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Name Stars Moderators Members
Certists take the finished art and put them in their fancy certs, as well as updating the Owner's List! At Matope, they also help with small staff tasks.
* (none) 3
Colorists make kin. People with the "Colorist" role are full time, with the ability to take bribes, and no limitations on what they color aside from doing an equal number of on-forum and RLC kin.
* (none) 5
Herald * (none) 1
A group of users who own Legendary kin.
* (none) 7
Listkeeper * (none) 1
If you have fewer than 4 kin, please feel free to add yourself to this group, to potentially be gifted more kin. Once you have four, please remove yourself.
(none) 21
Owner * (none) 2
Patron * (none) 29
Storytellers are Swampmasters in training -- they help come up with plot ideas, as well as running mini RP events, and helping out with other events!
* (none) 1
Swampmasters are the GMs of Matope, in charge of the RP community, Metaplot, and adding more opportunities for the members.
* (none) 3