yet done burning. It was so small compared to the rest of her. Like a little foal curled up, still waiting to emerge. The core of my being, she pondered, as there was nothing else to think about
Title: Can't Come Down
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At first, everything seemed as it should be. Sure, the ground wasn't so sodden and the trees a touch different, but it was no cause for alarm. The leaves still swayed in the breeze and the sun shone all the same. He strolled beneath their dappled shadows, occasionally pausing to inspect a particular flower or interesting patch of moss. The swamp offered much to see. the terms of kin. He was completely alone no matter how far he walked. It didn't fully bother him yet, but he was growing uncertain. Had he done something wrong? He didn't think he'd taken a wrong turn...

And then, he found the edge. The ground fell away suddenly without so much as a warning slope. Below wasn't water or a chasm as one might expect from a cliff. Instead, swamplands sprawled underneath the shadow of a great rock - the one that he stood on. It floated overhead, as if there was not a thing wrong with it doing so. The were small as ants, but he could see Kimeti gathering on the far off ground. They were looking up. Some called out to him, but their voices were lost in the space between. Their faces were so small, but he was certain he could see concern on them. Why were they down there? Why was he up here on the world aloft...?
Title: Quiet
Post by: HannahBug on August 31, 2020, 07:59:14 PM
Something wasn't right. The air was still, full of an unnatural hush. Thick fog swirled between the weeping trees, forbidding her from seeing more than a few paces in front of herself. Still, it didn't account for the alien silence. Every hoofstep she took was soft as snowfall, yet there was none. It felt as if an invisible blizzard had fallen, coating the world in a layer of frost that swallowed up every sound. Her ears rung in protest

In her wandering, she spooked a pair of ravens. The mist must have hampered their vision as well, judging on how close they let her get. They took to the sky in a flurry of feathers, black beaks snapping open and closed in an alarm cry that sounded miles away. They were gone in a moment, but the unease they stirred up remained. It would haunt her until she woke, answerless
Title: Mask of My Own Face
Post by: HannahBug on September 07, 2020, 09:18:25 PM
She couldn't see. It was dark and hazy, as if something had been thrown over her head. Every now and again, a pattern of holes would tumble by - eyes, nose, and mouth in a creature's pelt. If she tried to move towards them, they'll roll away, lost in the dark again. She wasn't even sure she'd seen anything outside if she managed to reach them. As it was, they only let in a white glow void of detail

It didn't do her any good, but she continued to flounder inside the leather bag. Every now and again, her hoof would slip into a hole or become entangled in some sort of flap. She'd have to squirm around to free herself, often watching the pinpricks of light pass by as she did so. It was frustrating, confusing, and hot from her own breath. She wasn't suffocating, but she felt she couldn't get in enough air for comfort. She'd have to lie still and pant, waiting until things calmed before she could try again to escape the invisible grip

"Help!" She cried to anyone who would listen "I'm crawling in my skin!"
Title: Sunscreen Doesn't Exist
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Waves bluer than the sky itself beat rhythmically against a white sandy shore. Achas, all bright and colorful, were scattered down the beach as far as the eye could see. They sipped concoctions from hollow coconut shells while playing and chattering happily or just lazing in the warm of the summer. But not him. He stared ruefully out from the shadows of palm fronds, shifting his hooves in anticipation. His fur has all fallen off before the party had even begun. The hot sun bit into his pale skin until he was fully sunburnt. Now it radiated with unforgiving heat from within. It would sting him sharply if he dared move incorrectly, keeping him firmly rooted beneath the treeline. He wanted to join in, but it would have served him better to lower his expectations. If he stepped out into the rays, he'd surely char
Title: Dead in the Water
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The forest is dark and deciduous. The thick green canopy doesn't obscure all light, but it does cast everything in an emerald haze. It makes the twinkling beams of light prodding their way though all the more visible. She walks through them, catching them on her pelt. They're pinpricks of warmth in the cool shade. Up ahead, the leaves threaten to separate. For just a moment, they form a chasm of sun. It sparks brightly - almost too much so, amplified by the broken surface of grey water below. It's a river, but the forest doesn't clear for it. Instead, it crops up from the water, undeterred

She keep walking, dipping her hooves into the icy stream. But the day is hot - it's not enough to make her shiver. As she goes on, the water rises up her legs, almost touching the fur in her chest before seeming to reach its deepest point. She pauses to stare downstream, watching how the water twists and folds on itself in its current. Something catches her eye. There's a twinge of color amongst the muddled greens and greys. Something crimson

It's coming from upstream. She swings her head the other way, but the flow is clean as ever. Her heart rises in her throat as she casts her gaze downwards, the only place left to look. It's coming from beneath her. Great clouds of red like stirred up mud plume from the stones underfoot. Is she bleeding? She raises a leg, pulling it from the water, but the color continues to form, as if oozing from the bottom of the river itself
Title: Dryad
Post by: HannahBug on September 10, 2020, 02:37:58 AM
She couldn't move. She couldn't see and she couldn't breathe. It wasn't like she was trapped - more like she'd never had any legs to begin with. There was a great weight on top of her, but she wasn't afraid. It was more a comfort than anything, as if she was right where she was supposed to be. On the surface, she knew there was the sun shining on green grass and birds chirping just as they should. There were leaves swaying that she could almost feel as if they were a part of her own skin. If she focused, she felt she might even be able to move things, bend blades of grass or force molehills to crop up from the dirt. But there was really no point. Things were peaceful as they were and she enjoyed it. She was part of the earth and it was part of her
Title: Black Leaves
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They were two parts of a whole. One was crowned by light, the other bound in shadows
Brilliant white petals wreathed around his head while dark, shaded leaves twisted around hers
Title: Tissue Paper
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In place of hooves, she had the fingers of a raccoon, bladed with long, dark claws. Overhead, the stars twinkled to themselves. She found that they weren't out of her reach, able to stretch out her arms and bury her hands into the inky blackness. They crinkled when she did so, as if they were made of nothing more than paper. Intrigued, she grabbed a fistful. It took no effort to tear the stars down - like a kitten to curtains. She extended an arm to grab more and more, the horizon peeling away in ribbons. The crackling filled her with delight while the black shreds fell in heaps around her. Great swaths of blankness were left hanging in the air in her wake, but it didn't seem to matter. There was so much night sky left, she surely couldn't reach it all. Yet, there was no one to stop her if she did while roaming across the swamp and leaving great scratch marks above, cackling cheerfully
Title: Robbed
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It wasn't right, that he knew. Something should be happening... He waited patiently and yet nothing ever came. It wasn't black - it was more than that. He simply couldn't see anything, as if he never had eyes in the first place. There was nothing to smell, feel, hear... All of it was just...missing. This was supposed to be important. It was supposed to be him. But he was unable to dream anything at all